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Why Does My Cat Lay On My Stomach When It Hurts?

If your cat seems to lay on your stomach when it hurts you may be wondering why this happens…

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Stomach When It Hurts?

Cats can often tell when you aren’t feeling well and laying down on your tummy is a good way to be close and also enjoy a warm spot that is close to you.

While your cat may or may not know that it is your tummy that is hurting you, they know that you are responding well to their presence and so they’ll stay. It’s just one of the many perks of having a feline best friend!

Do cats know when we are in pain?

A gray and black cat being held by a person lying in bed.

A gray and black cat being held by a person lying in bed.

Cats do seem to know when we are in physical or emotional pain. While we don’t fully understand the ‘why’ of it, it is likely just because cats are creatures of habit and they know when anything changes. That includes your body language and also any ‘scent markers’ that might change when you feel bad.

Things like an accelerated heart rate, sweating a little more than usual, or even a simple change in the normal ‘spring’ in your step can tell a kitty that you aren’t feeling shipshape and you’ll see that they notice the changes in their behavior – suddenly demanding your attention and staying close.

It’s a nice feeling, really, and while we don’t have the ‘why’ of it, the cat’s response certainly tells us enough.

Why does my cat sleep on my stomach?

Sleeping on your belly gives your cat a soft, warm spot that is not only comfortable but which is intimately close to you. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, you’ve got a miniature predator that feels comfortable enough to nestle close to you – and subsequently, your teeth!

It’s a mark of love and trust but cats also change where they sleep all of the time, so enjoy this attention while you can – it may be a while before they come back to your belly!

Is it normal for a cat to sleep on my stomach?

Yes., sleeping on your stomach is perfectly normal behavior and it’s a sign of complete trust. Your cat loves you, wants to be close, and by laying down on your belly they are simply showing you some warm, cuddly affection.

What should I do if my cat keeps sleeping on my stomach?

If you don’t want your cat to sleep on your stomach, try giving them a compromise by making a comfortable space right next to you. This can be done with a little creative blanket arrangement, which is also how you will keep them off your belly.

While preparing a comfy space next to you, put some of the blankets on your belly, but ‘ruffle it up’ a bit so that there is not a smooth, comfortable surface.

If your kitty tries to go there anyway, gently move them to the new space that you have made and if they are resistant to this, try It again with a treat or some catnip. It may take a few repetitions, but eventually, your cat will understand and start sleeping at your side instead of on your belly.

Should I let my cat sleep with me?

Yes, if your cat wants to sleep with you and you don’t mind it, then you should allow this. The only exception might be if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, as this could lead to accidentally harming your cat or simply startling them and getting a surprising swipe of their claws!

If you tend to sleep soundly, however, then let your kitty join you. Winter is quite nice with a warm kitty close and sleeping this way is only going to strengthen your bond, so why not?

Where is the best place for a cat to sleep?

A cat sleeping on a bed.

A cat sleeping on a bed.

Usually, your bed is the best place for your kitty to sleep and that applies to both of you. You get to have your furry friend close and from your cat’s perspective, they get to hang out with you and also feel protected because you are there with them.

If you tend to move a lot in your sleep, however, then you could always just move the kitty’s bed close to your own or even stick the small, soft kitty bed on a corner of the mattress where they’ll be safer from any movement on your part.

Just keep in mind that cats often change where they sleep – it’s a predator instinct that keeps them safe – so they may not stay on the bed for as long as you like.

Why does my cat sit on my belly and massage it?

This behavior is called ‘kneading’ and it’s something that cats instinctively do from a very young age. Kneading their mother signals that the kitten is hungry and wants some milk and as they get older, cats keep this behavior, but they do it as a way to show that they are happy.

It can be a little painful sometimes but try to endure and just know that your cat means well. Love hurts sometimes, after all, so what can you do?

Why does my cat lay on my stomach when I am pregnant?

It’s a combination of things, which at its most basic boils down to the fact that you will be a little warmer during this time, and also you are going to smell very different to your kitty. Hormonal changes are at play, so your kitty is going to be a little fascinated with your new scent.

Don’t worry – it’s completely normal – your kitty just wants to be close, as usual, but they are also quite aware of the change in the way that you smell to them.

How can you tell if a cat has imprinted on you?

Cats will make it very clear that you are someone special to them. It could be something as obvious as following you around, or something more subtle like looking at you and blinking slowly – which is a definite sign of a happy cat.

When your cat rubs against you, this is another sign of affection, as they are marking you with scent glands on their face and all over their bodies! Even just sleeping nearby, with their back facing you, is a high mark of trust – no predator worth their salt would ever leave their back exposed.

Don’t worry, your cat will make it very clear how they feel. These regal creatures are quite forward when it comes to displaying their approval… or their displeasure!

Lindsey Browlingdon