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Why Does My Cat Block My Phone? (Pure Hate?)

If your cat seems to be blocking your phone regularly you may be wondering why this is happening and if this is normal behavior…

Why does my cat block my phone?

Your cat may be blocking your phone for several reasons. The main ones are jealousy towards the phone or want to be near the phone because it carries your scent. Some cats fear or hate objects that claim your attention because it makes them feel threatened.

So, now you know. But, why do some cats seem to hate your phone? Can cats actually see your phone screen? How can you prevent your cat from hissing at your phone? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Why does my cat hate my cell phone?

A cat chewing a phone.

A cat chewing a phone.

If your cat hates your phone it is because it sees it as a threat to your attention. This is evident if you see it biting, hissing, or slapping from you. This is not just specific to phones it can be other objects that claim your time such as your laptop, tablet, or book.

For this reason, cats are similar to humans in some ways. Why? Well, have you ever had your partner say “you spend more time on the phone than with me”? Well, this is a classic example.

The big difference is the actions are not as severe, right? Meaning, your partner is unlikely to grab your phone, wrestle it to the ground and start chewing it. But, they can develop the same hate for your phone. Making it quite similar.

What are signs of phone jealousy?

Signs of phone jealousy can include it acting hostile to the phone, such as swatting at it or biting it. However, there are some cases where the cat might hide away, depending on its personality.

If you notice this happening it is important to try and reassure your cat that you still love them and the phone is not taking over. This jealousy can also be seen when new pets are introduced into the house.

Some simple techniques to treasure your cat can be spending more quality time with it so it doesn’t feel left out. or hugging your cat first (what if it’s hugging your leg first? click here), before playing or using your phone.

Can cats see your phone screen?

Cats can see your phone screen. But, they cannot see it as clearly as us humans. This is because they struggle to see the full spectrum of colors as we do. In particular, they can see blue light well, but others, like green and red, will go undetected.

Apparently, there are special cat phone apps that have been created that some cat owners obviously use and get some value from.

Why does my cat sit in front of my phone?

Why does my cat block my phone?

A cat next to a phone.

If you have noticed that your cat is sitting in front of your phone it is mainly for two reasons. Either it loves the scent of you on the phone or it may be guarding the phone as its territory. Cats appreciate items that have your scent because it makes them happy and comfortable.

So, if you have returned to your phone to see your cat covering it you now know what might be happening. However, be careful when you retrieve your phone while it is doing this, because if it is feeling territorial it may react negatively.

Why does my cat always lay on my phone?

If you have noticed that your cat is always laying on your phone it could be because it has detected your scent on it and wants to be near it in your absence. This is similar to it hanging around, or in front of your phone.

This is why you may see some cats getting familiar with some of your clothing items as well, they are covered in your scent and they appreciate it.

Can cats get confused when you talk on the phone?

Cats can get confused when you are talking on the phone because they look around and see you and nobody else in the room. When this happens they may assume you must be talking to them and feel compelled to respond.

So, if your cat seems to be interrupting your calls you may have a logical reason for this. In most cases, with time, the cat will learn to ignore you when you are on the phone. But, initially, while it is new to them, they may well act weird when they see you on it.

There are many other things a new cat may need to adjust to, not just your phone, so you may need to have some patience with it while it adjusts.

How can you prevent your cat from hissing at your phone?

If you have noticed that your cat is acting hostile while you are on the phone you may be looking for some methods to stop this. Here are some solutions for you:

01. Ignore it

The first, and most obvious way is to simply ignore it. This is simple in theory but in practice, it can be tricky. Why? Because some cats do not get the message and keep on bugging you. So, give it a try and see. If it fails you can try one of these other methods to see if that works better for you.

02. Take the phone to another room

A surefire way to eliminate this problem is to leave the room with the phone. This will work, but sometimes t is not convenient. Especially if you live in a small apartment and you do not have many rooms to escape to. So, if it works for you go ahead and try it, if not try the next suggestion…

03. Remove the cat from the room

If all fails and you have had enough you could try and remove the cat from the room. This is straightforward and does not have to be aggressive, just simply pick it up, cuddle it, and escort it out gently. And, hopefully, in time, it will work out that it needs to behave while you are on the phone.

Why do cats jump on your lap when you pick up your phone?

Some cats may jump on your lap when you pick up your phone because they are creatures of habit and learn how you behave over time. Meaning, they will know that when you grab your phone and sit down in your favorite seat, you are likely to be there for a while and they can grab a quick cuddle (click here if it won’t cuddle).

Why do some cats get jealous?

Cats tend to get jealous from simple things such as environmental changes or fear of being squeezed out of your life. Similar to humans, if they feel jealous or rejected they will act differently in response.

This jealous behavior can be activated from several situations such as a new friend in your home that seems to be claiming your attention, or a random object, like a phone, that keeps you occupied all the time.

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