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When Will My Maine Coon Get Fluffy? (When & Why…)

If you have a Maine Coon and are eagerly waiting for its fluffy fur to develop you may be wondering how long it will take…

When will my Maine Coon get fluffy?

A Maine Coon will start to show signs of a fluffy coat at approx 8 weeks old. However, it will take a lot longer to fully form, up to 4 years old on average. Regarding the fluffy looking mane, that will show up around 9 months old.

So, now you know how long you need to wait. But, are all Maine Coon cats fluffy? Why are they fluffy like this? Are they difficult to groom? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Are all Maine Coons Fluffy?

When will my Maine Coon get fluffy?

A fluffy-looking Maine Coon.

All purebred Maine Coons are fluffy. If you see one that isn’t, it is not likely to be a true purebred. This is one of their most noticeable traits that makes them stand out amongst other cats, as well as their size of course.

There are various Maine Coons that have been mixed with other breeds. Some of them are obvious, whereas others are not so easy to see.

Why are Maine Coons so fluffy?

Maine Coon’s are so fluffy to protect them from the cold weather, such as snow. In fact, as they get older they develop an extra layer of fur that helps them to stay water-resistant in the snow.

I remember watching a documentary about Eskimos. I was surprised how they managed to survive in the cold and windy conditions. What I noticed is their use of fur to keep themselves warm.

I say this because this s is the same tactic that nature has used to keep these cats warm and prepared for cold weather.

Why doesn’t my Maine Coon have a fluffy tail?

Some Maine Coon cats have fluffier tails than others. This is just the way it is. In some cases, a cat owner may feel that their cat does not have a fluffy tail at all. But, the reality is, it may not have reached full maturity.

As discussed earlier, you may need to wait until the cat is at least 4 years old to know the full extent of their fur. So, you may need to keep patient and see what happens.

A family friend of mine had 2 older siblings, he was always regarded as the “little one”. Not just because of his age, but by his height. After finishing university and meeting him again after nearly a decade I was surprised!

He had grown to over six feet tall and was the tallest sibling in his family. It just goes to show, sometimes you need to be patient until you judge. The same goes for a Maine Coon’s fur growth.

Do only purebred Maine Coons get fluffy?

Not only purebred Maine Coons have fluffy tails. But, it depends on the mix if they will or not. Basically, you should expect all purebred Maine Coons to be fluffy, but mixed cats can also have these same fluffy fur genes.

If you are keen on this type of fur it is better to seek out a purebred one to save yourself some disappointment. Remember, you may only find out that it hasn’t got the fluffy fur you desire 4 years down the line.

Can your Maine Coon lose its fluffy look?

A cat can lose its fluffy look. This can happen through over-grooming which may be caused by stress or anxiety. Some cats, who get like this, tend to groom their fur excessively.

This behavior is not limited to Maine Coon’s though, it can happen to any breed of cat. The problem is it is more noticeable with this breed because their fur is naturally big and fluffy.

Does a Maine Coons Fluffy fur protect it from the cold?

A Maine Coon’s fur does help to protect them from the cold. They have extra fur on their stomach to protect them when they come in contact with the snow. Also, this layer of fur is designed to repel the moisture the snow causes.

Another interesting fact about this cat’s fur is the fur on its shoulders. This fur is shorter and believed to help them avoid getting snagged by trees or plants in the forests.

Advantages of a Maine Coon’s fluffy fur?

If you have wondered what the benefits of a Maine Coon’s cat fur is here are some of them for you:

01. Keeps them warm

The most obvious advantage of their fur is the fact that it keeps them warm. They are known to live in very cold climates, so this fur is mandatory.

02. Keeps them dry in winter snow

As well as keeping them warm, as discussed earlier, it is well designed to be water-resistant. Looking at it is quite deceiving because one would assume the opposite, but it is great for this.

03. Looks aesthetically pleasing

In my opinion, their fluffy fur looks very aesthetically pleasing. It is one of the reasons they are so popular and sought after. Also, why they are quite costly when purchased as purebreds.

Disadvantages of a Maine Coon’s fluffy fur?

Like anything, when there are advantages there are always disadvantages. So, here is a few for you to consider:

01. Hard to maintain

As adorable their fur is it can be a challenge to maintain. Meaning the products and accessories you need to keep it well kept. You can avoid these but then you run into the chance of it getting matted (Click here to see what to do if this happens).

02. Difficult to stay cool in warmer climates

I have spoken about Maine Coon’s in the cold and snow a lot so far. But, this does not mean they cannot live in other climates. And, this can be a challenge for long-haired cats.

Is a Maine Coon’s fur hard to groom?

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A Maine Coon’s fur is hard to groom but is important if you want to avoid getting it into a matted mess. To maintain it you need to do it daily, the worse case once a week.

I assume that most cat owners who take on a cat-like with long fluffy fur should understand this. But, you may be surprised.

Does a Maine Coon’s fluffy fur Shed?

A Maine Coon will shed its fluffy fur. And, because they have quite a lot of fur it may be more noticeable. But, in reality, they do not shed more than other cat breeds.

Also, they are known to shed off their winter coat when spring is on the arrival. This is to allow them to be cooler during these warmer months.

As you can imagine, with this level of fur there will be times when it gets really dirty, especially if it goes outside. And, yes you can bathe and groom it, but just be prepared for some work regularly.

Do Maine Coon’s like water because of its Fluffy Fur?

A Maine Coon’s fur repels the water well. And, it is believed that this is one of the reasons why they are known to like water. It has been reported that some of these cats will happily jump into a full bath of water.

Most other cats hate water and avoid being bathed as much as possible. Obviously, this may vary from cat to cat. But, generally speaking, they seem to love it.

Lindsey Browlingdon