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Why Does My Cat Come to Me After Pooping? (Is It Weird?)

If your cat is coming towards you after pooping each time you may be wondering why this happens and if this is even normal… 

Why Does My Cat Come to Me After Pooping? 

There are a few reasons why your cat may come sprinting toward you and running laps around the house after pooping. Such as “Poo-phoria”, declaration of independence, or in some cases a health issue.

So, now you know. But, what should you do after your cat poops? Do all cats act hyper after pooping? Why does my cat follow me to the toilet? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Top 3 reasons why cats come to you after pooping

A brown cat.

A brown cat.

Earlier I briefly mentioned some reasons why your cat may be coming to you after pooping. Therefore, in this section, I will explain each one in more detail.


Pooping can stimulate your cat’s vagus nerve and create a sense of “poo-phoria”. This stimulation gives them a sudden burst of energy and therefore requires them to run around so they can burn off their excess energy. Humans also have this nerve and can experience the same feeling of “post-poop elation” so, in a way, you may be able to relate to your feline’s excitement!

Declaration of Independence 

Kittens depend on their mothers in the first few years of their lives which is why a lot of cats will howl in celebration after using the restroom. So, when your independent kitty goes poop and starts running tracks around your living room that might be their way of celebrating their independence from their parents! Finally, they can poop and groom themselves! 

Health Issues

In some cases, might just be expressing that they are having painful bowel movements. If your cat is howling and screeching after pooping or while zooming, then this is a clear sign that they are in pain and should be taken to the vet! 

What Should You Do If Your Cat Comes to You After Pooping?

Your cat will be full of energy after they poop so it can be fun to get the laser pointer and encourage their playful behavior. This is fun and it will help them expel their energy quicker! 

Remember to clean your cat’s litter box in a timely manner, too so they have a clean and healthy place to go potty.

Why Do Cats Make You Watch Them Poop? 

As a natural predator at the top of their food chain, cats can be paranoid at times to maintain their top-cat status which is why they may maintain eye contact with you while they go to the bathroom. This is their way of asserting their alpha status and guaranteeing that they will not be attacked during their vulnerable state. 

What to do After Cat Poops? 

Cleaning up after your cat is important, especially if your cat did not potty in their litter box. Since cat feces might contain parasites, always pick up your cat’s poop using paper towels or another type of disposable cloth and throw it away in the same place you dispose of your litter. 

The diseases and viruses that accompany the parasites found in cat feces are extremely dangerous, especially to pregnant women, the elderly, and children.  

After you have disposed of the poop, clean the area with water and use an enzyme-based, pet stain and odor remover cleaner to finish the cleaning process. 

Why Do Cats Act Hyper After Pooping? 

Cats get the zoomies after they poop which is completely normal. Many cat-owners believe it comes from the relief cats feel after pooping and might be a celebratory behavior. 

Really, this behavior is said to come from the stimulated vagus nerve in their rectum which overloads them with energy. Think of this as an instant epinephrine injection and until they burn it off, they will be going 100 miles per hour! 

Do All Cats Go Crazy After Pooping? 

Kitten sitting on sofa.

Kitten sitting on sofa.

All cats have different attitudes after pooping which means not every cat is going to get the zoomies and go crazy after they poop. Zoomies or not, it is likely that your cat will develop their own post-potty time mannerisms!

Why Does My Cat Follow Me to the Toilet? 

There are a few reasons why your cat might follow you into the bathroom. Think about you and your cat’s behaviors to determine which one seems the most accurate for you! 


When you disappear behind closed doors, your cat can get paranoid. This is mainly because their predator instincts tell them to always keep an eye on animals that are bigger than them and that includes you! 


Cats are social, attention-seeking animals so they may just follow you into the bathroom because they love to spend time with you. 


Defecation is one of the most vulnerable times for cats. If your cat hangs around while you pass bowel movements, this might mean that they are standing by for your protection!

Why Does My Cat Poop and Wake Me Up Early in the Morning? 

It may come as a surprise that cats have an excellent internal clock and when they wake you up in the morning they are only adhering to their daily routine. There is nothing you can do to change your cat’s natural behavior and nor should you try!

If your cat is waking you up every morning with its exciting zoomies and daily poop announcements, then there is no reason to punish your cat or try altering its feeding schedule. This is your cat’s natural digestive system at work and you cannot change nature.

A cat instinctively knows what time it is and they make a great alarm clock for people, especially for those who forget to feed them.

Why is My Cat Affectionate When I Poop? 

There can be quite a few reasons why your cat gets affectionate when you poop.  

Selective Loving 

Cats sure do love attention, but only on their own terms which is why they will often show you affection when you are on the toilet. You are at your most vulnerable when you are going to the bathroom, and you better believe that your cat is going to take advantage of your downtime and get some affection! 

Routine Animals 

This daily poop routine will be specially praised if it happens in the morning before breakfast. Your cat will take part in this morning ritual in anticipation of feeding time and those loving rubs and pets may just be their way of saying ‘hurry up!.’  

Why Is My Cat Running and Pooping Everywhere? 

Cats are clean animals so when they poop outside the litter box, this is a clear sign of discomfort. Collect a fecal sample in a You should consult your veterinarian immediately before anything else and  

Health Problems 

Your cat might be pooping outside of their litter box because they are having health issues. The best way to determine whether your cat’s pooping problems are behavioral or health-related is by taking them to your veterinarian and getting some lab work done on them. That way, they can rule out any health conditions like intestinal blockage, constipation, or parasites. 

Visiting the vet can be scary but you do not have to feel helpless. Veterinarians are there to help diagnose and treat your cat! If you do not find an answer or things seem unclear, getting a second opinion from a different veterinarian is always recommended. 


If a cat has not been litter box trained yet, then they may poop outside of their litter box. To fix this problem, you need to litter box train your cat.

Your cat may also dislike where you are placing the litter box so consider placing it somewhere that there is no noise or activity and see if that helps. 

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