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Cat Drank Protein Shake (Now What? + Prevention)

If your cat has just drunk your protein shake you may be worried and wondering what to do now, and more importantly, how can you prevent this happening again (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad)

What can you do if your cat drank protein shake powder?

First things first, remove the protein shake away from your cat. Look at the ingredients of the protein and not it down. Then contact your vet and relay the ingredients to them, so they can assess the situation. follow their advice, and as an extra measure, contact the animal poison control center for further advice.

What you will need to secure your Protein Shakes

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So, now you know what to do once you find your cat with the shake. But, how can you prevent this happen again? Should cats ever be drinking this stuff? Keep reading to get these answers, and much more.

How can you prevent your cat drinking protein shake?

To prevent your cat from getting at your protein shake you need to securely store it. This can be done easily by storing it in a cabinet and locking it (Click here to see why I like this simple solution, on Amazon #Ad). The beauty is, no tools are required and it is quite fast o implement.

Another option is putting it in a completely different room from your cat, and attempt to make this room off-limits. But, good luck with getting your cat to conform to this! Hence the reason why I like the simple option.

What is in a protein shake?

A protein shaker bottle.

A protein shaker bottle.

In this section, I will give you an example of the nutritional content of protein powder. However, there are so many different types its unlikely to match yours, so, take this as a general guide.

Source: purefoodcompany– Based on a 42g serving

Name Amount Unit
Calories 10 Kcal
Protein 15 g
Carbs 20 g
Fat 1 g
Sodium 70 mg

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Should Cats drink a protein shake?

Cats should not drink protein shake. This is because it is designed or humans. And, it often contains added sugar, flavoring, and sweeteners. Also, depending on the brand you are using, there is a chance it could contain an ingredient that is toxic for your cat.

As a cat owner, if you are concerned about your cat’s protein intake, and keen to increase it, you may consider protein supplements. But, this should not be considered without speaking to your vet first. Obviously, the chances are, you are reading this due to an accident, and hopefully, you understand how to proceed if this is the case.

What can happen if your cat does not get the right nutrition?

Ever wondered why your cat is getting more sluggish or sleepy? Many cat owners get really worried about their cats not being very active and playful as they used to be. Although there may be a lot of reasons for this, one of the main reasons can be related to the diet of your cat. To keep your kitty healthy, you really need to focus on what you have fed your cat.

Why is protein important?

Before going any further, first, I would like to explain about protein a bit. Protein is very crucial for the growth and development of your cat’s body. It is an integral part of every cell in our body. Proteins act as building blocks for our nutrition and add to our wellbeing by building and repairing our tissues.

Proteins is made of amino acids that are joined together in chains. Due to this protein is considered a “macronutrient” because humans and animals need it in large amounts, unlike vitamins and minerals. Our nails and hair are mostly made up of proteins and protein is essential for our muscles and bodily functions.

So what happens if your cat does not get sufficient protein?

If your cat is not able to get enough protein then it can negatively affect your cat’s health. This can lead to a break down in your cat’s muscles, leading to them getting weak.

Apart from this, your cat may become lethargic and very inactive. In many cases, if your cat is not getting the required amount of protein, it can result in loss of appetite or kidney infection, and other serious diseases. Often cat food, which is available in the stores, does not provide a sufficient quantity of protein which is needed by your cat.

So, it is very important for you to know what food is best for your cat. According to “The Nest“, cats are “obligate carnivores”, so the food that you give your cat really needs to be nutritious and high in protein which is only possible if you give it the right kind of food.

What is the best source of protein for my cat?

The best and high-quality protein sources for your cat comes from animal foods like chicken, lamb, or fish. As we mentioned earlier in the article that cats are “obligate carnivores” (Click here to see how or if you should switch your cat to a vegan diet) so we have to make sure that we give them what is best for them naturally.

For thousands of years, cats have lived on Earth and have survived on raw meat unlike the commercial cat food now which is available in stores. Although there are many brands of commercial cat foods that are made of animals such as chicken, lamb, or fish.

Why is animal protein best for your cat?

Animal protein is best suited for your cat because it is easiest to digest for your cats and contains the essential amino acids which are required for your cat to stay healthy. Essential amino acids are those type of amino acids which are not produced by the cat’s own body but are produced with the protein diet.

So, it is very vital that you read and understand the label of ingredients of your cat’s food. You must be concerned about the protein first because it matters the most for the well-being of your cat. The most suitable cat commercial cat food for your cat would which is made of chicken or fish.

Animal proteins can help your cat to build muscles and have a healthy weight. This would also keep the immune system of your cat strong and sound so that your cat does not get subjected to any serious disease.

Fish, such as tuna or salmon (Click here to see if your cat should be eating pink salmon), provides your cat the essential Omega 3 fatty acids which keep the skin of your cat healthy and keeps it from getting dry. The proteins in the fish help the cats in fighting diseases that cause inflammation.

Another great benefit of providing an animal-related diet is that if your cat has developed food allergies which are mostly caused by processed food then lamb can be a very effective diet. Cats that have food allergies can be given lamb because cats find lambs to be great protein alternate, so in this way, protein levels are also kept in check for your cat.

If your cat is getting sufficient proteins by consuming a healthy amount of cat food that contains good quality chicken, fish or lamb then this will increase the chances of your cat having proper muscle mass and a great physique. In addition to that, your cat would also have bright eyes, healthy teeth and gums, and a beautiful coat.

Should you give raw, home-cooked, or commercial food to your cat?

According to thenest, unlike the pet cats, stray or wild cats get their protein from by eating the raw meat of animals. There is a debate, whether raw meat is good for your cat or not. If we consider it, then unprocessed food is closest to the natural diet of the cat and before all the commercial cat food or processed food, people used to give raw meat to their cats.

But experts have also discouraged cat owners using unprocessed food because it can have a certain type of bacteria that can sicken your cat.

There are also a lot of people who prefer a home-cooked diet for their cats. They do this by preparing food for their cats by cooking or boiling the meat. But it is difficult because it requires the owners to prepare the food for themselves and is also difficult to know the exact balance of nutrients that are essential for your cat.

In the end, the commercially available cat foods commonly used by the masses also have a significant amount of proteins in them. Those cat foods which have the main ingredients like chicken, lamb, or fish should be the first choice of cat owners, to make sure that their cats get sufficient amounts of protein in their diet.

Concluding remarks

In the end, we would like to state that it is always better to maintain a balanced diet because feeding too much protein-rich food to your cat can also have detrimental effects on their health. So animal experts always suggest that owners should provide a balanced diet that is rich in proteins but not too much to avoid any potential allergies or sickness (click here to see what to do after your cat throws up) to their pets.

Can cats drink Ensure?

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No. Cats should not drink Ensure. This is because it is not formulated for them, it’s for humans. The high calories, milk and sugar is not ideal for their diet.

Based on this you may be surprised to see a cat lapping it up given half a chance. But, regardless if they like the taste they should not be drinking it.

Think of it like this, do you like the taste of burger and fries from your nearest fast food takeaway? Let’s be honest, most of us do. But, that does not mean it is good for us or nutritionally beneficial. Same concept for cats.

Can cats Drink muscle milk?

No. Cats should not be drinking muscle milk. This is because it’s not designed for them and it has no nutritional benefits for them. In fact, most cats are lactose intolerant and may have diarrhoea after drinking it.

Once a kitten has been weaned it naturally loses its ability to digest milk. This is why they tend to be lactose intolerant and struggle to digest it.

The confusing thing is if a cat is given this milk, the chances are they will enjoy it. But, nevertheless, as a responsible cat owner, you should not be offering it to them.

Why do some cats eat high protein paste?

Some vets may prescribe a high protein paste to cats that are underweight and need to gain weight. Many cat owners focus on cats that are overweight and look for ways to reduce their weight, but the opposite, an underweight cat, is just as much of a concern.

Hopefully, once a cat regains its weight it will, in time, start to eat and maintain its weight naturally.

What can I give my cat for extra protein?

Cats are often happy with meat such as duck, chicken or even turkey. This is because cats in the wild, such as feral cats, are naturally drawn to bird meat.

You may have heard that some cats have been known to drastically reduce certain bird species, and some say even pushing some to extinction. This is because cats love their meat a lot.

How do I give my cat protein?

Cats can be offered cooked meat, such as chicken or fish. It’s better to offer quality meat that you would eat rather than low quality pet meat.

These pet meats are often low quality cuts that they can’t sell to humans. But, if you want the best for your cat, give them quality.

Lindsey Browlingdon