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What Does It Mean When a Cat Touches His Nose To Yours?

If your cat has touched his nose with yours you may be left confused and wondering if this is a good or bad thing.

What Does it Mean When a Cat Touches His Nose to Yours?

Feline species often rub their faces together or touch noses if they want to greet each other. So, your cat is basically wanting to greet you when they touch their noses to yours. The nose is your cat’s conduit of affection. They are showing love and affection to you when they come closer to you with their nose.

So, now you know why your cat does this. Keep reading to learn what cats see us as, if they liked to be talked to, if they use their nose to kiss, and so much more…


Why Do Cats Touch Noses?

What does it mean when a cat touches his nose to yours?

What does it mean when a cat touches his nose to yours?

All creatures have their own ways to greet each other, for example, humans shake hands, hug, nod at each other, etc. For cats, they come close and touch their noses to greet each other.

When cats touch (click here if it’s doing this while you sleep) noses, they give a quick sniff test to know if the other cat is from the same tribe or not. This gesture is totally friendly and not threatening at all. Think of it as if your cat is saying “Hey, how are you doing buddy?”.

So, do not feel threatened or move away from your cat if they do that to you. Instead, show them a big smile and accept the honor.

What Do Cats See Us As?

According to cat experts, cats see us as nothing more than fellow cats. The cat’s brain visualizes you in cat-sized proportions. That way they can perceive you as a fellow cat and react to you that way.

How Do I Tell My Cat I Love Him?

Here are a few ways to show your cat how much you love them:

1. Mimic Their Meows

One easy way to show a cat your love is by mimicking their voice. If you have your cat for a long time, you will notice that they have special meows reserved for you and the people they are close to.

Mimicking those sounds will show your cat that you are being affectionate and loving towards them. They will feel safe and secure when they are next to you.

2. Groom Them

You can show your love to your cat by grooming them. You can use a de-shedding tool and start grooming them slowly and gently. You can also use grooming gloves and see which one your cat prefers and enjoys more.

Grooming is a way for cats to spread their odor around and create and a sense of belonging.

3. Let Them Rub on You

When your cat rubs its body against yours, they are basically spreading their smell on your body to claim you as a part of their family. They have scent glands in their heads and cheeks that they use to spread their smell.

Your cat is claiming you as their property. So, if another cat comes around, they will smell your cat’s odor and stay away from you.

Do not move away and let your cat claim you as theirs. That way you can show them that you are loving and accepting them back.

Do Cats Like Being Talked To?

Every cat lover likes to speak to their cat and address them as if they are a small baby. Now, do cats like it when we speak that way? Do they understand what we are trying to show them?

Well, a study has shown that cats do pay attention to everything you say to them and they do understand your voices.

The tone of your voice is the most important factor determining if your cat likes what you say or not.

Makes them feel safe

If you are talking to your cat in a soft and calm voice, they will feel safe and secure and show you love and affection in return.

On the contrary, if you speak in a loud and harsh voice, they will feel threatened and scared.

So, it is you who determines if your cat likes being talked to or not. Also, remember that cats observe your actions along with your words to try to interpret what you are trying to say.

Is Cats Touching Noses a Good Sign?

Cats show different types of gestures and actions to portray their emotions. Sometimes, they may bump their head with that of yours to ask for your attention. On the other hand, they may rub their cheeks to show their dominance over the others.

Similarly, if your cat is touching your nose, it is a good sign. The reason is that your cat is greeting you in a friendly way and is happy to be around you.

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Loves You?

Cats are not always as expressive as dogs are. So, you may think they don’t love you sometimes. However, that is not the case.

Cats have a different way of showing their love and affection. There are plenty of signs that show their affection such as:

1. Headbutting

When your cat headbutts you, it is definitely a sign of love. Plenty of researchers believe that when a cat rubs one part of theirs to yours, they are considering you as their pal!

They may also do this to mark you as theirs and show their love by marking you as their territory.

2. Curled Up Tail

If your cat curls its tail around your leg, then it shows that your cat is feeling quite happy and confident in your presence.

3. Tummy Showing

You may think of a cat showing their tummy as a part of playing. Yet, when they do there’s a hidden meaning here too.

When your cat shows you its tummy often, they are trying to say that they trust you and love you.

4. Continuous Purring

If your cat has a habit of purring continuously in your presence then they definitely love you!

Cats reserve their purring only for those who they adore and love.

5. Licking

Just like dogs, cats also love licking those who they love deeply. When a cat cares for you, they lick you as a part of grooming.

Hence, licking shows that cats consider you as their close companion along with being a friend.

6. Bringing Gifts

If your cat tends to bring you dead animals such as rodents or bugs, then it is also a sign of affection!

There are plenty of other signs present too such as a cat nibbling and biting you, following you around,  kneading you with their paws, and slowly blinking at you.

So, if you notice any or most of these signs, then your cat loves you and trusts you.

Do Cats Kiss With Their Nose?

If your cat keeps touching you with its wet nose, well, the answer is going to make you happy!

Cats tend to do this with only those people they love deeply and trust a lot. Initially, they may sniff you just for identification. Once they are sure, they will kiss you (Click here to see if they get it though) with their nose!

Now, if they love you even more deeply, they will also nip you gently out of love and affection.

Do Cats Appreciate an Open Hand as a Greeting?

The simple answer is no. Cats do not appreciate an open hand as a greeting. Now, this may come as a surprise, as humans, including little kids and babies, consider an outstretched hand, a sign of peace and affection.

However, the same doesn’t stand true for cats. The reason is that cats consider an open hand as a sign of aggression rather than friendship. They’d think that you’re going to attack them if you greet them with an open hand.

Moreover, a closed fist may be a sign of aggression for humans. Yet, for cats, a closed fist along with an extended forefinger is a sign of friendship and greeting.

Is It a Good Idea to Mimic Your Cat’s Voice?

Yes, if your cat is in a good and affectionate mood, you can try to observe their sounds and their tone.

Once you do, try mimicking it softly and they’ll take it as a sign of affection, trust, and safety. 

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