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Why Does My Cat Claw My Leg? (Viscous Attack?)

If your cat is clawing your leg you may be wondering why this is happening and if this is just how some cats are…

Why does my cat claw my leg?

Your cat may claw your leg because it wants to show you some love and affection. It may not seem that way because it may hurt but this is not intentional from your cat’s perspective. Some cats claw deeply to stop you from pushing them off, not to intentionally inflict pain.

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So, now you know. But, how can you prevent this from happening? Could your cat be genuinely agitated? Should I be worried if my cat has just scratched me? Keep reading for these answers and much more…

How can you prevent your cat from clawing your leg?

Why does my cat claw my leg?

A cat clawing at its owner’s leg.

If you are sick and tired of your cat keep clawing your legs you may be looking for a way to stop it from happening. Here are some suggestions that you can use to help you:

01. Cover your legs

The first thing that you can do is to cover up your legs. This may seem obvious and simple. And, I agree, it is. But, you will be surprised how many people do not do this. However, I understand that there are times when your cat is likely to catch you off-guard, so if that’s the case, you may prefer a different strategy.

02. Clip their nails

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If covering your legs is not convenient, or practical then you could consider keeping your cat’s nails clipped (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) to stop it ripping your legs to shreds. Once they are trimmed it will reduce the chances of it hurting you as much.

However, if you are not comfortable doing it, or tried and failed, you can hire a professional groomer to do it for you. But, be prepared, they will be quite pricey if they are any good.

03. Train them with rewards

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Another option is to train your cat not to claw you. This is quite tricky and you will need some patience and skill. But, you can use positive reinforcement by offering it treats when it follows your wishes as part of your training plan.

Could a cat claw your leg because it’s agitated?

A cat could claw at your leg because it is agitated. This may not always be obvious but some of the signs are how it reacts. If it is clawing you up with aggression and is obviously not playing with you it could be agitated and have a deeper problem that you need to work out what that is.

It can be tough to work out what exactly agitated your cat but it is worth spending the time to get to the bottom of it so you can start to help it get over it and stop clawing you.

Why does my cat keep digging her claws into me?

If your cat is digging its claws into you while you sit down, for example in your lap, this is usually because it is kneading (click here to see how to stop this), cats are believed to do this as a way to relax and soothe themselves. However, it is not always shooting for their owner.

If you are lucky your cat may knead you without its claws, but if not it will use them and could puncture your skin. So, it is worth using a strategy to get it to stop.

Should I be worried if my cat scratched me?

You should take any cat scratch seriously. But, pay even close attention if it seems that it is not healing quickly, you feel feverish following the scratch, or if you notice the scratch getting red and getting bigger in size. If this is the case, or you just feel uneasy about it get it checked out right away.

Many cat owners get scratched and are fine. But, there can be some that get infected or become serious so if in doubt don’t take a chance.

Why does my cat gently bite me?

Does my cat know how hard he bites?

Does my cat know how hard he bites?

Some cats will bite you gently as a way to play and show affection. It may seem weird at first but cats are known to do this to their kittens when they are young to show love and this may be your cat’s way of replicating this behavior.

Obviously, if the biting starts to get too intense then you need to stop it and work out how to get it to stop. But, in most cases, it may just want to give you a gentle, and playful nibble.

Do cats feel bad when they scratch you?

Cats are not believed to feel bad when they scratch you because they often do not understand how much their claws can hurt especially when they did not intend to hurt you. And, if they did intentionally do it they meant it and have no remorse.

There is some belief that cats may apologize in different ways than us humans making it hard to say if they intend to make up or if they are just carrying on as normal.

Is it OK to be scratched by a cat?

It is NOT OK to be scratched by a cat and it should not just be accepted. Sometimes it is an accident but other times the cat is too rough and needs to be trained not to do this. The problem is some of these scratches can be painful, and in some cases, they can get infected.

If it’s a one-off accident and it’s not too bad then you may decide to ignore it and move on. But, if this is a regular occurrence then you will need to look into some way of stopping it from happening.

Do some cats use your legs to practice hunting?

Some cats do practice hunting with you and your legs. Domestic cats, especially indoor cats, do not get much opportunity to hunt and may playfight with you in the meantime.

You can offer your cat some toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) to try and re-direct some of this energy away from you. Hopefully with some time playing it will make it feel tired and stop bugging you.

Is it easy to clip a cat’s nails to stop them clawing?

It is not easy clipping most cat’s nails unless you are an experienced professional groomer, or just had plenty of experience with your own cats. The problem is they are likely to put up a lot of resistance. When this happens it makes it almost impossible to control their paws.

Also, in some cases, the cat may get aggressive and want to bite or scratch you which will make most owners give up the idea right away. If it’s too much hassle for you consider a professional groomer to help you. Sometimes you may just need to watch them do this a few times to learn some tips to try again yourself.

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