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Why Does My Cat Dig At The Floor? (Problem or Habit?)

If your cat is digging up your floor you may be wondering why, and what you can do about it (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad)

Why does my cat dig at the floor?

Your cat may be digging at the floor for several reasons. For example, If it is near a food bowl, it could be attempting to bury it. However, if it is near a closed-door it could be signaling that it wants to be let out right away. You will need to see the location to be sure which one it is.

Use these to protect your floor

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02. Double-Sided Tape
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03. Cat scratcher
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So, now you know. But, what can I do to stop this from happening? Could your cat damage the flooring by doing this? Do some cats do this to sharpen their nails? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How can I get my cat to stop scratching the floor (or carpet)?

Why does my cat dig at the floor?

A cat stretching on the floor.

To stop your cat from scratching the floor there are several methods. You may be keener to stop it if your floor is carpeted, but either way, these techniques will help:

01. Cat scratch deterrent spray

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One of the best ways is to use a cat deterrent spray around the area that your cat is scratching. This spray is annoying for cats because it is designed that way to repel them from your selected area. The idea is, In time, your cat will learn that this area is off-limits.

The great thing about this spray is it is not just limited to your floor. If you have other furniture items or objects that you need to protect then this can potentially help.

02. Double-sided tape

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Another great way is to use double-sided tape. This tape creates a sticky texture on top that cats hate on their paws. So, when it is put over the area of the floor that your cat is digging at it can help to keep them away.

This is obviously a short-term solution because you don’t want to have it on your floor for a long period of time, right? But, hopefully, it’s enough for your cat to learn not to dig it up.

03. Cardboard scratchers

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A cardboard scratcher is helpful. But, it’s different from the previous two choices. Why? It’s more of a distraction rather than a direct solution. The idea is your cat will prefer to scratch the purpose-made scratcher rather than digging up your floor.

Regardless of your problem with the cat digging the floor. It is still helpful to have one of these scratchers. Especially if you have an indoor cat that does not get much exercise.

04. Use catnip

Catnip is another tactic. This is can be used to chill out your cat and change their mood. Also, it can be used in combination with a scratcher. For this, the idea is to place the catnip on the scratcher to attract them to the scratcher.

05. Trim the nails


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Trimming your cat’s nails is good practice but is even more important if it is shredding up your floor trying t dig. The idea is to stop it ripping up your carpet or damaging your hard floor by keeping its nails trimmed.

Many cat owners will trim their cat’s nails as standard practice. Not just to avoid them shredding the floor. But, a way to keep them well maintained.

Can your cat damage the floor while digging it?

Your cat can damage the floor while digging it. This is even more of an issue if you have carpeted floor. The biggest issue, as you can imagine, is the cat’s claws shredding the carpet. And, even if you have hard flooring your cat can still scratch the surface. So, if you have a nice glossed finish it could be damaged.

Using some of the tactics discussed earlier can help to keep your cat away from your flooring to keep it safe. Such as the spray or double-sided tape, etc.

Do some cats dig at the floor to sharpen their claws?

Some cats do sharpen their claws. This can be because they either have no alternative or they like the feeling of it. To stop it you can try and offer it a cat scratcher (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). This will hopefully make it chose that instead of your floor.

So, now you know what you can try and use as an alternative and why some cats may be doing this. There is a good chance the scratcher will work because it is designed for this purpose. And, the material it comes with is attractive for cats.

Could a cat try to dig up laminate flooring?

Cats can try to dig up laminate flooring. If they are digging through instinct it won’t matter if it is laminate, hardwood floor, or even carpet. In their mind, they are looking for a place to hide their food.

So, now you know that your cat could attempt to dig up your laminate. But, as discussed earlier, there are many options that you try to get them to stop doing this.

What is the difference between floor digging and kneading?

The difference between floor digging and kneading is the action o their paws. For example, when a cat is kneading it will alternate its paws and push and pull its paws. Whereas digging, it is often using its claws and furious digging motion.

If your cat is kneading, instead of digging, then it is not a real problem. Unless its claws are out. If it’s normal kneading it is unlikely to damage your flooring.

Why would a cat dig around a food bowl?

A cat may dig around a food bowl (click here if it’s flipping it) because they are trying to bury their food. This behavior is a throw-back from their ancestors in the wild. They were known for using this trick as a survival technique.

The idea is to hide any evidence of their existence so that they can avoid predators tracking them down. For example, they may have some leftover meat and bones that are easily detected by a prowling predator.

To stop this predator smelling the leftovers, and therefore finding evidence of them being there, they bury it so they can’t be tracked down. In theory, it makes perfect sense. However, in a domestic environment, it makes no sense.

Could a cat dig the floor to get out of a room?

Cats have been known to dig as a desperate attempt to get out of a room. Or, to signal to their owner that they want to leave. Obviously, there is no chance of this working but it has been observed.

If you have kept your cat in a room and forgot about it you may have seen this happen before. To be honest, it’s kind of obvious why this has happened if your cat has been locked in a room.

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