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what can cats eat? 20 Human Foods They Can Eat

Cats are naturally friendly by nature, playful that crave for love and attention. They are very timid, lazy but independent. They love to be cuddled, to be rubbed under their chin and like to sit on your lap.

It is these traits that have made us fall in love with them so if you own one, then feeding it is something you will want to give so much attention.

We have prepared some of the most nutritious and delicious human foods for cats so you and your cat can enjoy your meal together [not literally though].

Here are the 20 Human foods that cats can eat

1. Skinless chicken

It is less in calories, so it’s safe for cats that seem threatened with getting overweight. The breast part has the highest source of protein. Cooking instruction: does not need to be cooked in oil or fried; but just broiled or steam the chicken. An easy preparation that absolutely your cat would love to eat.


2. Lean beef

According to livestrong, This red meat has vitamins and minerals with special fats that include anti-carcinogenic qualities. According to Clay Mcnight, lean beef has with a high concentration of protein, iron, phosphorous, b complex, zinc, B-complex vitamins. This is perfect for cats as it helps build their muscles and ensure strong bones and teeth. Is it a good idea for your cat? TheNest say, "If done correctly and in small doses, the answer is yes."  

3. Liver

Cooked liver is common in our modern-day diets. It comprises high-quality protein vitamin A, D, E, and K selenium, chromium, phosphorous, zinc, with essential fatty acids, iron vitamin B, B12, EPA, DHA and AA. It is great for your cats as it contains a good source of purines which is important for cardiovascular function. According to cancats, "In small doses, liver is good for cats".


4. Lamb

Lamb is the most tender meat and is tastier when all spices and herbs are combined in preparation. A very good source of iron that helps the nervous system function well and a health promoter with a high source of Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA. It will give your cat a beautiful coat.


5. Lean Deli Meats

Examples of lean deli meats are Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Chicken, Turkey, Roast beef. All these kinds of meat are commonly called cold cuts. They have a nutritional value that helps grow and repair tissues of muscles, helps build good skin and your cat will also love the taste of this meat.


6. Cooked Eggs

Another good source of protein yet not expensive which your cat would love to eat is a cooked egg. Also comprises of Vitamin B2, B6, and B12. Your cat will also benefit from other minerals such as zinc, copper, iron. The white part of the egg contains a high source of selenium compared to the yolk. According to Petcha, they are regarded as a cat superfood.

 7. Squash

Cats are particular to the smell. Fish is their favorite food of all time and since squash doesn't have that smell, I suggest to mix and mash it with a little fish broth. This way you are pretty sure that your cat will eat squash that contains copper, folate, pantothenic and potassium.

8. Peas 

Your cat also needs essential minerals such as manganese, vitamin K, niacin, magnesium, molybdenum, dietary fiber, vitamin B1, and choline which can be found in peas. Another great benefit of peas is that it is inexpensive and is always available on the market. Boil it until its tender and mash it, mix with little fish broth. Your cat will absolutely love will it!

9. Cucumber

To keep your cat hydrated, prepare a mashed cucumber with fish broth. You can get a good source of vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and silicon out of this in addition to the delicious taste. This will help your loving pet to flush toxins, fights heat inside and out of its body. It also helps your cat to maintain its weight.


10. Cooked Broccoli

According to Dairy Council of California, this yummy vegetable is rich in folate, potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and K, a fiber that prevents blood clotting, so your cat is assured of good blood circulation. Be creative how to prepare it so your cat will love the taste.

11. Spinach

Have you watched Popeye cartoon at some point? What have you noticed when Popeye is in trouble and olive is screaming and desperate for help? You are right, Popeye would eat tons of spinach and he would be extremely strong and ready to rescue Olive the love of his life from trouble.

12. Cooked Corn

Common facts about corn are that it has zeaxanthin, lutein, and is also an antioxidant which helps healthy eyesight and protects your cat from heart disease and cancer. It has a natural sweetness, with the same amount of calories that you can find in apple and lesser than the sugar of almost fourth parts. It is due to these great benefits that it has been deemed one of the best cat foods according to Matthew of EatingWell.

13. Oatmeal

If your cat is on a strict diet and you desperately want him to trim down faster, Oatmeal is the solution to this dilemma. It is rich in fibers, lowers the cholesterol level and also contains antioxidant properties. It is especially recommended because it also lowers the blood sugar. Add milk and your cat would love it.

14. Bread

According to Piolo from Healthy Eating, wheat has the highest form of fibers that reduces risk of heart disease, lowers risk of gaining weight and helps mental alertness. It is also excellent in bowel movement as it provides relief from irritable bowel syndrome. Cats love to eat bread without being mixed with other food. 

15. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Kat Long from Livestrong.com argue that the primary nutrients that one cup of mashed potatoes can give is vitamin A, C which is crucial for having a healthy muscle, calcium, beta-carotene, retinol; all of which are perfect for eyesight. Help your cat to have a keen eyesight for your and her own benefit by feeding her mashed sweet potatoes.

16. Bananas

A banana has the highest source of potassium, energy, vitamin B6, minerals, and vitamins. It helps your kidney function very well. Eating plenty of banana helps reduce the danger of developing osteoporosis. Cats love to play most of the time. Definitely, this fruit is perfect for their diet. 

17. Blueberries

Berries are good for the body. Take blueberries for instance - this bunch of tiny fruit is small but terrible that give resveratrol, Gallic acid, zeaxanthin. It combats aging and helps reverse the damage contributed by toxins and free radicals in the body. It also protects your cat’s brain from degeneration. Don't you want your cat to have a good memory? 

18. Watermelon

This is high in potassium, lycopene, amino acids, vitamin B6, it has vitamin A, has the highest form of minerals, that also keep your cat’s body hydrated. Consider it a good substitute for water. There is nothing that beats the quest to have a healthy cat, so provide them the best nourishment that they need. 

 19. Salmon

This is a kind of fish that has a lot of benefits and nutrients that can help your cat’s body function well. This is also Japan's favorite fish that is always available in their sushi restaurants. A little bit expensive among other fish but definitely you all have what you need in this fish. 

 20. Canned Fish

Once you open the can you will hear your cat’s favorite meow. The smell itself will tell your cat that a good meal is on the way. It won't stop until it has on its plate. Your cat will finish everything without leaving a trace and will love you as its master. 

Lindsey Browlingdon

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