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Why Does My Cat Keep Sitting In The Same Place?

If you have noticed that your cat keeps sitting in the same place you may be wondering why and if this behavior is normal…

Why Does My Cat Keep Sitting In The Same Place? 

A cat doesn’t just judge a place by the relative comfort which it provides – but also the scent. When they sleep in the same spot, then that cat’s scent is present there and this makes them feel more comfortable when they are napping.

So, now you know. But, why does my cat keep sitting in my seat? What if it keeps still in the same place for long? Why does my cat sit on the lawn? Keep reading for these answers and much more…

Why does my cat always sit in my seat?

A cat sitting on couch.

A cat sitting on couch.

Your cat is always sitting in your seat to accomplish two things: First, by leaving its own scent in the chair your cat is able to feel more at ease when lounging there’re and secondly, it’s also a sign of dominance to ward off other animals.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your cat thinks that you are stinky or anything. If your cat loves spending time with you there, by ‘marking’ it with a familiar scent your cat is simply ensuring that they will be comfortable spending many happy hours with you in that spot.

Do cats feel more comfortable in the same place?

When your cat sleeps constantly in a favorite spot, they immediately relax and feel comfortable in a similar manner.

While we don’t have olfactory senses quite up to par with the domestic feline, you might compare it with visiting your parent’s house. There are certain scents like mom’s cooking, dad’s cigars, old books… little things that make you feel more at ease and make you feel at home.

Why does my cat stay in the same spot for hours?

If your cat is normally quite playful, then staying in one location for extended periods of time may be a warning sign. It may indicate a number of things, such as pain, anemia, shock, or even internal bleeding and so a vet visit is a good idea (just to be on the safe side).

Cats do like staying in the same spot for extended periods when they are older, of course, but if your cat is normally quite animated and now seems mostly lethargic then you will want to get this checked out as soon as possible to rule out any possible injury.

Is it normal for a cat to sit in one room for most of the day?

Cats are territorial and sometimes do have a favorite room which they like to spend time in. Perhaps they like looking out the window or there is a particularly comfortable spot that gets a little sun where the cat enjoys spending parts of the day.

If you cat is going into a room and only coming out for potty breaks, however, then this something that warrants a little more attention.

Cats will sometimes hide out in a room if they are frightened, and a little coaxing with some yarn pulled along on the floor or games with the laser pointer might accomplish luring them outside of their comfort zone a little so that they can see that it is safe.

If your cat is hiding out and doesn’t come out even for potty breaks, then this is when you’ve got a problem. It could indicate that your cat is sick or injured and when you see this behavior then it’s time for a vet visit to rule out any injuries that might be hidden from view.  

Why does my cat sit on the lawn & refuse to come in?

A cat lying on a lawn.

A cat lying on a lawn.

Day or night, a cat is the consummate hunter, and in all likelihood, they have spotted a tasty rodent, bird, or bug nearby which they intend to catch. This may also be a sign that they are standing in defense of their own territory, so it’s a good idea to walk about the yard and check for other cats.

If you see any, then be sure to shoo them away and your cat may relax and agree to come back inside shortly after.

Why does my cat sit on another cat?

There are a few reasons behind this behavior. Your cat might be establishing dominance or trying to get the other cat to play with them. They might also be trying to get the other cat to groom them, or it could simply be that they enjoy the warmth and the soft fur of the other cat and just want to be close.

Unless your cats are fighting over this (and play fighting doesn’t count!) then this not behavior to worry about. Your cat just feels comfortable enough around the other cat to sit on them.

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Why does my cat sit in a bread loaf position?

Known as ‘loafing’, when your cat is sitting like this you must pay attention to the head and the paws. If the paws are tucked in front and the cat is looking up alertly, then this is normal happy cat behavior.

If your cat is looking down, paws untucked, as if trying to avoid touching what is beneath them, then this could be a sign that they are feeling unwell.

If you see a similar posture where your cat is resting their nose, with a bit of a hunch to their posture and their paws gathered beneath them, then this is called a ‘meatloaf’ position. This is considered a big red flag with cats, so if your cat sits like this then an immediate vet visit is a good idea.

Why is my cat sitting in the one corner of the room?

Territorial creatures that they are, your cat has likely just selected a spot that provides comfort and a good view of any action in that particular room. You might try leaving them a cat bed or a cushion to see if they take to it.

Also consider that if you have other pets, your cat might simply be keeping an eye on them. As we’ve mentioned, cats are quite territorial.

Why does my cat lay in the doorways & walking spaces?

This could be laying in doorways & walking spaces for a number of different reasons. First off, if you have more than one cat, this is a dominance play that allows the cat occupying the doorway to give the other cat a little grief should they wish to enter. Secondly, doorways are areas with a great view of the surroundings, so your cat might be selecting it for this reason.

Finally, it could be your cat simply demanding attention, as they know that at some point you will need to pass through and this is their way to ensuring that you acknowledge them. While the popular theory is that they simply want to trip us, more than likely it is just the dominant cat showing you that you must pay attention to them.

Why does my cat sit in the corner and stare at me?

Most likely, your cat is simply bored. Some cats will sit there and stare and they may be waiting to see what you do. Younger cats have even been known to do this, wait until you get close, and then bat or otherwise attack your ankles!

Cats like to keep themselves entertained but every now and again, just like humans, they do indeed get bored and you can catch them staring at you or staring into space at nothing. Call them over to share your space or to play a little and see what happens!


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