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When Will My Maine Coon Calm Down? (+ 3 Calming Tips)

If you have a young Maine Coon and it si active aggressive or hyperactive you may be wondering when this phase will end, if at all.

When will my Maine Coon calm down?

A Maine Coon is likely to calm down from approximately 6 months. However, it is common to see them still quite active beyond this. There are several things you can do to try and calm them. Such as neutering, spaying, pheromones, etc.

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So, now you have a rough idea of when this phase may pass. But, why do they act this way? Are Maine Coon’s just aggressive by nature? What can you do to calm it down proactively? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Why do some Maine Coon’s act aggressively?

There are several reasons why your Maine Coon could be acting aggressively, here are some suggestions:

01. Because they are they Maine Coons

There are some Maine Coons that have no real issue and they are just naturally hyperactive. As discussed earlier it could calm down by the 6 months mark, or it could be ongoing.

02. Personality

Some cats, regardless if they are Maine Coon’s or not, are just playful, hyper, and aggressive. This is just the way they are. It’s no different from us humans.

Some of us are relaxed and introverted, like me. While others are more aggressive and extroverted, are you with me?

03. Stress or Anxiety

Sometimes there is a real issue that could make your cat act in this way. Meaning that it is stressed out or anxious. This could be for so many reasons such as feeling pushed out by a new pet in the household, etc.

04. Health Issues

Other real issues could be health issues such as dental problems. If your cat is feeling this way it may not always be obvious. But, it can really affect their behavior.

05. Change in Environment

If you have moved to a new home you may notice some weird behavior from your Maine Coon.

Following from earlier, regarding anxiety, it may feel this way because of the change of environment which could lead to it acting aggressive and needing a method to calm it down.

Does neutering a Maine Coon calm it down?

A neutered male Maine Coon is known to be calmer. This is one of the reasons some cat owners choose this method for their cats. It is believed to remove the urge for finding a female and a calmer behavior in general.

However, if you wish to breed Maine Coons then this is not a viable option. And, for that reason, you will need to think of another option.

3 Calming Tips for Maine Coons:

If you are sick of waiting for your cat to calm down naturally and interested in looking for another, more proactive method, then keep reading this section:

01. Pheromone Filter

A pheromone filter (Click here to see my best one) is a method used by some cat owners to calm down an aggressive cat. These pheromones will calm down some cats with little effort. They can be found in a diffuser, or even as a spray.

02. Spaying or Neutering?

As mentioned earlier, some cat owners choose to neuter their cats. And for female cats, spaying. This can help to calm them down as well. But, not an option if you wish to have some kittens one day.

03. Schedule playtime

One other tactic that is often neglected is just playing with your cat. And, I am not just talking about now and then, when you can be bothered, no.

I mean actually scheduling in daily playtime with your Maine Coon to curb its aggressive behavior and calm it down. This may seem basic but it helps it to release some excess energy each day.

Are Maine Coon’s Aggressive in general?

In general Maine Coon cats are not aggressive. Like any other cat, they can become aggressive. And, some may just have that natural personally. But, as for the overall breed, they are a popular family pet.

As discussed earlier, there can be many things that can trigger this bad behavior. So, just waiting until 6 months hoping it will change may not cut it, are you with me?

What you should avoid doing if your Maine Coon is NOT calm:

When will my Maine Coon calm down?

When will my Maine Coon calm down?

If your Maine Coon cat is NOT calm and you are still working out how to calm it down, regardless if you are waiting for changes or proactively working on it, these are things NOT to do in reaction to its behavior:

01. Shouting

Avoid shouting at your cat as a form of punishment. It may seem obvious to do this or even may come out instinctively but it won’t help. In more cases, it will cause resentment and confusion.

02. Lashing Out

Even worse is lashing out. You may feel that a quick smack will pull your cat inline. But, it rarely does. In fact, it is more likely to strike back defensively. And, due to a Maine Coon’s size, their retaliation could be quite significant.

03. Shutting it away

Another bad idea is trying to shut away your cat for bad behavior. This will just make the situation even worse in the long run. And, your cat will not understand the reason for this.

Could boredom prevent your Maine Coon from calming down?

Boredom could be another reason why your Maine Coon is not calm. Especially if you have an indoor cat. The best way to avoid this is to offer your cat some toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), a cat tree (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad), or other activities.

If you use an activity like a cat tree, for example, it will free up some of your time. Why? Because you won’t need to be involved in that activity and it will keep your cat happy.

How to calm down a Maine Coon in heat

The best way to calm your cat down while it is in its heat cycle is to pay it more attention and show it some love.

If your Maine Coon is in a heat cycle it could be acting differently and you may be thinking of ways to calm it down. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what you need to do.

Does catnip calm Maine Coon’s down?

Initially, catnip will make a Maine Coon more playful and hyper (Do they jump around in your kitchen? Click here). But, after this initial boost of energy, they tend to become relaxed, sleepy, and calm.

This is why some cat owners love using catnip due to its weird effect on cats. It is worth mentioning that not all cats act the same so it may be a case of seeing what happens.

What is a natural sedative for Maine Coon’s?

There are several natural sedatives for Maine Coon’s, and cats in general. The obvious one is catnip, but here are some others:

  • Chamomile
  • Hops
  • Valerian

The best thing to do is to check with your vet before using these herbs for further clarification.

Lindsey Browlingdon