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Why Does My Cat Play With My Dirty Socks? (Real Reason)

If you have noticed that your cat is playing with your dirty socks you may be wondering why and what you can do about it (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Why does my cat play with my dirty socks?

Cats are attracted to the scent that your strong-smelling socks give off. They will likely rub their head or mouth across them to reclaim their scent on to them. This is part of their way to claim you.

What you will need to prevent it from grabbing your socks

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So, now you know why. But, what can you do to prevent this? Can cats smell and react to hormones? Are these socks calming to a cat? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…


Can cats smell and react to human hormones?

Cats can smell and react to human hormones. When a human is happy they are known to release endorphins that cats can detect. Also, while they climb into your lap to play with you this increases your production of these hormones which your cat can detect.

Understanding how cats react ad detect hormones, pheromones, endorphins, etc can be difficult to get your head around. Because it is not something that we humans do like cats. But, the evidence of this is right in front of you when you are with your cat.

Why do cats love the smell of feet?

Apart from your socks, you may see your cat sniffing around your feet. This is because they have a strong scent of you on them. This is why your socks are so interesting to them.

And, think of it logically if your feet have the most odor then it is only right that your socks will also drive them mad, right? Because they are directly rubbing against your feet all day.

How can I prevent my cat from playing with my dirty socks?

If you are sick and tired of your cat playing with your dirty socks you may be keen to see if there is anything you can do to stop it from happing. Here are a few things that you can do:

01. Store them away in a laundry bag

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To avoid them playing with your socks you need to store them away neatly. Because they are dirty you may feel that is not necessary but a simple laundry basket will help.

These mesh laundry bags are ideal because they have a zip that will keep your cat from getting to them.

02. Keep your home tidy

The main reason your cat is picking up your socks is that they have the opportunity to so, right? So, the simple thing is to not leave them around to pick them up.

03. Offer your cat some toys

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Your cat may just want to play with your socks because they have no other options. So, it is a good idea to let them have some interesting toys to keep them occupied to prevent them from grabbing your socks.

Can I put socks on my cat?

You should not put socks on your cat. Some cat owners believe that their cat might get cold and, like us, will need an extra layer to help them. The reality is they will find them uncomfortable and just remove them as soon as possible.

Cats are not like humans they do not need extra man-made layers of clothing to keep them warm. They have all that nature has given them. The best thing you can do, if you are worried that it will get cold, is to keep it indoors on cold days.

Can playing with socks calm your cat down?

Why does my cat play with my dirty socks?

Cat playing with some socks.

Playing with socks is known to calm cats down. It is believed to be similar to when some cats suck on wool, known as “wool-sucking”. This sucking is more common on sweaters or bed linen but can be seen with socks as well.

However, sucking is one thing, but if this progresses to chewing or trying to swallow them then this is an issue. If this happens this borders into Pica. Which is a well-known term in the cat industry for cats eating non-food items.

But, for your socks, no need to worry about this. If it is just playing with them it doesn’t really cause any problems. And, it’s kind of cute, right?

Is a human’s scent stronger on his feet?

Humans’ scent is stronger on their feet. As discussed earlier, this is why some cats love your socks (is it meowing as well? click here) as well. During the day humans will sweat and generate a strong odor there. This is why some people’s shoes or socks tend to be smelly.

As foul as this is to us cats find it appealing. This is why you, as an owner, may be shocked at the delight on their face to see your smelly socks.

Do cats communicate by scent?

Cats do communicate by their scent. This is why you see them rubbing up against you to try and pass on their scent. They typically chose their head, known as head bumping, because this is one of their major scent glands is located. As well as their mouth.

You may have heard people say that cats have a strong sense of smell. But, now you know how they use this to communicate.

Why is scent important for cats?

The scent is important for cats because they pick up nature’s natural messages from it. Because their sense of smell is so strong they can decode these messages with ease.

This is why your socks are attractive to them. They will pick up some strong messages from them and feel the urge to react. In effect, they will be trying to switch the message on your socks to contain their message (scent).

This is why you may see them rubbing against them with a passion to overpower your strong-smelling socks.

Why do some cats move socks around your home?

If you notice your cat moving the socks around, rather than sucking or rubbing against them, then it could be their way of treating them like a substitute for their prey. This is not regarded as normal behavior, but not necessarily a big concern.

Cats in the wild are known to carry or drag back their prey to their territory and this, in a weird way, could be them displaying similar behavior.

If you are concerned about it the best thing to do is to consult your vet or a specialist in cat behavior to understand what the best way forward is.

Do cats like the taste of the salt in our sweat?

The salt in our sweat can be appealing to some cats and other animals. When you sweat and it evaporates it leaves behind the salty textured substance that some cats find hard to resist.

For us humans, it may sound weird, or in fact quite disgusting. But, animals, look at things differently from us and have different social dynamics.


Lindsey Browlingdon