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Why Does My Cat Deep Meow? (Should I Be Worried?)

If your cat is making some weird deep-sounding meow sounds you may be wondering if this is a cause for concern…

Why does my cat deep meow?

The reason your cat has a deep meow can often be very simple. Just like with people, cats can have a wide variety of vocal ranges and that range will differ on a cat-by-cat basis. Some cats will have a higher pitch meow, while some cats will have a lower pitch meow. 

So, now you know. But, what is a normal meow suppose to sound like? Does their meow become deeper with age? What about male cats, do they have deeper meows? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How should a normal cat meow sound?

Why does my cat deep meow.

A cat with its mouth open.

Typically a meow will be a higher pitch sound that, as the name implies, will often sound like your cat is saying ‘meow’. Although, how high pitch the meow will be will depend on the vocal range of a cat along with the reason for why they are meowing.

Sometimes a meow will be long and drawn out if a cat wants something (like food), and sometimes it will be a smaller meow when they are just saying ‘hello’ to you.

A meow can also differ greatly in terms of volume. Some cats meow quietly while others will meow loud and proud to make sure that they’ve got everyone’s attention.

Another thing to take into consideration is that even a normal meow can sound very different if you have more than one cat. While one cat will make the traditional meow sound, another cat might make a higher pitch chirp sound (Similar to chattering? click here).

Why does my cat deep meow at night?

If your cat happens to meow a lot at night, there are a few reasons for this. Sometimes your cat might meow if they are bored and want attention. In other cases, it is possible that your cat is having some anxiety about being alone and is trying to call you so that you can assure them that they are not alone.

Sudden outbursts of meowing at night, especially if this is something that your cat rarely does, can often be a sign of your cat possibly having hyperthyroid. If you are in doubt, it may not hurt to call your vet and see what they think about the sudden behavior change.

Do Cats Meow get deeper?

As your cat gets older it is common for their meow to become deeper. Typically it isn’t a dramatic change, but it does happen. You may not even notice it because of how subtle the change can be. Not only that but your cat’s meows will be more pronounced, as opposed to when they are kittens and their meows sound more like small little ‘mew’ sounds or a squeak.

Do male cats have a deeper meow?

Generally, male cats do not have a deeper meow, gender typically has nothing to do with how a cat sounds. You could have one male cat with a super squeaky meow and then have another cat with a low raspy meow that sounds like someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day.

As mentioned earlier, the vocal range of cats varies greatly.  In some cases, a male cat that hasn’t been neutered can have a deeper voice than a male cat that has been neutered. But even then it is still possible for a non-neutered male cat to sound like a squeaky toy when they want something.

Could a deep meow and clinginess mean something is wrong?

Do cats fart when they are scared?

A worried-looking cat.

A deep meow and clinginess can mean something is wrong, but this is something that you will need to spend some time observing your cat while having a few phone calls with your vet.

If your cat is suddenly meowing differently it is possible it could be because they just woke up (which is common). On the other hand, it could also mean that they might be sick.

If your cat is being extra clingy and doesn’t want to let go of you, they may be suffering from some sort of anxiety or some kind of stress.

If the behavior persists, it is best to talk to your vet and see what they think. One likely thing that might be recommended is to use a pheromone producer that you can plug into the wall. These devices can be used to help calm anxious cats.

Catnip is also known to help cats relax, so your vet might recommend that you get some catnip to see if it will help your poor anxious cat.

Why does my cat’s meow sound weird?

If your cat is meowing weirdly, this could be a sign of some kind of upper respiratory infection or a tumor in some cases. If it is a respiratory infection there will be other symptoms to look for as well like sneezing and producing excessive amounts of snot.

If your cat is exhibiting any of those symptoms it is best to get your cat checked by the vet as soon as possible.

Sometimes a cat’s meow will be a little scratchy sounding after they wake up from a nap, but keep an ear out to see if that persists or if their meow returns to normal soon after.

Do cats meow to other cats?

In general, cats rarely meow to other cats. The only significant exception to this is that kittens will meow at their mother when they are hungry or they need something. Other than that, cats rarely make a sound to communicate with their peers and will instead meow as a means of communicating with humans.

When adult cats vocally communicate with each other, it will typically just be hissing when they want another cat to back off or yowling when it happens to be mating season.

Why does my cat go into another room and meow?

The reasons will vary greatly, but often your cat will go into another room and meow because they want something and are trying to communicate with you so that you can appease their demands.

Sometimes it is because they want attention while other times it is because they are lonely and want you to join them. This is especially the case for older cats that may not be able to move as well as they use to and can only meow.

Sometimes a cat will meow (what if it’s just squeaking? click here) in another room if they are sick, although this is rare as cats will often try to hide if they are not feeling well. Cats will often meow if they are stuck and need your help to get free.

Should I ignore my cat meowing at night?

This depends on the age of your cat. If you have a young cat that is perfectly healthy then it is perfectly fine to ignore them and let them meow all they want. Eventually, your cat will give up and find a corner to play with a toy or fall asleep.

If you come out when they are meowing this will enforce this behavior and you will never be able to get them to stop meowing when they want you to come out.

However, if your cat is older you will want to make sure that there are no health-related reasons that they are calling for you. If they are fine, then feel free to close your door and go back to sleep. But if your cat is not doing well, then it may be a good idea to have a vet check them out to see if anything is wrong.

Lindsey Browlingdon