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​​Why Does My Cat Stare Into My Eyes?

If your cat keeps on staring into your eyes it may feel a bit awkward and leave you wondering why it’s happening…

Why Does My Cat Stare Into My Eyes?

Cats stare into your eyes for several reasons such as getting your attention, showing affection or even out of fear. Cats are non-verbal communicators, so pay attention to their whole body when they begin looking into your eyes so you can judge the message your cat is trying to tell you.

So, now you know. But, is it normal for your cat to stare in this way? Should you stare back at your cat? But, why does my cat stare without even blinking? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

3 Top Reasons Why Cats Stare Into Your Eyes?

A grey cat staring.

A grey cat staring.

Earlier, I briefly mentioned some reasons why your cat may stare at you. So, in this section, I will explain each one in more detail:  


Staring into your eyes is your cat’s way of showing its affection. Cats may also pair a long, meaningful stare with a slow eye blink. Half-closed eyelids and closing eyes symbolize trust. 

Cats stare at their human companions with doughy eyes when they want attention. Knowing cat owners, this usually works!


Cats will stare you in the eyes when they are afraid of you. Give your cat space to cool down and break eye contact.

Tucked tails, cowering, and constant eye contact is all signs of a fearful cat. Widened pupils and a rigid posture are also signs of a fearful cat.


Cats look you in the eyes when they try to communicate with you. Your furry friend may be trying to tell you that they are hungry or that they have another biological need like cleaning their litter box, changing water, or playtime. 

Staring and blinking are common forms of communication. Check your cat’s body language and see if they lead you anywhere specific.

The location that your cat leads you may be specific to the cause of their stares or meowing.

Is It Normal for Your Cat to Stare Into Your Eyes?

It is normal for cats to stare into their human companion’s eyes. Cats stare for many reasons, like when they are showing affection or feel unsafe. 

Should I Stare Back at My Cat?

Staring back at your cat is alright in moderation. When you stare at your cat for too long, your kitty may take it the wrong way and think you are trying to intimidate them. Intimidation can lead to aggression.

Instead of staring at your cat, give them friendly blinks and casual glances. Occasional glances will make your cat feel less vulnerable than a constant glare. 

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me Without Blinking?

Cats may stare without blinking for several reasons, whether they are showing affection or asserting their dominance. There are many reasons cats blink, like keeping their eyes protected or showing human companions affection.

Evaluate your cat’s body language to determine how your cat is feeling. That way, you can solve the root issue of the problem. 

The following are some of the reasons that cats stare without blinking:

  • Feeling threatened or afraid
  • Asserting dominance
  • Playing
  • Showing affection
  • Protect human companions or fellow cats
  • Disability (blindness, retinal detachment, etc.)
  • Illness or infection

Cats take fifty seconds to blink, so do not be surprised if your feline friend’s eyes appear to close in slow motion. 

Some many disabilities and illnesses may cause a cat to stare at you without blinking. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, take them to the veterinarian for an examination.

Do Cats like it When You Look Them in the Eyes?

Looking your cat in the eyes is fine, but excessive staring at them can intimidate your furry friend. Cats can become combative or aggressive if they feel intimidated.

Alternatively, slowly blinking at your feline friend is a sign of affection. Blinking is a good way to establish trust and express gratitude for your cat. 

Can Cats See Into Your Soul?

Some people believe that felines can see into your soul. The feline and human bond is an unmatchable relationship. Cats might be independent, but they are highly loyal and attentive to their humans.

Many people believe that cats can read their human companion’s emotions through their eyes as well.

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me When I Sleep?

An orange kitten staring.

An orange kitten staring.

There are several reasons why your cat stare at you while you sleep. 

Depending on your feline friend’s body language, staring can have vastly different meanings. It is always important to consider the way your 


Many cats will sleep and lie on their human companion’s pillows. In the middle of the night, they will sleep next to their human’s heads to protect them from the dangers of the night. 

A cat that protects you while you sleep feels bonded with you. Bonds formed with cats are strong, but the consequences can be severe when you break their trust. 


Cats who want to bond with their owners often stare at them while they sleep. A cat who has bonded closely with its human companion typically tries spending as much time with its human as possible. Bonding time includes while you sleep.

Your cat may choose you over everyone else in the house, perhaps not as a sign of affection but as a symbol of how bonded your cat is with you.


Cats are known for giving their owners long, affectionate gazes in the middle of the night. All mammals are at their most vulnerable when they are sleeping. Bonding time while at your most vulnerable shows that you trust your cat.

Trust fills your cat with joy and is one of the many reasons why cats love to spend their time cuddling with and staring at their human companions while they sleep.

Other reasons why cats stare at you while you sleep:

  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Dominance
  • Annoyance

To determine why your cat is staring at you in your sleep, use their body language as a judge. The events leading up to their staring can also be helpful. 

Cats say a lot through their facial expressions and body language. Pay attention to the way they move, their vocalizations, and the look on their face as they stare at you while you sleep.

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me When I Cry?

Cats are highly observant animals and often notice human moods based on facial expressions. When cats form a close bond with humans, they become especially intuitive to their human companion’s emotions.

Your cat may begin to comfort you when you are sad and give you space when you are angry. These are not coincidences, your cat can read your body language just like you can, and they are taking notes.

In some cases, cats may even mirror it’s human’s emotions. When you feel sad, your cat may imitate that behavior and curl up next to you. 

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me When I Eat?

Hungry cats stare at its owner when they eat. Not all felines meow to vocalize their needs; instead, they will stare at you with begging eyes while you eat your food. Begging can be the result of trauma, genuine hunger, and more. 

To best fix this problem, you must diagnose the root cause of the issue. For instance, you should do retraining on a gluttonous cat who begs for food while you eat. Similarly, a kitten interested in the up-and-down movement of your utensils should get toys to play with as an alternative.

How Does My Cat Know to Look Me in the Eyes?

Cats are intuitive animals that are known for being territorial. For centuries, felines have used nothing but their eyes to communicate with one another.

Blinks, stares, winks, and glares have led some felines to climb to the top of the food chain and others to fall.

Lindsey Browlingdon