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Seresto Cat Collar vs Frontline: Best Flea/Tick Treatment?

Which cat flea/tick treatment is best, the Seresto Cat Collar or Frontline? This is the best flea treatment (Click here for the availability on Amazon). Read on for more info.

Comparison of Seresto Cat Collar, Frontline & Alternatives

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. Seresto Cat Collar (Best Option)
Click here for the price on Amazon
5 stars
02. Frontline cat flea & tick treatment
Click here for the price on Amazon
03. Pupmate cat flea collar
Click here for the price on Amazon
4 stars

Cat Flea/Tick Treatment (Guide)

When it comes to treatment solutions for fleas/ticks there are a good few choices. In this article, I am focusing on cat collars and liquid-based treatment that needs to be applied and re-applied.

Regardless of your choice, I want to share some of the features/benefits to look out for…

  • Waterproof
  • Odorless
  • Not greasy
  • Simple to use
  • Gets rid of the adults, eggs, and flea larvae


The reality is, whether you have a cat collar or another flea treatment, your cat will be affected by bad weather. So, you need to have a waterproof solution so you are not effectively flushing good money down the drain, are you with me?


If you are like me, bad odors will really turn your stomach. So, for me, it is mandatory to have an odor-free solution. This means you can use it without gagging if it is within close proximity, are you with me?

Not greasy

The odor is one thing but greasy solutions is another, which is worse? Not sure, but I can say this, greasy solutions are not welcome. So, its important to get one that is not greasy. It will save you the hassle of cleaning up greasy stains on your carpet, bedding, etc.

Simple to use

Regardless if you opt for a collar or liquid treatment, its important that it is easy to use. The reality is if something is not easy to use then the chances are you will find it hard to stick with it. So, for those reasons go for something simple to use.

Gets rid of the adults, eggs, and flea larvae

Dealing with adult fleas is just one part of the problem. You see, if you just deal with them then you will still have multiple eggs and/or larvae hanging around to deal with.

And, you will effectively end up in a vicious cycle of larva pupating to adults and eggs forming larvae, are you with me?

Therefore, you will never stop applying flea treatment, unless it deals with all of these angles.

My best 3: Seresto vs Frontline vs other alternatives

In this section, I will share with you three of my best flea/tick treatments. For each one, I will explain what I like and do not like. This will help you to decide what works best for your needs.

01. Seresto Cat Collar (Best Option)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Last a long time (approx 8 months protection – slow release)
  • Gets rid of fleas & ticks
  • Odorless & not greasy
  • Avoid monthly treatments
  • Can eradicate fleas with contact (no need to bite your cat)
  • Easy to attach and get started


  • The color is quite dull and unattractive
  • Some cats may react against the collar
  • Can be tricky to keep it on tight

What I like about this Seresto cat collar

When it comes to flea treatment this cat collar gives great value. At first glance, you may think its quite a steep price, but the reality is you are paying for approx 8 months of treatment here, are you with me?

It means that you can safely escape those monthly costs that other alternative options often come with.

I like the fact that it doesn’t have any of that grease or odor that some other treatments have.

When we look out how it deals with fleas & ticks it gets more interesting. Simply for the fact that it does not require your cat to get bitten by a flea to deal with them. It can get rid of fleas with any contact of your cat instead if that makes sense?

When it comes to simplicity, you can easily attach this to your kitty without any headache. It makes life a lot easier.

In summary, if your preferred solution is a cat collar that deals with fleas, avoid expensive monthly fees not greasy and is odorless, then you have found it.

What I do not like about this Seresto cat collar

If you are looking for a pretty cat collar that stands out from the crowd, then forget this. The reality is it’s dull and boring, but it does the job, it gets rid of fleas & ticks!

Like most things in life, it won’t agree with all cats, some may not like the collar or some may even have a reaction to it. so, you will need to keep this in mind.

Last thing, more of a minor issue, not sure if it’s just me, but it can be tricky to get it on tightly. Not a deal-breaker, in my opinion, but could be improved.

02. Frontline cat flea & tick treatment

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Waterproof treatment
  • Deals with adult fleas as well as eggs & larvae
  • Claims to be trusted by vets for nearly 20 years
  • Eradicates ticks that could transmit Lyme disease
  • Can also be used on kittens (over 8 weeks & over 1.5 pounds)


  • Takes approx 30 days to kick-in
  • Needs reapplication after a few weeks
  • Will need to deal with the fleas free in your home as well

What I love about this Frontline treatment

This frontline treatment is a waterproof liquid that gets rid of fleas and ticks. The fact its waterproof is key because you have to consider different weather conditions that could affect it, are you with me?

I mention flea and tick treatment. It’s important to understand that it deals with the actual fleas as well as the eggs and larvae that may be hanging around.

This is important because not only will it deal with the adult fleas that are causing the issue today, but it will also work on the ones laying dormant waiting to hatch and cause problems. This is great, and it deals with ticks that are known to carry and transmit Lyme disease, are you with me?

If you have a kitten, rather than a fully grown cat, the great thing is its still effective. As long as your fur baby is over 8 weeks old and weighs greater than 1.5 pounds, then you will be in business.

In summary, if you are looking for a flea and tick treatment that is waterproof, simple to apply and works on kittens as well as cats, then you are in the right place.

What I do not like about this Frontline treatment

As I said, I like this offering by Frontline, but you may need to be patient for this to kick in, and you will need to reapply the dosage after a few weeks, so its an ongoing cost, are you with me?

Also, understand this, it will help your kitty directly, but if you have fleas and eggs in your carpets and other areas in your house you will need to address this separately. If not, you will be in a constant loop of treatment and re-infection, are you with me?

03. Pupmate cat flea collar

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Pleasant smell (No chemical odor)
  • Good if your kitty finds other treatments affect her skin (another option)
  • Not greasy
  • Easy to put it on
  • Fast treatment (Starts working within 30 mins)
  • Plant-based ingredients (Safer & healthier)
  • Waterproof (Can be used in all weather conditions)


  • May not fit tightly on all cats
  • Not an exciting color

What I appreciate about this Pupmate collar

If you despise those flea treatments that have weird chemical smells then you will appreciate the pleasant smell of this collar from Pupmate.

The reality is, forever reason, some cats will not like or vibe with some flea treatments, therefore this collar is another option if you find that you have struggled with others.

I like the fact that it is not all greasy and more importantly simple to slip this thing on to your kitty, are you with me?

If you are impatient, like me, then you will also appreciate the fact that this collar will get to work immediately, in fact, the vendor claims within 30 minutes.

It uses plant-based ingredients for a healthier and safer option, especially for those people that appreciate more natural materials and ingredients.

And, no need to worry about the weather, this is waterproof, so it can handle most weather conditions.

In summary, if you want a cat flea collar that smells pleasant, not all greasy and uses plant-based ingredients, then you will appreciate this offering.

What I do not appreciate about this Pupmate collar

Let’s be honest, this collar is not designed for aesthetics. Meaning, you won’t win any fashion awards with it, right? This is a minor issue really because it does what it says on the tin.

Also, depending on what type of cat you have, you may find that it won’t fit on tightly. Obviously, you don’t want it too tight anyway, but I mean it may be a struggle to get the ultimate snug fit, but it varies from cat to cat.