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Petsafe vs Littermaid: Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box?

What is the best self-cleaning litter box, Petsafe or Littermaid? this is the best litter box (Click here for the availability on Amazon). Also, read on for more info.

Quick comparison of Petsafe & Littermaid self-cleaning litter boxes


Description Image My Rating
PetSafe self-cleaning box (Best Option)
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5 stars
LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box
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Self-Flushing Cat Box (Alternative)
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4 stars


What you need to know about self-cleaning litter boxes (Guide)

Before you make a rash decision, spend a few moments for me to explain some of the best features and benefits that these self-cleaning litter boxes can offer. This will help you to make an informed decision. Here are a few for you now…

  • Makes the litter smell fresh
  • Self-clean for days (or longer)
  • Absorb urine & handle solid waste well
  • Stops or reduces litter tracking
  • Simple to setup

Makes the litter smell fresh

A good litter box will not only clean itself it will also keep it smelling fresh. Look out for one that can deliver this for you.

Self-clean for days (or longer)

The idea is to free up your time by getting rid of the daily litter clean up, right? So, the longer it can do this the better. You will find most good ones can go for days. While some exceptional ones can go on for weeks.

Absorb urine & handle solid waste well

Some of the best self-cleaners will absorb cat urine well. This is also important to keep it smelling fresh. The good ones will also dehydrate solid waste as well. Which makes it easier to self-clean and reduce the smell.

My best 3 self-cleaning litter boxes (Petsafe vs Littermaid Review)

In this section, I will share with you three of my best self-cleaning litter boxes. In particular, from Littermaid and Petsafe. However, I have thrown in an alternative for you to consider also.

For each selection, I will explain what I like and do not like to help with your decision.

01. PetSafe self-cleaning litter box (Best Option)

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  • Simple to get set up
  • Keeps it smelling fresh
  • Can self-clean for weeks
  • Set your cleaning schedule (5, 10 or 20 mins)
  • The litter crystals absorb the urine & dry out solid waste
  • Reduces the chances of tracking


  • Quite noisy
  • Replacement cartridges required (ongoing cost)
  • May still need to wipe off the blades (may stick)

What I like about this PetSafe self-cleaning litter box

This litter box is simple to get up and running you should be ready to use it in minutes. It does a great job of keeping it smelling fresh and just so great to not have that stinky smell around your home, are you with me?

One of the biggest benefits of this device is that it frees you up from scooping and cleaning litter each day. It can keep your litter self-cleaned for weeks, not days, yay!

Each time your kitty finishes using it, it will detect her leaving and start the cleaning process automatically. The good thing is, you can configure how frequent this clean-up is.

Meaning, you can set it to clean 5, 10 or even 20 minutes after she leaves the litter tray, are you with me?

It uses crystals, instead of conventional litter. Therefore, it will absorb the cat urine (Click here to see how to fully clean up stubborn cat urine) and also dries out the solid waste that is left behind.

With regards to tracking, which is when your cat walks the soiled cat litter out of the tray onto your floor, it works to stop this happening, which is great news.

In summary, if you want a self-cleaning litter box that lasts for weeks, keeps it smelling fresh and reduces the chances of tracking, then this one is for you.

What I dislike about this PetSafe self-cleaning litter box

One thing to note, this box is noisy, not ridiculous, but some cats may be wiery of it until they get used to it, are you with me?

It requires replacement cartridges which means you need to consider the ongoing costs associated with it. Some would argue this is no problem, because conventional cat litter trays need litter ongoing, right? And, yes, this is true to be fair.

From time to time you may notice that the cleaning blades need a quick clean, because mess may get stuck on it. Not great, but I guess it’s better than the usual daily clean, that other conventional litter boxes offer.

02. LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box

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  • Can use conventional clumping litter
  • Simple to set up
  • Nice weight (not heavy)
  • Reduces the smell of your litter
  • Self-clean for days (up to 7 days)
  • Can be used for multiple cats


  • It’s quite loud when cleaning
  • The walls allow litter to be kicked out
  • A bit shallow (hard for her to cover her mess – may touch the gears)

What I love about this LitterMaid litter box

I love the fact that this litter box can use normal clumping litter. So, if you are a fan of this, you will appreciate it too.

As far as the setup goes, it is quite fast and pain-free, in my opinion. The worse thing I hate is a long, drawn-out set-up process, right? I also appreciate the fact that it is not heavy and easy to move about.

It does a good job of reducing the smell of cat litter, which is great. You not only get the litter self-cleaned but the smell managed well as well, yay!

Regarding the self-cleaning, it is nice to know that it can last for days. Well, up to 7 days. Which is a big difference to the daily clean, right?

If you have multiple cats in your house this will work for you because it can handle this.

In summary, if you are looking for a self-cleaning litter box that can handle multiple cats, smells good and can last for days, this one is for you.

What I do not love about this LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box

When it is cleaning, you may notice that it is quite loud. Some cats may take some time to adjust to this. Also, the walls of the litter box are tall, but they could be a bit taller, in my opinion.

This would eliminate most of the spraying litter for those cats that like to throw litter around like crazy, are you with me?

Lastly, the actual depth of the tray is quite shallow. Meaning, if your kitty is trying to dig it up and cover their litter as most do, then they may bump into the mechanism below. If it was a bit deeper, this would help.

03. Self-Flushing Cat Box (Alternative)

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  • No need to clean your litter daily
  • No litter required (uses permanent, washable granules)
  • No scooping required
  • Customer service available, if needed
  • Keeps the litter smell under control
  • No manual waste removal required (liquified & flushed directly to the sewer)


  • The cleaning cycle takes quite a while
  • Litter tracking may happen, from time to time
  • Needs access to cold water supply & electrical outlet

What I appreciate about this self-flushing cat box

Firstly, just the idea of no daily cleaning of litter, is divine, right? And, this device delivers this promise. It goes further. Meaning, there is also no need for litter it uses permanent granules instead, these granules are similar to litter, but are washable, big difference!

The great thing is, no scooping, cleaning or litter required using this device. Which, in my opinion, is quite amazing. And, in the event of any issues, they have customer service available.

Regarding the smell, it keeps the litter smell under control, meaning you do not need to worry about it sticking out your home.

One of the special things about this is how it deals with the mess. It liquified the mess and sends it to the sewers, similar to how a human toilet would, well not that complicated, but kinda similar, ha!

In summary, if you want to say goodbye to cat litter while giving up the daily litter cleaning chore. Then, you will love this.

What I dislike about this self-flushing cat box

Be prepared, the cleaning cycle on this takes some time. You may think, so what, right? Well, think about this, if your kitty needs the litter box badly, and has to wait 10 or 20 minutes, what do you think will happen? Exactly!

As much as I love these granules, as a replacement for litter. They are not going to get rid of your tracking problem. Meaning, your kitty still mat trail these granules throughout your home after stepping out of it.

Also, this device is great, once it’s up and running. But you will need a cold water supply and an electrical outlet to hook it up properly, so not necessarily a 5-minute job for novices, are you with me?