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3 Best Purrfect Sift Litter Box Alternatives (Guide/Review)

What is the best Purrfect Sift Litter Box alternative? This is the best sifting box (Click here for the availability on Amazon). Also, read on to see why I selected this one.

Quick comparison of sifting litter boxes (Purrfect sift alternatives)

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. Petmate Large Sift Box (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Van Ness Sifting Litter Box
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03. Petite Sifting Litter Box
Click here for the price on Amazon
4 stars

What you need to know about sifting litter boxes (Guide)

Before you make your selection I feel that it is a good idea to see what the best features and benefits to look out for. For that reason, I will share a few with you now…

  • Easy to use & clean
  • Reduce wasted litter
  • No shaking required
  • High walls
  • Strong (reinforced bottom)

Easy to use & clean

If you cannot clean up a litter box fast, then it’s not worth having, in my opinion. Therefore it should be simple to clean. Not only that but easy to use. The whole benefit of sifting litter pans is to eliminate the need for scooping, which takes unnecessary time, right?

Reduce wasted litter

One of the benefits of these liter pans is reduced waste. Which, in turn, saves you money. These sifting pans shake off and filter out as much of the mess and separate reusable litter.

No shaking required

If you have selected the right model you should not have to excessively shake it to get the reusable litter through, are you with me? Meaning, the process should be effortless.

High walls

Ideally, the litter box will have high walls. This will reduce the chances of litter getting thrown out from your cat onto the floor, when she is covering the mess, are you with me?

Strong (reinforced bottom)

To handle the weight of your kitty, the liter and the mess, it should be strong and ideally, have a reinforced bottom to make this effortless.

My best 3 Purrfect Sift Litter Box alternatives (Review)

In this section, I will outline a few of my best Purrfect sift litter box alternatives. For each of my selections, I will explain what I liked the best, as well as things that I didn’t love. This will help you to choose what works best for you.

01. Petmate Large Sift Box (Best Option)

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  • Simple to clean
  • No need to worry about scooping (easier, just shake & sift)
  • Works well with pine pellets (Smell better)
  • Reduces waste
  • Comes with two litter pans & sifter (to alternate clean & dirty)
  • Reinforced bottom, to support the litter weight


  • No shield, hood or top (can get messy outside of the tray)
  • Could be a bit taller (to stop litter escaping)
  • Smaller pieces of mess may still slip through

What I like about this Petmate sifting litter box

This litter pan is simple to clean, which is always one of the biggest concerns when you are dealing with a sticky job like litter, right?

Scooping litter is often known as a necessary evil, but it really does not have to be when you have discovered this sifting pan, you just pick up the sifter and shake off the excess reusable litter, and dispose of the dirty mess, are you with me?

One of the reasons I am a fan of this system is the reduced waste. Rather than scooping out loads of reusable litter, it can be neatly separated and used again.

If you are a fan of pine pellets, you will love this, because it works well with them. And, let’s face it, they smell better, right?

It comes with two litter pans and the Sifter itself. This is necessary so you can alternate one dirty pan and one clean pan. Each time you clean it out you empty the dirty pan into the clean pan, through the sifter, to filter out the cat mess, are you with me?

The good thing is, it comes with a reinforced bottom. This works well to support the weight of the litter, your fur baby and the mess she creates.

In summary, if you appreciate sifting litter pans and want the benefit of a strong litter pan that works well with pellets, you will love this.

What I do not like about this Petmate sifting litter box

It is important to understand that this does not come with any shield, hood or top. Meaning, you may find that some cats, ones that dig around aggressively, will throw litter all over the place.

I feel that it could be a bit taller to avoid the spread of litter on your floor, but it does its job well, regardless. Also, you may find, on occasion, some small pieces of mess may slip through. But, it’s not a big deal to be honest.

02. Van Ness Sifting Litter Box

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  • Fast (reduces the litter clean time a lot)
  • High walls (stops the litter escaping)
  • Stain-resistant
  • Simple to clean
  • Two nesting pans & sifter (Switch between clean & dirty)


  • Sometimes, wet litter gets stuck in the sifter (hard to clean)
  • The walls have seams, which may hold urine
  • Better if the walls were higher

What I love about this Van Ness sifting litter box

As a fan of these sifters, I am happy to see this model will also help to improve your litter cleaning task. And, let’s face it, any daily task like this needs to be as fast as possible, right?

It has high walls to reduce the chance of the litter or mess escaping from the pan (more on this later). This is great because anything that helps to cut this down is much appreciated.

It is designed to be stain-resistant. This is good for the long-term because it has a light colored sifter, it is easy to attract stains and grime, right?

The great thing I like about this is it’s simple and easy to clean. Like the last offering, it comes with two pans and the sifter. Which, as discussed earlier, helps you alternate the pans, clean and dirty.

In summary, if you prefer a sifting litter pan that has high walls as well as speeding up your daily litter cleaning task, then this sounds like the one for you.

What I do not love about this Van Ness sifting litter box

On occasion, you may find that small, wet litter pieces may get stuck in the gaps. This doesn’t sound like a big deal on the surface, but when you actually have to get your hands dirty cleaning it, it’s a different story, if you get me?

The walls have seams, which you would imagine is not a problem. But, you may notice that they may attract urine. Meaning, you will have to manually clean this off, yuk!

Earlier I mentioned that the walls were high, remember? Well, with that being said, I still wish they were a tad bit higher.

03. Petite Sifting Litter Box

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Easier than scooping
  • No need to shake it
  • Reinforced bottom to handle the weight
  • Blades, that are rounded (Litter sifts quicker)
  • Simple to clean


  • No top, so litter may fall out easily
  • Not ideal for pellets may get stuck in the holes
  • Would be good if it was a bit bigger

What I appreciate about this Petite sifting litter box

The way this has been designed allows you to sift through the litter without having to shake it like a mad man, are you with me? Some o them are a nightmare, right?

It does this by using some rounded blades that allow the litter to sift through with ease. Which, in turn, makes your job a lot easier.

This litter box also has a reinforced bottom. It’s great because it handles the weight of your kitty and the litter well.

Cleaning this is simple, which I like about it. And, like the others, the whole experience of sifting, instead of scooping, is so much easier.

In summary, if you are looking for a sifting pan that you do not need to vigorously shake to get results as well as being simple to clean, then you will get on well with this.

What I do not appreciate about this Petite sifting litter box

There is no top or hood (Click here for the best hooded cat litter boxes), so you will the danger of litter getting pushed onto your floor.

This litter pan is not ideal for pellet litter, so if that is your preferred choice, it may not be great for you. Also, in general, I feel that it could be a bit bigger to handle larger cats better.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cat litter, sifting, and general cat behavior. If you any other questions please feel free to contact me.

Q: Do you need to train your cat to use the litter box?

No, usually cats know how to use the litter box. This is because they have an instinctual urge to cover their mess, often passed down from their mother.

Q: Should you have more than one litter box?

Yes, it’s a good idea to have multiple cat litter trays. Even for litter boxes for outdoor cats is a good idea, to avoid getting an angry neighbor.