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Is Clumping Litter Flushable? (or Painful Error?)

If you use clumping litter or researching the benefits of it, you may be wondering if it is flushable…

Is clumping litter flushable?

Some types of litter can be flushed, including clumping litter. The one exception is clumping clay litter. This specific type can cause some serious problems if it is flushed. Therefore, avoid flushing that at all costs. Also, although a litter may claim to be flushable, it doesn’t mean you should flush it.

Quick Clumping Litter Comparison (Tidy Cat vs Scoop Away)

Description Image My Rating
01. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter
(Best Option)

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02. Scoop Away Clumping Litter
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4 stars
03. Scoop Away Light Clumping Litter
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3.5 stars

So, now you know. But, how do you dispose of clumping litter? How often should you change it, and what is the best clumping litter, Tidy Cat, or Scoop Away? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

What is clumping litter?

Clumping litter is a clever designed Ritter that absorbed liquid and feces into a manageable clump. This is advantageous because it then be discarded without throwing away the entire contents of the litter tray.

This is beneficial because it can save the owner time and money by not having to refill the whole liter tray each time it needs to be cleaned. And, avoids having to fish out the mess from conventional litter trays.

How do you dispose of clumping cat litter?

The best way to dispose of clumping cat litter is to gather the clumps with a scooper. Then place them in a double-bagged carrier, or an alternative with thick material, to seal in the odor. Make sure that the bag is knotted to seal in the mess and odor.

Then place into a bin. ideally, the bin will be outside to avoid the odor seeping out into your home. This will allow you to continue using the remaining clumping litter in the tray, which is one of the benefits.

Eventually, you will need to replace the litter completely, but this is less frequent than conventional litter. And this can be disposed of in the same manner.

Why would you want non-clumping litter?

Some people prefer non-clumping litter if their cat responds better to the texture. Or, some believe it’s cheaper to get non-clumping litter. These are the main reasons. But, some people choose it out of habit, because they have always used it and see no reason to change.

There is obviously still a market for a non-clumping liter or it would not be available in most pet shops. But, it may be hard to understand, considering the benefits that clumping litter offers.

How often should you change clumping cat litter?

If clumping litter is maintained, meaning the clumps are removed once or twice a day, you may not need to replace it every 2-3 weeks. However, if it’s neglected, it will need to be replaced earlier.

Therefore, there is an incentive to keep it well maintained. Not only for the benefit of your cat but to keep your running costs down.

Clumping Litter: What you should look out for

Before you buy any of these clumping litters or any litter for that matter. There are key features that you should look out for. Such as…

  • Strong clumps.
  • Scented litter.
  • Absorbant.
  • Lock in bacteria.
  • Hold in Urine & Feces smells.

Strong clumps

As you probably know this litter is all about the clumps. But the strength of the clumps is important. Why? Because the stronger they are, the easier it is for us to clean it up, right? Therefore, look out for litter products that specifically state that they offer this.

Scented litter

Scented litter is great in my opinion. It helps to cover the lingering smell of the cat mess, that some unscented brands struggle with. However, I am aware that this feature is not to everyone’s liking.


Clumping litter needs to be absorbent. This follows on from my point earlier, about the strength. The more absorbent it is, the less moisture is left to run free in the tray and reduces the chances of unwanted mess.

Lock in bacteria, Urine & Feces

The good clumping litters will offer to prevent bacterial odor build-up. This is helpful to reduce those really strong smells that some of the cat litter make sometimes, are you with me? In addition to this, it should hold in the smell of urine and feces.

My Best Clumping Litter (Tidy Cat vs Scoop Away)

Which one is best Tidy Cat vs Scoop Away? In my opinion, this is the best clumping litter (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad). This is because it’s unscented, holds in the odor well, has great TidyLock technology, and accumulates nice tight clumps making it easy to scoop.

Now that you know which one is best then you should keep reading to see two other recommendations including the pros and cons of each. As well as some key features to look out for, from any clumping cat litter.

In this section, I am going to compare three cat litters (Tidy cat & Scoop Away), so that you can see which one is best for you. I will explain what I like and what I feel could be improved for each item.

01. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter (Best Option)


  • Unscented (For a natural smell).
  • It contains charcoal that absorbs odor.
  • TidyLock – used to hold in odors.
  • Simple scooping (Manageable clumps).


  • Heavy box (can be hard for smaller people to manage).

What I adore about this clumping litter

I like this litter because it is unscented and gives off a natural smell. The trade-off is, it won’t mask the smell as much, but it’s based on preference if a fragranced offering is better for you.

It also contains charcoal that helps to absorb the odor. So, rather than adding a fragrance it attempts to deal with the root cause of the foul odor, are you with me?

In addition to this is they have a TidyLock feature. This is their “technology” that is designed to help lock in the stinky odors that is expected from cat litter.

Finally, the clumps that are accumulated, which is the biggest feature that these litters offer, right? It is simple to scoop these clumps up based on how they roll up into manageable balls.

What I think can be improved with this litter

One criticism is the weight of the litter box. I know, it’s a weird comment to make when reviewing cat litter, but it’s a practical observation that could affect you. If you are a weakling, like me, then you may struggle to maneuver this box.

02. Scoop Away Clumping Litter


  • Firm, strong clumps.
  • It helps you to avoid bacterial odor.
  • Deals with odor from the feces.
  • Controls odor from urine.
  • Pleasant fragrance, activated by her paw action.


  • The texture of the clumps is gluey.
  • Not all cats will appreciate the fragrance.

What I appreciate about this Scoop Away clumping litter

This litter is good for quite a few reasons. Firstly is the clumps it creates. They are firm enough to scoop away. It is also designed to deal with the bacterial odor that typically collects with most cat litter offerings.

It also has a great way of locking in the odor from the feces and urine that is typically collected from the litter. This is helped with the pleasant fragrance that is used.

While we are on the topic of fragrance. It’s worth mentioning that this fragrance is triggered by the paw action of your kitty making it more efficient and less in your face, are you with me?

What I think can be improved with this clumping litter

When you offer a fragranced litter, while I think it’s great, it tends to be subjective. Meaning, not all cat owners, or cats for that matter, will appreciate the smell.

And finally is the clumps themselves, whilst it does the job, I personally feel they are a bit gluey. Not a deal-breaker really, but worth mentioning.

03. Scoop Away Light Clumping Litter


  • Lightweight.
  • Strong.
  • Controls odor.
  • Easy cleanup (Tight clumps).
  • Fragranced litter (to help with the smell).
  • It helps with bacteria and odors.


  • Not all cats will appreciate the smell.
  • It will require frequent clean-ups if you have dark floor surfaces.

What I adore about this clumping litter

This litter is lightweight, which I love, and is their main selling point if the truth be told. It creates strong clumps of litter, making it easier for you to clean up the mess.

It also has a nice, sweet fragrance. This helps you to deal with the smell of the litter while it is in your house and when cleaning it out. It also helps with the bacterial odors that typically build up with other litters.

What I think can be improved with this litter

If you have dark-colored floor space this may be a challenge, due to the regular sweeping that will be required. It probably will not be a big issue for most people, but worth mentioning.

Also, like before, the fragrance is wonderful from my perspective. But, some cat owners, or cats, may not love the smell.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cats and litter. If you have any other related questions that need answering feel free to drop me a comment below.

When should I switch to clumping litter?

You should wait at least 4 months to switch your cat to use clumping litter. This is to avoid her trying to eat the litter. At this age, they typically get the understanding and maturity to not eat the cat litter.

Obviously, this is a guide. Some cats may need more time to properly adjust.

Is scoopable litter the same as clumping?

Yes. Scoopable is the same as clumping litter. Clumping litter, or sometimes referred to as clumping clay litter, contains small particles that create these manageable clumps when the feces and urine is left by your cat.

The other type of litter has larger particles that are not as manageable and hence the reason a lot of cat owners prefer the former.

Can you mix clumping non-clumping litter?

Yes, you can mix clumping and non-clumping litter. But if you do not add enough clumping litter it will not work in the same way. Therefore you will need to treat it in the same way as conventional litter. So, it’s not advised unless you really need to.

Some cat owners use this tactic to help move a cat from one brand to another. Rather than an overnight change. This, on the other hand, can be a clever tactic.

What does non-clumping litter mean?

It means the conventional litter that will not form clumps even when it has urine or feces in it. This requires more maintenance and frequent changes than clumping litter. Also, it is harder to manage than clumping litter.

Do cats like scented litter?

Yes, some cats like scented litter. However, some do not. The reality is, without trying it you can’t say for sure. Also, it may not be the clumping litter that your cat does not like. It could be just that particular brand of litter. This is why you need to try and see.

Can you flush non-clumping cat litter?

No, you can not flush all non-clumping cat litter. Some of these cat litters will specifically say that you can flush them. If that’s the case, then yes, it’s fine. But, if it does not then it is not safe. If you attempt to flush the wrong type of litter it can block up your toilet.

When do cats poop?

Some cats wait till you get home to poop (Click here to see why). But, that is typically a different issue. However, in general, cats vary. Your cat may go at the same time, while others go at a different time.

In this way, they are quite similar to us humans. It depends on our mood. But, more importantly, what we have eaten, triggers the bow movement.