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Why Does My Cat Headbutt My Phone? (Hate or Love?)

If your cat is headbutting your phone you may be wondering the reason for this behavior, and if it’s normal or not…

Why does my cat headbutt my phone?

Your cat may headbutt your phone for several reasons such as wanting your attention, moving it out of the way temporarily, or a way to rub its scent against it. If it’s the latter, it will want to run its scent against your hone like other objects in your home to claim it in their territory.

So, now you know. But, do cats even like phones? Why do they headbutt their owners? Is head bunting the same thing as this? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

3 Reasons why cats headbutt phones:

Why does my cat headbutt my phone?

A cat with a mobile phone.

Earlier I briefly mentioned a few reasons why cats may headbutt your phone. Therefore, in this section, I will explain each one in more detail…

01. Rub scent on it

When cats headbutt you, or an object, it may sound vicious, but in reality, they are merely rubbing scent on you, both the object. This is to claim you, or the object (a phone in this case) as theirs.

This is one of a few reasons. But, one of the most common reasons for this behavior in most cats.

02. Temporarily Move it

If your phone is in your cat way, for some reason, it may just butt it out of the way. And, to be perfectly honest, his makes sense, right?

It could just be a practical way to move an object from A to B. Sounds simple, but it could well be as simple as this.

03. To get your attention

Another common reason for this behavior is to get your attention. Let’s face it phones take up a lot of our attention these days, right? And, your cat can see this happening.

Therefore, some cats may see your phone as a challenge for your attention. Especially if they need something from you.

You have to understand, if this is the reason, they may have tried running in front of you, and may not have had much luck, and this could be the last option.

Do cats like phones?

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Some cats may not like your phone because it demands your attention. If this happens it may well act aggressively towards it such as biting or pushing it away.

However, other cats have no real issue with these phones. So, it largely depends on how your cat perceives the phone, in its head.

Do cats get upset when you use your phone too much?

Cats are known to get upset when you ignore them and use your phone too much. This is even more of an issue if it interferes with their requests for more or some food at its expected time.

This can lead to the cat resenting the phone. And, in some extreme cases, the cat biting the phone or trying to destroy it.

Where should you put your hand while your cat headbutts you?

When your cat headbutts you, meaning as it raises its head to your hands you should place your hand on its head (click here if your cat is sitting on your other cats head) and let it direct you with its dead movement. They know how to use body language to direct you.

If you move your hand away at this time they may assume you are not happy with them or just end up chasing your hand to make sure you get the hint.

Why do cats headbutt their owners?

Cats headbutt their owners as a sign of love and affection. But, practically it’s their way to mark them with their scent glands. Many cat owners do not understand what is happening at the time.

But, for the cat, it makes you pick up their unique scent, that other cats can detect, and make them class you as their property.

Why does my cat keep headbutting me really hard?

If your cat is headbutting you really hard, believe it or not, the theory is it is a sign of love and affection. The problem is some cats are not aware of their own strength and assume you can take it.

It may seem that they have ill intentions, but in reality, this is rarely the case. If your cat is using its teeth or scratching you, well that is different, in that case, your cat is attacking you for whatever reason.

Why does my cat keep head-butting my face?

If you notice that your cat is also headbutting your face it is still deemed as a show of affection and ultimately, love. It may not feel that nice to you, because it may have caught you off guard, or hurt you.

But, the intention is to show love and to rub scent on you to claim you as their beloved.

Why is my cat headbutting my legs aggressively?

If your cat is headbutting your legs aggressively it may mean that it is either unhappy with what you have done, or rubbing scent on you and unaware of the power it has.

If it’s the former, unhappy with you, it could be a reaction to something you have done. For example, one cat owner who reported this happening explained it tried negative reinforcement. This is not recommended and can result in reactions like this.

If discipline is an issue many cats get better results using positive reinforcement. This will involve the opposite, rewarding your cat for good behavior to make them keen to behave and get the goodies.

What is head bunting?

Head bunting is another word for cat headbutting. And, it is used by domestic cats as well as big cats, like lions. They use this in their social circles as a mark of trust and respect.

Domestic cats use it in the same manner, as well as a method to rub their scent on their owner.

Do cats headbutt other cats as well?

Cats are known to headbutt other cats as well as their owners. This is known to be more than just a passing scent. It also helps them bond with other cats in their social circle.

What type of cats leaves their scent?

In the wild, cats that leave their scent behind are known as Alpha Cats. This is because they are warning other cats to back off their declared territory.

In a domestic setting, this is more based on where the cat’s home is. Basically where their owner takes them and makes them feel at home. However, there are times when a local aggressive cat may try to claim other areas outside of their home.

For example, there is a grey cat next door to me, and for some reason, it has claimed a portion of my front garden as its own. It’s quite annoying to be truthful. Why? Because it keeps pooping in the same place week after week, and I have to clean it.

Why do cats headbutt furniture?

Cats may furniture for two reasons, to make them feel more comfortable around it and to mark it as their area. It is a form of domination and comfortability, in this context.

This is not the same as ripping up the sofa, this is gently rubbing its head against the furniture to mark it.

Lindsey Browlingdon