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Why Does My Cat Bite The Corner Of My Phone?

If your cat is biting the corner of your phone you may be getting sick and tired of it and wondering why it keeps happening, and a solution for this problem…

Why does my cat bite the corner of my phone?

The main reason why your cat bites on the corner of your phone is for attention. It’s small enough and, if it has a silicone cover, provides a good grip. Plus, many phones, especially smartphones, are thin enough to fit in their mouths.

So, now you know. But, do cats get jealous of our phones? Why are some cats so obsessed with them? How can I prevent my cat from biting my phone? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How can I prevent my cat from biting my phone?

Cat staring at smartphone screen.

Cat staring at smartphone screen.

Preventing your cat from biting your phone is fairly simple. Keep it out of the cat’s view and reach. Put it away in your purse, backpack or suitcase. You can also place it on top of an unlit fireplace, entertainment center, dresser or other area.

You could also try using a deterrent spray, like sour apple (Click here if your cat is scared of apples), to prevent your cat from biting on your phone. Don’t wrap it up in cloth, plastic or other material because, when hot, it can cause things to melt and start on fire.

Do cats get jealous of our phones?

Unfortunately, cats do get jealous of our phones. It seems silly, but it’s true. Your cat doesn’t conceptualize that phones are a communications device; they see it as an object that takes your affection away from them. This jealous aspect is an extension of their propensity toward territorialism.

It’s a similar concept to how some cats view and treat newborn babies. They see it as a threat to their relationship with you. They will act in undesirable ways because the jealousy can be overwhelming to their psyches.

It’s imperative that you spend at least five minutes of quality time per day with your cat. Don’t use/answer your phone or allow any other distractions except kitty toys; it should be just you and the little fluffy butt. Doing this should reduce their jealousy and prevent them from nibbling on your phone.

Cats are famous for their artistic distraction attempts because they want you to focus on them. Chances are, if your cat notices you’re on it often and bites the corner, your cat has decided you should pay more attention to it.

Could a cat damage a phone by chewing on it?

Yes, a cat can damage a phone by chewing on it. Of course, if it’s only a few nibbles here and there, it shouldn’t be too bad. However, if they go to town on it or after many instances of them chewing on it, the bite marks can expose the electrical, mechanical and computerized parts of the phone.

This will cause the phone to fail and not work altogether. But, this should be a rare occurrence.

Why does my cat bite my phone when I hold it?

If your cat bites your phone when you hold it, it could be that you began petting your cat when you first got the phone. In the event you initiated this behavior, the cat may perceive this as attention time. Therefore, it’s going to be a little more difficult to break the habit.

You will have some problems in preventing them from biting and nibbling on the phone.  First, avoid petting your cat when you use the phone. You will have to stand up, go into a room with a door or go outside.

Whatever you do, you have to avoid touching or acknowledging your cat. Also, you may want to think long and hard about how much you use your phone.    

Why is my cat obsessed with my phone?

There are a plethora of reasons why your cat exhibits obsessive behavior with your phone. It could be that your cat may perceive the phone as a threat. Any perception of division between you and them is an unwanted intrusion.

If you’re on your phone often, your cat will devise ways to destroy it to their best of their ability.


Now, it could also be that your cat smells something on your phone. For instance, if you just handled a can of tuna and didn’t wash your hands afterwards, the smell will attach to the phone. So, naturally, kitty is going to be all over it.

Also, in regards to smell, it could be that your scent is all over the phone, so kitty wants to be next to it. Likewise, if the phone emits heat, the cat could be near, on or over it because it keeps them warm.


What’s more, consider the fact that cats can see things we can’t. Our smartphones emanate electromagnetic frequencies. It’s entirely possible that your cat can see these frequencies when a call comes in, while you’re playing a video game or some other notification.

There’s really nothing you can do about this except keep the phone away from the cat as best as you can.

Why does my cat watch my phone?

Smartphones have flashing lights, make vibrations and produce strange sounds. These are not outside the purview of a cat’s predatory instincts. Therefore, your cat could view your phone as something like a rodent or pest that it has to monitor.

Plus, many smartphones emit a blue color from their screens. Cats can see blue colors very well. So when it appears mysteriously and unexpected, it will cause kitty to watch your phone.

What do cats think of our phones?

It’s difficult to say what cats think of our phones. Indeed, it’s difficult to understand what cats think about things in general. Seeing as how they have a different method of logic, no one can say for sure. But, how they interact with and behave around our phones can give us some indications.

For instance, if your cat is biting your phone in a vicious and predatory manner, chances are your cat finds your phone to be a threat. But, if your cat cuddles with or sits on top of it, your cat may think it’s a way to keep warm.

Why does my cat like to lick and bite my phone charger cable?

Smartphone with charger cable attached.

Smartphone with charger cable attached.

More than chewing on phones, cats LOVE to lick and bite on phone charger cables. It’s a string that moves in a fun and interesting way. So naturally, they’re going to want to engage with it. But, also, many phone chargers comprise rubbery silicone and it becomes an awesome chew toy for them.

What’s more, some charger cables contain animal byproducts (like fats) that the cats can smell. This is attractive to cats and they will want to chew on it. Plus, you could have had some food on your hands and this can transfer to the cable, thereby tempting your fur baby to nibble, lick, bite and chew on it.

Do cats bite other electronic items?

Yes, cats will bite other electronic items. Cables, cords, electrical plugs and the like are all items cats love to chew on. Therefore, it’s important to understand that anything made of a soft, squishy material will be an invitation for many cats to chew on it.

It’s not likely they’ll chew on things made of hard plastic, metal or other firm substance. But, if the electronic item is pliable plastic, soft silicone or malleable rubber, it will become an irresistible temptation for your cat to bite on it.

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