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Why Does My Cat Meow Like She’s Lost After She Finishes Eating?

If your cat is meowing after she finishes eating you may be confused and wondering why it is happening… 

Why does my cat meow like she’s lost after she finishes eating?

Your cat may meow after finishing eating because it is expressing its satisfaction, still hungry or a hint to you that the food is not great. It’s important to understand which it is because they have different solutions.

So, now you know. But, how do you know if your cat is enjoying the food? What if it is meowing while it is eating? What if it is meowing in the morning even if you have an auto feeder? Keep reading for these answers, and much more… 

3 top reasons why a cat meows like it’s lost after finishing eating

Cat eating from a bowl.

Cat eating from a bowl.

Sometimes, when our cat meows, it’s difficult to understand what they’re saying specifically. So, it may be confusing to you when you hear them meow after eating. This will be especially true if it has a sad tone or kitty sounds lost.

01. Satisfaction

Yowling after eating could simply be the cat’s way of telling you they’re delighted with the food. They just want to let you know and offer their compliments for a job well done.

02. Dissatisfaction

Alternatively, if they eat only a few bites of their food and they begin meowing and yowling, they could be trying to lodge a complaint with the chef (aka you). In this instance, pay close attention to your cat to see if this pattern repeats during every meal.

If so, change the food or add a little variety to their diet. The same food for two weeks straight gets boring for humans and cats alike. So, once a week, give some fresh-cooked chicken (unseasoned) or a can of tuna.

You could also get a kibble that you can add a little water to once and awhile to create a gravy; this will also change things up for kitty’s diet.

03. Still Hungry

The reason behind your cat meowing after it finishes eating could be due to the fact it wants more. You may not be feeding your fur baby enough food. Depending on the age and size of your cat, on average, you should be feeding it at least a ½ cup of food per day, but no more than one cup.

That said, one could swear some kitties should actually be piggies. So, if you’ve intentionally reduced your cat’s food intake because they’re overweight, it will be up to you whether you should feed it more or not.

How do you know if a cat enjoys its food?

Even though most cats love their food, there are actually a few indicators to let you know your furry friend enjoys its kibble. First, it will purr while it eats. If it’s new food, sometimes, they will take a few nibbles and then look up at you all wide-eyed and rub their body on you or give you head butts.

Another indicator that your cat likes its food is how they wait for meal time. If they pace around their bowl or meow at you long before it’s time to eat, you’ll know they like it. And yet in other cases they may eat the whole kitten caboodle within 30 minutes.

Why does my cat meow while and after eating?

Gray cat eating from a bowl.

Gray cat eating from a bowl.

A cat meowing during chow time and after it finishes eating can mean two different things. It will all depend on the cat and how observant you can be about the behavior.

If it’s normal for your cat to do this, then let them carry on. But, if this is a new behavior, then there are some things you should consider.

01. Meowing During Eating

First, it’s not normal for most cats to meow while they eat, only afterwards is it common for them to do so. Therefore, if they’re meowing during mealtime, chances are they’re not feeling well in some way or the food might be hurting their teeth, mouth or stomach.

That said, just because it’s not normal for most cats doesn’t mean it can’t be normal for yours; indeed, cats are capable of any weird tick or strange behavior and it will be completely normal for them. But, check out the food by taking a piece of the kibble and break it between your fingers.

  • Is the texture hard?
  • Does it feel sharp or coarse?
  • Does it soften well or quickly with moisture?
  • Is it difficult to break?
  • Do you notice anything inside of the kibble that’s inedible? (i.e. woodchips, tiny pieces of plastic or metal and etc)

02. Meowing After Eating

In the case that your cat continues meowing after it finishes eating, it could be ill or sick somehow. Be sure to call the vet If you have any doubts about your cat’s health.

Note the sound of the meow, how long kitty meows for after mealtime and any other things that happen in conjunction. If meowing accompanies vomit or diarrhea, tell your vet about it.

Why does my cat nervously meow a lot right after a meal?

The reason why kitty may meow in a nervous manner after eating (click here if it is tearing up) is because it may have a sensitive stomach and/or digestive system. Not every cat is capable of eating cheap kibble from the grocery or dollar store. Try changing up the food or testing out a wet/dry food mix to see if that solves the issue.

If you’ve tried everything and your cat still has a nervous meow after chowtime, take it to the vet. It could have diabetes or some other digestive disorder.

Why does my cat meow at me to feed it when it already has food?

There are a couple reasons why your cat could meow at you when there’s already food in the bowl. Either the cat no longer wants that food and prefers to have something else or the cat is letting you know that the food is stale.

If it’s a new addition to your home, your cat could simply be informing you it doesn’t like this kind of food.

Why does my cat intensively meow after eating or urinating?

When you hear your four-legged furry friend meow intensely right after eating or urinating, there may very well be something medical going on. Pay attention for any other things that may occur like discoloration or diarrhea.

Could your cat be meowing after eating because it’s in heat?

Sometimes, it’s normal for females to meow after eating because they are in a heat cycle. This is nothing for great concern.

What does it mean if a cat talks to you before eating?

All it means when kitty strikes up a conversation with you prior to their mealtime is to remind you in case you forgot. Most cats do this and it’s completely okay for them to do so. They have an amazing inner timer and, when you establish a rhythm together, won’t have any problems reminding you.

Why does my cat meow in the morning even with an auto feeder?

There are a couple reasons why your cat meows in the morning, even with an auto feeder. First, the auto feeder may freak your cat out. Consider the fact that these are machines which produce a high pitched sound that may actually hurt your cat’s ears.

The second reason is that your cat could be one of those that’s an affectionate eater and they want you present while they eat. For some cats, your stroke and observation give them a sense of security.

Do some cats prefer you feeding them instead of an auto feeder?

Some cats absolutely will not eat out of an auto feeder. For whatever reason, it spooks them and the cat will insist on you feeding them. This will often accompany meowing and avoiding the feeder altogether.

Lindsey Browlingdon