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Why Does a Cat Bite After it Wanted To Be Petted?

If your cat has bitten you after it seemed clear it wanted to be petted you may be confused, wondering why and looking for something to help to train her to stop it (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Why Does a Cat Bite After It Wanted to Be Petted?

There are 3 main reasons why your cat will bite you after it wanted to be petted: Love biting, petting aggression, or overstimulation. Each of these has slightly different symptoms or solutions to overcome.

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So, now you know why your cat has bitten you, from a high level. But, do cats like to be petted? Why do they have to bite? How can you manage their tendency to dish out love bites? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

The 3 Main Reasons Why Your cat has bitten you?

There are a few reasons why your cat will bite after signaling she wants to be petted, such as:

01. Love Biting

One reason your cat will bite you after they practically begged on their knees for you to pet them, as many pet owners call this common behavior, “love biting”. Cat experts have given this a different name, calling it petting-induced aggression.

This behavior that is widely known as love biting is actually not so loving at all. Yes, your cat came to you for attention, and yes they wanted you to pet them. Owners will say their cats go from extremely loving to extremely violent in seconds, almost like a light switch has been flipped.

They become agitated

When you pet your cat for longer than they wanted, even though they stayed and purred the entire time like they were happy as could be, they can become agitated. This can happen for different reasons like the cat wants to regain control of the situation, they have a negative association with being petted for too long, or the cat can remain composed in situations making the aggressive behavior seem like it occurs more suddenly.

What to do if this keeps happening

If this is something you experience regularly with your cat, you can talk with your vet and they can give you tips about how to notice the signs that your cat is getting upset with being petted. That way you can stop petting before they get too frustrated.

02. Petting Aggression

Another reason your cat might bite you after just a few pets is something called petting aggression, also called status-related aggression. Cats use what is called a quick bite to let you know they are finished being petted, they don’t want to be picked up, or they don’t want to be moved from their favorite spot.

Petting aggression is to be expected in kittens who were taken away from their mother at too young of an age and are often left by themselves for long periods of time. This kind of behavior can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have children who just want to show your pet some love.

There are ways to prevent your cat from being aggressive when being pet, we will talk about those a little bit later.

03. Overstimulation

When a cat goes from purring and happy being petted to swatting and biting, we call it “petting aggression” or “overstimulation”. If you feel like your cat is becoming overstimulated when being petted, this could be because they are under stimulated by their home environment.

Cats have tons of energy. If they don’t have the opportunity to burn off that energy by playing with toys, they will become bored. This can be a huge cause for overstimulation, as they are already irritable and a little angry.

Interactive play and mental games, such as a food puzzle (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), can help your cat feel relaxed and calm. Your cat will love the stimulation that playtime provides them, and they will get to burn off some extra energy so maybe they won’t run around at top speed at three in the morning.

Why is my Cat Love Biting?

Love biting, also known as “petting-induced aggression”, is not a form of aggression that is usually out of fear or defense. It is a gradual thing, they will start with a loving lick, then it escalates to placing her teeth on you.

Do Cats Like to be Petted?

Why does a cat bite after it wanted to be petted?

Why does a cat bite after it wanted to be petted?

If you approach and pet your cat properly, the answer is yes, they like it. But, tread carefully, because cats do not like owners that are heavy-handed, they have a low tolerance level. Many cats will enjoy being snuggled and petted, as it can help to grow and strengthen your relationship.

You need to be aware of your cat’s behavior and body language, most of the time they will tell you when they are finished being petted, in their own unique way.

Why Do Cats Have to Bite?

Cats have to bite because they don’t have many ways to communicate, so biting or swatting are their ways of simply communicating with you in the only way they have. Every living being has preferences, what they like, and what they don’t like.

As humans, we can communicate and tell each other what we feel. Cat’s aren’t able to do that, so they have to find other ways to tell you when they are displeased.

Do Cats Have Sensitive Spots They Would Rather You Not Touch?

Every cat is different, but if you are enjoying a petting session with your cat and you come across a spot where they immediately tense and try to attack, you may have stumbled upon a sensitive spot. If your cat is a rescue, this could be because they have had negative experiences in the past.

It is also possible that your cat could have scratched themselves and they are sore, or they may have an infection that you should have looked at.

Should You Shout at Your Cat After They Bite?

When your cat bites you (Click here to se if they understand its painful), it is extremely important to react calmly. You should never shout at your cat, spray them with water, scruff them, or frighten them in any way. If you react negatively and scare your cat, they will become aggressive in the situation.

Why Does Overstimulation Cause a Cat to Bite?

Cats have nerve endings all over their bodies. If you come across a spot on your cat that is extremely sensitive, such as the base of their tail, their brains will automatically be triggered with negative stimuli.

When this happens and the cat becomes overstimulated, they will quickly bite (Click here if it grabbed you too) to make it known that they’d like the behavior to stop.

How Can You Stop Your Cat Biting You When You Pet It?

There are a few ways that you can stop your cat from biting when you pet them, such as:

01. Interactive Toys

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One great method of getting your cat to remain calm and stop biting during a petting session is to offer your cat a range of interactive toys. They love toys that are safe for them to tackle!

02. Start Training Them Early

It is important to teach your kitten or young cat how to behave around humans. The biting habit usually begins in the kitten stage. Some vets will even offer a program called “kitten kindergarten” where you can take your cat to get acquainted with people and cats alike.

03. Reduce Your Petting Time

Keeping sessions of petting brief and pausing frequently to make sure your cat is okay with how much petting is going on and that they are still interested. You should try to get your cat to come to you for pets, don’t go to them, and disrupt their sleep or rest.

How Can You Manage Your Cat’s Love Biting?

This behavior can be managed by studying your cat’s body language. If you sense your cat is getting agitated, redirect their attention to a toy (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). It is also important to make sure that you are paying attention to your cat’s cues so you can stop the interaction before your cat gets too frustrated.

What Medical Issues Can Cause Your Cat to be Aggressive?

Some medical conditions may cause a cat to become aggressive. You should have your vet check for arthritis, an injury, or dental problems to rule out the medical possibilities.

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