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Tidy Cat vs Arm & Hammer: Best Cat Clumping Litter?

What is the best clumping litter, Tidy Cats or Arm & Hammer? This is the best clumping litter (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon). Keep reading for more detail.

Quick comparison of the best clumping litter

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. Arm & Hammer Clump Litter (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Purina Tidy Cats Litter
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03. Purina Paper Litter (Alternative)
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4 stars

What you should know about clumping litter (Guide)

Before you make a decision on the best clumping litter for you, I will explain what features & benefits that you should be looking out for. This will help you to make a more informed decision on the one for you…

  • Clumps up fast & hard
  • Controls odor well
  • Absorbs urine as well as feces
  • Simple to clean up
  • Doesn’t stick to the litter tray

Clumps up fast & hard

Believe it or not, the speed and texture of the clumps are important. Why? Well, if the litter does not clump up fast it will mean you kitty has more time to jump back in, mess with it, then mess up your home, are you with me?

And regarding the texture, well this is important because if it’s not hard it will not clean up well. Meaning you may as well not have clumping litter, right?

Controls odor well

One of the benefits of these liters is their ability to cover up the smell. The good ones will make it hard to detect any cat odor at all. And, this is typically for several days as well. But, there is a fine line between covering the smell and having an overpowering smell that is also annoying (more on this later).

Absorbs urine as well as feces

Absorbing cat mess is one thing, but the urine (or spray) is just as important. The best cat litter offerings will handle the urine just as well and make it easy to dispose of.

Simple to clean up & not sticking

Once the litter has done its job, it should then be easy to clean it up. This is why its important to find one that is easy to clean up and will not stick to the tray.

My best 3 Clumping litter choices

In this section, I will compare three of my best clumping litters. For each one, I will disclose what I like and what I feel could be improved. This should help you to identify what works best for you and your kitty.

01. Arm & Hammer Clump Litter (Best Option)

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  • Great for clumping (tight clumps)
  • Reduces unwanted cat litter smell (estimated 7 days)
  • Absorbs urine well
  • Simple to scoop


  • The box is quite heavy
  • Has a strong smell (to prevent odor)

What I like about this clumping cat litter

If you are sick and tired of messy conventional cat litter, then this clumping litter may be what you have been looking for, why? Well, it creates the tightest clumps to make it simple to scoop up the mess.

Other conventional litters are messy and, let’s face it, an awful job, right? Well, the clumping will help to make this hassle-free. Also, another benefit is the scented litter (more on this later). It exterminates the usual bad odor that litter trays often give us.

As well as feces, it also absorbs cat urine really well. In fact, this should no longer be an issue for you at all, are you with me?

In summary, it is a well-designed cat litter that handles the mess with ease and also creates a guard against the odor that most litters struggle with.

What I do not like about this clumping cat litter

Earlier I commented on this litter for its ability to deal with the litter odor, right? Well, one downfall of this is the strong smell it has. Not the smell of feces, but strong scent smell, which is required to handle the odor.

Another issue, well, not a real big issue is the weight of the box. The reality is, the bigger size is more beneficial when you consider the value. But, from a practical point of view, it is quite large and hard to manage, but that might be just me

02. Purina Tidy Cats Litter

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  • Handles the odor well
  • Clumps up the mess (easy to handle)
  • Won’t stick to the side of the tray
  • Easy scooping
  • Natural clay
  • Simple to clean


  • The box is quite heavy
  • The litter tracks around the house
  • Sometime crumbles when scooping

What I love about this Purina cat litter

If you are looking for a solid clumping litter, then Purina does a great job. Why? Well, where do I start? Firstly, it handles the odor very well. Which, in my opinion, is key for such a stinky job as dealing with cat mess, right?

In fact, the manufacturer claims that it should lock in the odor for up to 7 days.

It uses natural clay, which is always well received by me. One of the qualities that appeal to me is the fact that it designed not to stick to the sides, are you with me?

As well as this, it is also quite easy to scoop up the mess, after the clumping process has done its job. Making it simple to clean up.

As well as dealing with feces it can also handle urine very well. Meaning, it is absorbent.

In summary, it is an a great litter for clumping up unwanted cat mess, including urine and locking in the odor to prevent your nose from getting hit with foul smells.

What I do not love about this Purina cat litter

Yes, this litter is good, and it ticks the boxes. But, one thing that does annoy me is the weight of the box. It’s a minor issue, to be honest, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

As well as this, it has a habit of tracking. Meaning, you may find traces of the litter scattered around your home. This is where your kitty has stepped in the litter, it sticks to her, then she goes about her business, trailing the litter around your home.

03. Purina Paper Litter (Alternative)

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  • Organic, eco-friendly product
  • Reduced tracking (stopping it sticking to your cat)
  • Quickly dries
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Lightweight
  • Gentle on your cat’s paws


  • Not easy to scoop
  • The odor is quite foul
  • Quite messy to clean up

What I appreciate about this cat litter

One of the things that I like about this clumping cat litter is the fact that it is eco-friendly, but what I do mean by that? Well, it uses organic paper material for litter. As well as having recyclable packaging, this is a good eco-friendly effort.

The good thing about this litter is, it dries quite quickly and it is super gentle on your kitties paws. So, if your cat has sensitive paws, this is ideal.

This package is quite lightweight as well. As you may have seen from previous reviews (see above), I found some of them quite heavy. Well, this is not one of them. It is a refreshing change actually.

In summary, this is a lightweight, eco-friendly cat litter for those cat owners that like to be kind to our planet, but also having the benefits of a good product.

What I do not like about this cat litter

With the benefits of paper, also comes with some negatives. Firstly, scooping this up is quite a chore, in my opinion. In fact, in some cases, you may just need to replace the litter. Which isn’t ideal.

Also, regarding the odor, it does smell quite a bit. Especially when it is wet. In some cases, it seems worse than the urine itself.

Lastly, you may find that your kitty tracks this litter around your home too.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cats, litter, and behavior. If you have any further questions contact me.

Will clumping litter stop unwanted mess around your home?

Yes, clumping litter will help. But, if your kitty has behavioral issues such as peeing in the sink, then you need to look into other methods and reasons why this is happing. It is not a magic formula for any cat-related issue in your home, are you with me?

Is there a preferred time for cats to use a litter tray?

No, there is no preferred time for a cat to use a litter tray, they can use it at any time of day even at night time (Click here to see if cats need night lights). You may even notice that some cats have weird behavioral activities like waiting for you to get home to poop.

How can you stop your cat peeing outside the litter tray?

If your cat pees on you, or outside of the tray, it could be down to the design of the litter tray you are using. This is the reason why some people used hooded cat litter boxes to get around this (Click here to see why I like this one).