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Why Does My Cat Lead Me To My Room?

If your cat is leading you to your room on a regular basis, you may be wondering why this keeps on happening… 

Why Does My Cat Lead Me To My Room?

Cats are creatures of habit and your kitty knows that this is where you go to sleep. As such, your scents are in the room and our cat has marked it with their own, and taking you into the room is just a way that your cat demonstrates trust and love.

So, now you know. But, Should I be following my cat when it leads me? Do all cats like bedrooms? Why is my cat fascinated with closed doors? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Should I follow my cat if it tries to lead me?

A cat standing next to an open door.

A cat standing next to an open door.

Definitely! While it’s sometimes just done so that the two of you can cuddle together or play, your cat is making an effort to be part of your day and it’s important that you are supportive of this. They seem a little strange and mysterious to us, but your cat actually has a daily schedule that you can see quite clearly when you start to look for it.

Watch your cat throughout the day and you’ll see – they like order and they do many of the same things at the same time. It’s actually quite enlightening once you notice.

Do cats like bedrooms?

Yes. Bedrooms are the equivalent of fancy dens, when you break it down, and your cat associates them with familiar scents and safety. They associate bedrooms with your smells and their own (and if you have other animals in the house, then with them).

Cats will have favorite rooms, but generally they will be the ones that you spend the most time in, or that you keep their toys in. If you could do small things as acutely as cats do, the room would smell quite different indeed!

Why does my cat love closed room doors?

Cats are actually nosy little creatures and they know when they aren’t ‘allowed’ to go somewhere. This, of course, makes them curious and so they’ll pop in to have a look around. This is something which they can’t seem to help and your cat might even be surprised when you catch them in an area where they aren’t supposed to be.

To them, it’s simply part of the household, and the fact that you’re closing the area off makes it interesting and thus a great place to explore. Their natural curiosity makes it inevitable.

How can I stop my cat meowing outside my room door?

Your cat wants attention and they know that they can get it from you if they are vocal. The way to get them to stop is going to take patience, but it boils down to this – you are going to have to ignore them. As long as your cat knows that they can get their way if they meow at you, they’re going to do it.

Let your cat meow and pretend that you don’t hear it. Don’t be surprised if they act out a little. If your cat has been used to being able to get you to do what they want by meowing a lot, then they might get irritated with you when you are ‘pushing back’.

Keep some treats handy and reward your cat when they are quiet, rather than loud and eventually they will learn that they can communicate without always being vocal and everyone in the house will be much happier for it.

Can cats identify your bedroom as a “safe zone”?

Yes. Your cat is a natural planner and in times of stress, they know exactly where to go in the house that will feel the safest to them. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom and so this is a place that is cozy and smells ‘safe’ to your kitty.

It’s where you sleep and likely share naps together, so it’s a natural choice for them to view the bedroom as the safest part of the house.

While it doesn’t seem strange to us to have a basic sense of smell, cats rely heavily on scents and so the room smells ‘safe and comfortable to them. Plus, your cat knows your schedule right now, and leading you to your room just proves it!

Could your cat be leading you to a room just to play?  

A lying white and black cat with a toy.

A lying white and black cat with a toy.

While your cat may or may not be vocal, they are always communicating, you just need to know what to look for. If your cat is leading you into the room, there are probably some toys there or they have good memories associated.

It might boil down to something as simple as your cat knowing you like to pet them and hang out in the room, but sometimes they are trying to draw your attention to something. Take a quick survey of the room and the context and you’ll have your answer. Cats are good communicators, as long as you are paying attention to them.

Could my cat be leading me to my bedroom, so I can sleep?

It’s possible. It will depend on your normal habits during the day. If your cat knows that you usually go in there at a certain time, then when your schedule changes they might well decide to ‘nudge’ you in your usual direction.

Cats don’t like change and when you do something different, it’s a little weird for them if they are used to seeing you doing the same things daily. They are showing their love by recognizing your routine and trying to ‘lead’ you into the room, so it’s nothing to worry about.

Your cat is just showing you that they know your daily habits quite well by now and that they feel like you should be in that room now, relaxing or playing with them!

Why does my cat lead me to a full bowl of food?

Your cat might be telling you that some dietary changes would be nice or they might be worried about you – have you eaten recently when they could see it? Cats make you part of their day and just because they have a whole bowl of food doesn’t mean that they won’t notice if you’re not eating.

If you haven’t changed your own eating habits then you might try changing their diet a little to see if this gets your cat to stop drawing attention to the food bowl. If it’s not worried about you, then your cat might just like to share your dinner or at the very least, try some new cat food or maybe some delicious treats.

Why does my cat walk away and assume I will follow?

Cats love attention and most likely this is simply your cat trying to monopolize on yours. If you habitually go where they are walking, then it could just be their way of spending time with you, but if your cat is walking somewhere new then don’t panic.

Just pay attention to where your cat goes and the clues around. Is their food bowl close? What about favorite toys? If you keep track of what’s around, it will usually be quite clear what your cat is trying to tell you. All it takes is a little patience and a desire to listen.

If you don’t want to go where they are leading you, then do your own thing. If it’s really important then your cat is going to let you know – trust us on this!

Lindsey Browlingdon