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Why Does My Cat Meow In Empty Rooms? (Traumatized?)

If you have noticed that your cat is meowing in empty rooms you may be wondering if this is normal and why it may be happening…

Why does my cat meow in empty rooms?

Your cat may meow in an empty room for several reasons, such as making an entrance (greeting), a way to mark their territory, calling for your attention, or alerting your attention to a closed-door, etc. 

So, now you know. But, could this simply be to grab your attention? Why do they meow when I walk into the room? What other things can make your cat meow? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Do cats meow for attention?

Why does my cat meow in empty rooms?

A cat meowing and looking scared.

Cats do meow for attention. As much as people may believe cats are antisocial, they want attention just as badly as any other pet. If they are left alone often, they may be needier once you return.

 If your cat is lonely they could also want more attention than you consider necessary. Having someone spend time with your furry friend when you aren’t available could help them feel recognized. Another option is adopting a second cat to give them a friend while you’re away.

This can also be the reason they become vocal as soon as you crawl into bed. Long hours apart or blatant ignorance can make your cat speak up as their way of saying “Hello? What about me?”

Why does my cat walk around the house meowing?

Cats may walk around your home mewing simply because they are bored. Tricks to keep your cat entertained are toys or trees for them to climb, scratch, and pounce at.

Adding a bird feeder outside an accessible window can be just as attention-grabbing as your favorite TV show.

If they are new to the environment…

Also, this could be to mark their territory as they walk from room to room. Especially if they are in a new environment or welcoming a new family member. They use this to establish boundaries and make it clear they were here first.

If you have recently moved, your cat may be having a stress response to the unfamiliar environment. Giving them extra attention as they become more comfortable can help soothe them through the change.

Do cats ever meow for no reason? 

Cats never really meow for no reason. There is typically a reason for your cat’s vocalization. It may be as simple as boredom or loneliness, but also as severe as illness or pain. It is important to narrow down the reasoning behind the meowing to find solutions.

Why does my cat meow when I walk into the room?

Your cat may meow when you enter the room to greet you. Do you greet a family member when they enter a room you’re in? Your cat is simply doing the same, a ‘hello, welcome’ to make you both feel seen.

Once you’re in the room, they may continue to meow as a proposal for attention. You’ve made yourself a target and they are determined to convince you to pet, play or talk to them.

3 things that can make a cat keep meowing:

Why does my cat sound like a kitten?

A cat meowing.

Aside from their necessities to live, like asking for food, water or to be let outside, your cat may keep meowing due to a few other reasons you should keep on your radar. 

01. Pain or illness

Pain or illness is the most serious reason why your furry friend may be continually meowing. If your cat is meowing excessively and displaying irregular symptoms, be sure to make an appointment with a vet to assess their health. 

It is important to make sure they are eating and going to the bathroom regularly. Be aware of any unusual behaviors that could indicate pain, such as; too much or too little activity, altered sleep cycles, or loss of coordination.

02. Cat isn’t spayed or neutered

If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, they meow when they are in heat. They do this to bring attention to any potential mates. When in heat, they may also be more affectionate to you.

03. Boredom and attention

Boredom and attention are common causes that keep your cat in your ear all day. If they don’t have enough to keep them entertained or are left alone for hours on end, they will come to you for assistance.

They will meow asking for something to do or just some loving from their favorite human.

Is caterwauling the same as meowing?

Caterwauling is a higher-pitched yowl that sounds much different than your cat’s daily meow. There are many reasons your cat may be caterwauling, and it is important to find that reason to ensure it isn’t caused by pain.  

You will be able to distinguish between a caterwaul and a meow. Your feline may be caterwauling for some of the main reasons they meow constantly, either way, these signs of communication should not be ignored.  

Pain or has an Illness?

If your cat is in pain or has an illness, they may caterwaul frequently. A trip to the vet can help you narrow down the cause.

An overactive thyroid, kidney disease, deafness, or blindness are possible physical illnesses. Even dementia can cause your cat to take their communication to the extreme. If they can’t comprehend where they are or what they are doing they may be confused.

Alerting their owner

Less serious reasons your cat may caterwaul include; alerting their owner to something happening outside, needing to breed, being stressed, or wanting attention. These are not detrimental to your pet’s health, but they should still be addressed.

Signaling Something

If your furball is signaling something, acknowledge them. If they are stressed, they may need more attention. If you cannot give them frequent attention, find an alternative like another pet or pet sitter. 

Could your cat be meowing to find you?

They may be trying to find you, or simply to elicit a response for attention. Look at it as them talking to you as you make your way through the house. They may be following you or calling out to make sure you haven’t forgotten about them in your busyness.

Petting, playing, or talking to your cat could reduce their meowing.

Is it bad to lock a cat in a different room at night for meowing? 

Locking your cat in a different room might not be successful in keeping them quiet because they won’t be satisfied. It could even make it worse. Cats see closed doors as a challenge, or obstruction which may increase their meowing to get the obstacle out of the way.

They are bored or want attention, but if they get plenty, find a way to keep them entertained until they are no longer interested in you being asleep. A nice distraction tactic may do the trick.

Other Alternatives

An alternative could be to keep them entertained in your room. This allows them to be in your company while doing what they want. Special toys for bedtime or a favorite spot could be enough to make them comfortable.

Do cats use meowing to communicate with other cats?

Meowing is a cat’s special way of communicating with humans. Kittens are the exception. A kitten will meow to its mother if it is hungry or needs something, but adult cats yowl, hiss, or growl when communicating with other cats.

Lindsey Browlingdon