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Why Does My Cat Wait For Me To Go To Bed? (Strange?)

If your cat waits for you to go to bed you may be wondering why this happens and if it is strange, or normal…

Why does my cat wait for me to go to bed?

Your cat may wait for you to go to bed for a few reasons. However, the most common ones are it loves you and appreciates a set routine. If it knows you go to bed at 10 PM each night, it will expect that time each night. Also, it is selective who it waits for so it should be regarded as a compliment.

So, now you know. But, should cat’s sleep in their own bed? Should you stop your cat from following you to bed? Why do some cats also call you to bed? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Should you try to stop your cat from waiting for you to go to bed?

Why does my cat wait for me to go to bed?

A cat peeping over some furniture.

It is not a good idea to try to stop your cat from waiting for you to go to bed. This is because it will potentially confuse them and take them away from their schedule. Cat’s like a predictable routine to make themselves feel comfortable and happy.

You may have heard of some cats that develop anxiety from simple changes in the home, such as a new family member, new pet, etc. These small things may seem trivial to you, but to your cat, it can be an issue.

Should cats sleep in their own bed?

Ideally, cats should sleep in their own cat bed (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad). This is for several reasons such as less disruption of your sleep, less chance of your cat getting knocked in the night, and more hygienic.

Regarding the first point, disruption to your sleep, cats tend to move about a lot in their sleep or even sleep on your head (click here if it’s peed there) so it can be very difficult for light sleepers to get to sleep with these disruptions.

Why does my cat not want to sleep with me?

Not all cats want to sleep with their owners. This can be for several reasons. Such as they prefer their own cat bed (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad), prefer to be up high while they sleep, or do not appreciate affection or being cuddled.

If the reason is being high up, this typically stems from their instinct. Meaning, their wild ancestors would prefer this level while sleeping so they could get a view of any predators. So, some cats subconsciously follow this need.

Why do cats bother you when you sleep?

Some cats may bother you when you sleep simply because they are not tired and full of energy in the early hours of the night. They do not have the same social skills as humans and as far as they are concerned if they are up it’s fine to bother you.

The best way to deal with this is to keep them active just before you go to bed. This does not have to be anything too much. It could be playing with a ball (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) just before bed to release some of their energy.

I will admit, It is not always this easy. It may take more than this depending on your cat’s energy level or willingness to play with you. So, you will need to test it and see how it goes.

Do cats know it’s bedtime?

A cat waiting, eyes open on a bed.

A cat waiting, eyes open on a bed.

Cats do seem to know when it’s bedtime. They seem to have a good inbuilt body clock. This has been observed by various cat owners who notice their cat hovering around them near bedtime.

It is unclear how this is possible, and you have every right to find this hard to believe. But, if you have witnessed it then you would surely agree.

Should I ignore my cat meowing at night?

If your cat is constantly meowing at night it may seem rude but it’s worth ignoring it. Why? Because if you respond to each late-night meow it will encourage it to proceed night after night. In fact, it can become a vicious cycle that can span out of control.

So, to reclaim your sleep you may need to play hardball. Meaning purposely ignores the cat to get your point across and make your cat stop due to it not getting its own way.

Do some cats call you to bed?

There are some reports of cats calling their owners to bed. This is more than following you to bed, it is meowing at your perceived bedtime until you give in and go to bed. It is another weird behavior that some cats seem to have.

It is not clear how this is possible. Again, ist much like ow do they know when bedtime is? As discussed earlier no one knows for sure. All we can say is it can, and does happen.

Why does your cat wait for you and no one else?

Cats tend to wait for you and no one else because you are their favorite. But, this is mainly motivated by the person who spends the most time with them and even more importantly, in their mind, is the person who feeds them.

Yes, cats are not silly. If they wait for you they will keep their feeder happy. Also, if they are there when you wake, they can get some food right away. Makes sense, huh?

How can you deal with a cat that disrupts your sleep?

If your cat keeps waking you up at night you may be looking for some options to stop it. Here are some tips that you can try:

01. Play with it till its tired

Following on from earlier, one of the problems with a cat that keeps waking you is it’s not tired when you are. So, you can try and play with it before bed to improve your sleep.

02. Give it an exit

Sometimes a cat might wake you up for some basic reasons like it needs to get out of your bedroom for whatever reason. So, help to stop this by offering it some exists. This can be as simple as not fully closing your door at night.

03. Give it something to look at

Another issue is your cat may get up before you and get bored. Therefore offer it something to entertain itself. But, before you rush out and by a cat tree (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) think about something quiet.

An option is a simple bird feeder (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad). I know, it sounds basic, but it works. the idea is your cat can look out of the window in the early morning hours, quietly while you sleep.

04. Lock the cat out of your bedroom completely

Another more drastic option is to just lock the cat out of the bedroom altogether. For some people, this works. However, the issue with this can be your cat may meow and moan outside your door. You just have to test it and see.

Why does my cat follow me to bed?

If your cat is following you to bed, and attempting to sleep with you, it is often a show of love and trust. It wants to be near you while you sleep and offer protection while you are vulnerable at night.

Lindsey Browlingdon