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Will a Cat Sleep In a Cat Bed? (& Best Cat Beds?)

If you researching, or just interested in cat beds, you may be wondering if the cat will even use it if you get one…

Will a cat sleep in a cat bed?

A cat will sleep in a cat bed. However, some will still prefer to sleep in your bed, a sofa, or another favorite spot. It’s important to find the right cat bed that will make your cat feel comfortable and then uses some tactics to increase the chances of them using it.

Quick Cat Bed Comparrisson (Friends Forever vs Purr Heaven alternatives)

Description Image My Rating
01. Friends Forever Cat Bed (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. BinetGo Cat Bed (Purr Heaven Alternative)
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03. Allneo Cat Bed (Purr Heaven Alternative)
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, How can you get your cat to use it if they do not naturally take to it? Do cats prefer open or closed cat beds? Also, what are my best cat beds? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How can you get a cat to use its cat bed?

So, now you know that a cat will use a cat bed. But, sometimes you will need some tactics to make it use it. Therefore, in this section, I will explain how you can do this:

01. Lure them

To entice your cat into the carrier you may need to lure it with some treats (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). Failing that you can use some catnip.

In some cases, your cat may just need this push to get them to start using it. From then on, hopefully, it will start using it naturally. Also, these treats will associate positive experiences with the cat bad to make it more likely to return.

02. Chose the best position

Choosing the best position is important if you want your cat to use your cat bed. Ideally, it should be in a warm, cozy spot. However, try to avoid busy areas where people walk a lot.

Why? Because cats are less likely to use the carrier if it is too busy.

03. Deter them from other sleeping spots

Another tactic is to deter your cat from other areas that it may choose to sleep on. For example, if it keeps sleeping on the coach, deter it from using that to make the cat bed a logical alternative.

The idea is to make the cat feel that it has chosen the cat bed itself. But, in reality, you have angled it towards its own bed.

What is best, an open or enclosed cat bed?

If your cat is known to keep hiding or sleeping under your bed then it may be wise to offer it a hooded/enclosed cat bed, or a cat cave. Otherwise, a standard, open cat bed is fine.

The main thing is to choose a comfortable cat bed and add any blankets or toys it may enjoy to make it comfortable.

What you need to know before you buy a cat bed

Before you rush out to get one of these cat beds you must understand some of the best features to look out for. For that reason, in this section, I will be sharing some with you…

  • Machine washable
  • Warm & Cozy
  • Head & neck support
  • Non-skid base
  • Lightweight

Machine washable

If you are like me you will appreciate keeping things clean, right? If that is the case, you need to be on the lookout for a cat bed that is machine washable. But, understand this, these cat beds may be washable but you need to carefully read their directions. Why? Because most of them expect you to wash it in low temperatures.

Warm & Cozy

This feature/benefit almost goes without saying, right? Well, the cat bed must be nice, warm, and cozy. This will make sure that she will feel comfortable with it.

Head & neck support

If you go for one of the donut-shaped cat beds then you will notice that they tend to offer great head and neck support naturally. Why? because of the shape they have it holds them in place and keeps them well supported.

Non-skid base

If you have a cat bed that slides all over the place, not only will it annoy you, but it will upset your cat. In fact, there is a good chance that she may not even want to use it. Rendering your investment a complete waste. So, look out for ones that have non-skid bases.


If you ever plan to move your cat bed. Whether that’s a short distance or completely across the country, you want to have one that is lightweight. They are more convenient and a good feature to look out for.

3 Best Cat Beds (Friends Forever vs Purr Heaven alternatives)

What is the best cat bed, Friends Forever, or a Purr Heaven alternative? This is the best cat bed (Click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad). This is because it being easy for her to relax, helps her to avoid anxiety, keeps her cozy and warm, and it’s machine washable (See full details below).

01. Friends Forever Cat Bed (Best Option)

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  • Anti-anxiety (helps her relax)
  • Warm, soft & cozy
  • Supports her head & body well
  • Machine washable (low heat)
  • Uses non-toxic materials


  • The fluffy fur strings tend to shed
  • The base is quite thin

What I like about this Friends Forever cat bed

The thing I love about this cat bed is its “cozy factor”. Meaning, you can rest assured that your kitty will feel warm, cozy, and happy while she relaxes in it.

In addition to this, while she uses this donut-shaped cat bed, it will help her relieve stress and anxiety. Once you see it, you will see why I say this.

If your cat struggles to relax due to common health issues, such as arthritis, this is good because it offers great support for her head and neck while she is relaxing in it.

You can also rest assured because of the materials it uses. Not just the fluffy faux fur, but the fact that it uses non-toxic materials. And, if you are like me, you will want to maintain it. In particular regular cleaning.

This is where it is great. Why? because it is also machine washable. But, just understand you can’t just run it through your normal wash cycle. You need a low heat, light wash just to ensure that you do not damage it.

What I do not like about this Friends Forever cat bed

Like most things, nothing is 100% perfect, right. For that reason, I will share with you some of the issues I have with this cat bed. Even though they are not big issues, it’s still worth mentioning.

Firstly it’s the fluffy fur it comes with. While it is good and keeps her warm and cozy, it tends to shed little strings where her claws catch it. Not a big issue, but, heh, still worth a mention.

Also, the base does feel quite thin. It could be improved with slightly more thickness in this region.

02. BinetGo Cat Bed (Purr Heaven Alternative)

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  • Cool, round, donut design
  • Non-skid base (keeps it in place)
  • Machine washable (low heat)
  • Lightweight (ideal for transporting)
  • Large size


  • The fabric on the bottom is quite thin

What I appreciate about this BinetGo cat bed

This donut-shaped cat bed is ideal, why? Because of the nice, large and round. Meaning your kitty can chill out while you get on with your tasks for the day. She will love the soft feel of the material

I love the fact that it has a cool non-slip feature, meaning that it will stay in place better. Meaning that it is not likely to slip all over the place while your kitty is relaxing.

Even though it is large, it is still lightweight. Meaning that if you need to cart it across the country for an excursion, or trip to family, etc. It will do the journey without mich hassle, are you with me?

When it comes to maintenance it is practical. Meaning you can actually machine wash this. It is worth noting that you need to read the directions in the instructions because it needs to be on low heat to keep it safe.

What I do not love about this BinetGo cat bed

One of the observations with this is the material on the bottom of the cat bed. Like the last item, it is a bit thin and flimsy. They could easily improve this with more coverage in this area.

Also, probably deemed as a minor observation, but the internal stuffing seems to be a bit uneven. Honestly, it’s not a big issue, but it’s worth mentioning.

03. Allneo Cat Bed (Purr Heaven Alternative)

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  • Can support cats of all sizes (up to 35lbs)
  • Eye-catching donut design
  • Offers head & neck support, while she lounges
  • Non-shedding
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Could do with more padding on the bottom

What I like about this cat bed

This comfy nest-looking cat bed is easy on the eye. Once your kitty slaps eyes on it, she will be all over it. It is a nice size for most cats. The manufacturer states that it can accommodate pets up to 35lbs, which should more than enough.

It is comforting to know that this cat bed has been designed not to shed all over your flooring, using their non-shed technology. The shape of the item allows your fur of love to have her neck and head supported while she relaxes.

It is also reassuring that the cat bed comes with a satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are not impressed with it, you have the option to act on it.

What I do not like about this cat bed

The main issue with this cat bed is a common theme amongst this selection of cat beds, the bottom filling is quite thin. Meaning that it could be improved in this area. I just feel that your kitty would be more comfortable with this addition.

Related Questions

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cats, beds, and sleep. If you have any more related questions not covered, please leave a comment below.

Do cats need cat beds?

Yes, a cat should have a cat bed. Why? because if not they are likely to sleep under your bed, or even worse tr to jump in your bed. A cat bed gives them their own designated space and makes you feel less guilty shutting them out of your room for the night.

Why do cats sleep so much?

Cats appear to sleep so much because they are more active in twilight hours, roughly between dusk & dawn. They are described as crepuscular for this reason. During this time they are quite active but it is often overlooked because of the unsociable time it is for us humans.

Why do cats stare at you?

Cats tend to stare at you because they respect and trust you. And, in some cases, they may be anticipating some food from you. As it is likely that you supply the majority of her meals in this domestic setting.

If you see her staring at you, don’t get freaked out, it is an indication that she loves you. However, be careful with aggressive cats (Click here for a simple solution to calm down aggressive cats), because sometimes they associate staring with a challenge and may trigger them to attack or nip you.

Do cats need toys?

Yes, most cats appreciate toys, this is more likely for domestic cats. Because they need stimulation while they are indoors such as cat trees (Click here for 3 of my best cat trees), catnip toys, etc. These simple treats will help to keep them active and happy while they are indoors.