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Why Do Cats Get in Your Face While You Sleep? (+Pic)

If you have ever woken up to a cat on your head, you may be wondering why, of all places, has this cat decided to lay in your face? You may think if I get a cat bed (Click here to see my best cat bed & price, on Amazon) that will help, right? Well, let me explain why they do this…

Why do cats get in your face when you’re sleeping? Because they want to feel protected while they sleep and also avoid being crushed by your body weight. Think about it, a cat is not silly. It knows your arms and legs may thrash around in the night, so your head is perfect to keep them safe and warm.

Now that you know why cats get in your face, let me explain why they even enjoy your bed in the first place, how they show their affection, why they may jump on you while you are sleeping and more. Keep reading.

Why do cats get in your face when you’re sleeping?

The reason they’re getting in your face when you’re sleeping is because it’s a safety issue.  Basically, your head is unlikely to be swishing a moving around, which could inadvertently hit the cat.

Cats are not silly, they know that your arms or body may roll on to them and squash them in the night. So, they opt for your head, it’s their best option.

So, for that reason, they opt for your head and stay there to keep themselves safe. Also, in most cases, they won’t stay in that exact same position all night. They may switch that position once they see you start stirring and showing signs that you are about to wake up.

This is an indication to them that it might not be long before they get fed or get some attention from you, are you with me?

Why does a cat even want to sleep in your bed?

This is a good question, cats will sleep in your bed even if they have their own cat bed (Click here to see why I rated this cat bed). Why? Because they feel protected by you. Take this as a compliment, the mere fact that she wants to be near you in this intimate location means she trusts you completely. And, feels that you will offer protection.

On the flip side, there are times when your cat feels that it wants to protect you, simply by being in your bed with you. So, it kind of works both ways.

What other ways do cats show their affection?

Basically, cats have a number of ways to show affection. The reality is it is very different from a human being, so for that reason, I’m going to break it down for you now…

Purring Lovingly

Purring is a sound that you are probably familiar with. It is very unique to cats, in my opinion, it almost sounds like a little motor is murmuring in the background. When you hear this, it’s a classic sign that your cat is showing you affection and wants to be petted.

Rolling on his back

You may have seen images of a cat doing this, or maybe even witnessed your own cat rolling around playfully exposing their belly. In particular, when they are exposing their belly.

This is an indication that they feel comfortable and happy around you. It is an indication that he wants you to stroke and play with him.

Bunting (What now?)

Bunting is a term that you may not have heard of before. However, I’m sure once I start to explain what it is the chances are you have seen this before.

To cut a long story short, bunting is when your cat rubs its head lovingly against your legs Arms or body. Sometimes it will give you a gentle but of the head and rub its body against you, are you with me?

This is a way of showing affection that she loves you. As well as rubbing her scent on you, which is an indication that she sees you as her territory.

A subtle little reminder

Another technique that some cats use is to pounce on you while you’re sleeping. But, in this context, it’s not necessarily to do with showing affection, or protection for that matter.

It may be to simply remind you of something that you have forgotten to do for them. Let me give you some examples:

  • Have you potentially forgot to fill their water bowl?
  • Does she want to go outside but you haven’t left the door open?
  • Is she hungry, and you forgot to feed her?
  • The list goes on… (But I think you get the point).

Ultimately, it’s their cute way of informing you that they need your attention. And, they need to give you something.

Why do some cats lick you in the face when you are sleeping?

If you have ever caught your cat licking your face in the night, you have either been freaked out or feel flattered. Basically, this is a cats way of showing affection. Its one of their behaviors learned from birth. They will groom and lick you because it is what they learned as a kitten, are you with me?

To explain this, I need to go back to their roots. Cats, in a weird way, see you as a big mother cat (bare with me).  Therefore, their behaviors are similar to when they were kittens. As kittens grooming and licking was a natural part of family life. Therefore, these are the reasons why they will lick you in this way.

Other reasons a cat may jump on you when you are sleeping.

This is because the chances are your cat is trying to get your attention. This is mainly seen when cats, especially if they are indoor cats, get a little bit bored and need some attention.

The easy way around this is to give them a lot of attention just before you go to bed (click here to see why your cat sleeps under your bed) so that it doesn’t happen at an inconvenient time for you.

Therefore you could engage them in some games with some toys for example. Or, offer them some treats. After you’ve played some games with them so that they feel fulfilled at the end of the day. This will reduce the chances of her disturbing you while you’re trying to get your beauty sleep.

Related Questions:

In this section, I am going to share some answers to questions related to cats getting in your face. However, if you have some additional questions in your head that you feel need to be answered, please drop me a comment below.

Why do cats sniff your face? This is because they want to check you are still there and who you are. Cats have a very powerful sense of smell. Therefore they can use this skill to smell things we couldn’t dream of.

While it may annoy you by sniffing your face. For them, it is an essential part of their reassurance about you.

Why do cats follow you to the toilet? This is a combination of curiosity and wanting to spend quality time with you. They also love routines like us. If you get up and go to the toilet each day at the same time, there is a good chance your cat will follow you.

Cats are curious by nature and they are interested in any activity you do. Especially as their beloved cat owner. The things you do in the bathroom, such as using an electric toothbrush, brushing your hair, etc will keep them interested. Believe it or not, this is enough for them to follow you in there the same time each day.

Also, sometimes cats just get this wrong and anticipate you getting up for something else. Like, a move to get up and feed them. So, they may follow you expecting something to happen that may benefit them.

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