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Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle When I’m Sleeping?

If you have noticed your cat snuggling up next to you when you sleep you may wonder why it chooses that time to do it…

Why does my cat only cuddle when I’m sleeping?

Cats are primarily nocturnal, but they do like to take naps at night from time to time, and when you are sleeping is the best time to do so. Your cat can easily move up to you and settle in, and they don’t have to worry that you’ll be ‘pawing’ at them when they are trying to sleep.

Even though your cat isn’t sleeping next to you as soon as you’ve settled into bed, the fact that they are seeking to be close to you at night is still an enormous sign of love and trust.

Just don’t be upset when you see them grooming frantically in the morning to dilute your scent – we smell kind of funny to cats, but they love us anyway!

Do cats like cuddling?

A woman's hand petting a black cat in bed.

A woman’s hand petting a black cat in bed.

Not all cats like cuddling, so don’t be offended if your cat prefers to simply sleep nearby. While most kittens do indeed love a good cuddle, a small percentage of them prefer to sleep on their own and this is perfectly normal.

However cute your cat is, you’ve got to remember that these are fairly solitary creatures, and some will be very particular about where they sleep as part of a natural defense instinct that even occurs in human homes.

That said, aside from this relatively small portion of the world’s cat population, most cats do love to cuddle and will do it whenever you give them the chance!

Should I let my cat sleep with me?

Yes, if your cat wants to sleep close to you, it’s a great idea to let them do it. Sleeping close helps your kitty to feel safe and it’s one of the fastest ways to build a bond. If you tend to move around in your sleep a lot, however, then you might get a nip or a swipe and your cat could even be harmed!

In such cases, a better move would get getting your cat a kitty bed that you can put on the actual bed or close to it, or you could even get a body pillow to sleep with to make a fluffy barrier so that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Should I try to force my cat to cuddle?

No, it’s not a good idea to force-cuddle. While your cat might tolerate it, it will make them a little mistrustful about getting close to you out of fear that you’re going to ‘force-cuddle’ them. It’s better to simply be patient.

Most cats love a nice cuddle and when your cat feels comfortable enough, they will come to you. In the meantime, you can lure them to the bed by calling them or even simply showing them a treat and then just give them a quick petting and leave them alone.

In time, they’ll simply stay on the bed and you’ll be cuddling all the time before you know it!

Why does my cat sleep next to me when I sleep?

Your cat does this because they love and trust you, and also because cuddling close to you makes your kitty feel safer.

This is quite a ‘big deal’, as what you are seeing is one of Nature’s perfect predators making themselves vulnerable by sleeping next to someone else who isn’t even part of their species! That’s a serious level of love and trust when you think about it!

Does my cat love me if he sleeps with me?

Yes. Even just showing their back to you, a kitty is showing you absolute trust and affection, and cuddling is the most common ‘next step’ in the bonding process. No predator would present their back, to you if they didn’t love and trust you, after all!

What makes a cat clingy?

Hand stroking the chin of a relaxed cat.

Hand stroking the chin of a relaxed cat.

Cats can get clingy for different reasons. Sometimes, especially in cases where they live alone with their owner, they can get a little codependent and even suffer from separation anxiety when you are away.

Poor health can also make a cat clingy, as well, so if this behavior is new then a vet checkup might be a good idea to rule this out.  Finally, they may not be very well socialized. Cats that are weaned early often socialize poorly, as this is something that they learn by being around their mother and other kittens.

The best weaning age is a subject of contention, however, with some saying that 8 weeks is ideal, while many others believe that you should wait about 12 weeks before weaning a kitten so that they’ve had plenty of time to be properly socialized and learn what they can from their mother.

Does a cat trust you if it sleeps next to you?

Yes, your cat trusts you if they are sleeping next to you. No predator in their right mind would make themselves vulnerable by sleeping next to a stranger, so when your cat chooses to sleep by your side, it’s the ultimate expression of absolute love and trust.

Why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband?

Cats have their favorite people, just like we do, and when they sleep next to someone, in particular, it generally means that they feel the safest there and that this is the person that they trust the most. That’s not always the case, however, as cats are also quite the creatures of habit.

If you aren’t home as much as the person that they are sleeping next to, then your cat might simply be in the habit of spending more time with this person and they’ve already ‘scheduled’ their naps with them in advance.

Try spending a little more time with them on a schedule, for instance playing with them as soon as you get home from work for 15 to 30 minutes. Once your cat sees a dependable schedule from you, they might just start planning naps with you as well.

Finally, that person might just have a higher natural body temperature than you do – cats notice this and sometimes simply sleep next to the warmest person that they trust.

If you think that this might be the case, try putting a heating pad under the covers next to you and see how your kitty reacts. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Why does my cat only cuddle in the morning?

Usually, it’s a matter of temperature. Cats are all about comfort and the temperature in the morning might be ‘just right’ from their point of view. There’s also the matter of cats being nocturnal, however, and that’s a definite consideration.

By sleeping with you in the morning, they get a little cuddle time, but they’re still free to ‘stalk the night’ to their heart’s content – the best of both worlds, as far as your cat is concerned!

Lindsey Browlingdon