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Does Litter Kwitter Really Work? (CitiKitty Better?)

If you have heard of people talking about cat toilet training kits (click here for my best solution, on Amazon #Ad) then you may have heard of Litter Kwitter and wondered if it can live up to the hype…

Does litter kwitter really work?

Litter kwitter does work. Like any of these cat toilet training kits, it will require some time and patience from you to train your cat. Some owners have reported their cat being filly trained within a few months. Others could be less, or more, depending o your cat’s personality.

My Best Cat Toilet Training Systems

Description Image My Rating
01. Kitty’s Loo Kit (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. CitiKitty Toilet Kit
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03. Litter Kwitter Kit
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, is it easy to toilet train these cats? How long does it usually take a kitten to train to use a litter box? Is there and better alternatives to Litter Kwitter? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is litter kwitter?

Litter Kwitter is a kit designed to train your cat on how to use a human toilet. Any cat that has been litter trained has the capability to learn how to use the toilet, using one of these kits. Some cats will pick it up fast and others may take longer.

The reason why this is appealing to cat owners is they can consider getting rid of their litter box and stop having to pay for cat litter which is an ongoing cost. With Litter Kwitter or another alternative, you can theoretically train them once and save on years of cat litter.

Is it easy to toilet train a cat?

Cat Litter - Feline Follower

An Abyssinian cat using a toilet seat.

Toilet training a cat is not hard. This is because using kits like litter kwiter they lay out a simple 7 step plan to follow. However, it will take some time and perseverance for your cat to start using it correctly. So, don’t assume you buy the kit and get overnight results.

Does a cat squat to pee?

Some cats do squat to pee. But, some older cats or ones with other health issues, such as arthritis may struggle with this. This can result in some spillage using a conventional litter tray. However, it is possible to get them another litter box with high sides, or another method.

How long does it take for a kitten to use a litter box?

Many kittens will use a litter tray without training by sheer instinct. However, others may need to be placed on the tray and gradually trained to use it. But, in general, you can expect it to take 3 to 4 weeks to get them fully litter trained.

But, once they are trained you may get sick o the constant mess and cost of replacing litter. And, if that’s the case you will need to consider a cat toilet training kit.

Cat Toilet Training Kit Features to look out for

Before you rush out and pick one of these up, it is important to understand what features and benefits to look out for. To make sure that you can make an informed choice. Let me highlight a few things to check for:

  • Fit most toilet seats
  • Easy to maintain
  • Helpful training material
  • Training bonuses (such as communities)
  • Designed for natural instincts

Fit most toilet seats

For most people, their toilet seats are quite standard. This is because it helps the industry, especially when we need to replace them. For that reason, it benefits us, because we should feel secure that these toilet trainers should fit.

However, there a few rare exceptions that can cause some hassle. Such as the elongated versions. So, ideally, the product should state that it will fit most toilet seats.

Easy to maintain

One of the worst things is having a smelly litter tray that you need to maintain. So, it’s important that whatever option you select, that you go for one that is simple to maintain.

Helpful training material

It’s important that you get the training correct. Therefore the training material is important. Make sure that the training they offer is simple and easy to follow. The best way to check is to either see if they state this, or check the reviews to see if their customers agree.

Training bonuses (such as communities)

In addition to training, some manufactures offer bonuses such as access to their community. This will typically be access to a forum. These forums may look simple, but they are helpful. Why? Because you get the support from real people who are using the product, are you with me?

Designed for natural instincts

Some vendors spend extra time and resources working with cat experts to understand their behavior and needs. Then they incorporate it into the product. This can benefit you, by making it easier for your cat to adopt the product.

Best cat toilet training systems (Litter Kwitter vs CitiKitty vs Kitty’s Loo)?

What is the best Litter Kwitter, CitiKitty or Kitty’s Loo? This is my best (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon #Ad) cat toilet trainer. I say this because it fits most toilet seats (even those elongated ones), simple to clean, can be used with any cat, simple training manual and can save me on cat litter.

In this section, I will share with you, my top 3 toilet trainers. I have chosen my best model for each of the said brands to help you make your best choice. I will explain the pros, cons as well as the features and benefits of each product.

01. Kitty’s Loo Kit (Best Option)

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  • Fits nicely (even around elongated seats)
  • Simple to clean
  • Straight forward training process (Easy Manual)
  • Save on cat litter
  • Works on any cat, regardless of age


  • Inconvenient if you have one bathroom

What I appreciate about this Kitty’s Loo

I love this Kitty Loo product. One of the benefits is it can fit well on most toilet seats. Yes, that includes those awkward elongated ones as well, in case you were wondering. Its very simple to clean, because of the material used for the seat.

The training process is simple and easy to follow. It will take some time, but easy to follow. Also, I like the fact that it can be used on any cat, no matter what age. But, it is worth mentioning that it is better if your cat has used the conventional litter first.

Finally, I have to comment on the fact that this device will be a game-changer for saving on cat litter. Which is what makes it worth the time training your cat.

What annoys me about this Loo Trainer

As well as this works I have to say it is a bit of a faff to remove everything when you need to use the toilet, are you with me? This is ideal for people that have a separate dedicated bathroom.

It still works fine, regardless. I would just say, for me, it is better that way. Most people will probably not be worried.

02. CitiKitty Toilet Kit

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  • Well designed seat
  • Helpful training guide
  • Special access to training community
  • Access to premium catnip


  • Plastic is quite flimsy

What I appreciate about this CittiKitty Trainer

This CittiKitty trainer is appreciated. Firstly I have to shake their hand for the cute design of this trainer. Yes, I know toilet trainers are not a sexy product offering, per se, but it appreciated regardless, are you with me?

It helps with the excellent training provided by the CittiKitti guys. This is just made even more palatable by the community forum access you are given. So, if you feel that you have not digested the training, you have an opportunity to ask follow-up questions and get responses from people actually using it.

In addition to this, you can also get access to their premium catnip product (Click here to learn the crazy effects catnip has on cats) called CitiNip.

What annoys me about the this Toilet Trainer

My only real gripe with this item is the plastic they provide, its quite flimsy in my opinion. I am not just sure if it’s just me, but, I just feel it could be improved with a thicker offering. Especially when your kitty is hovering over it.

03. Litter Kwitter Kit

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  • Toilet train her within 8 weeks
  • Avoid the mess of conventional litter systems
  • Flexible – will fit most toilets
  • Designed to follow your cat’s natural instincts
  • Simple, straightforward training


  • Centre ring is quite large

What I appreciate about this Litter Kwitter product

Firstly, the training that the Litter Kwitter team has provided is great and simple to follow. They claim that you can train most cats within 8 weeks, which is reasonable, in my opinion.

This is an opportunity to finally rid yourself of the mess that conventional litter try systems present us with, are you with me? I love the fact that they have designed it to fit most toilet seats, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Reading the vendor’s notes, it reassuring that they have spent the time to work with cat behavior experts to focus on the natural instincts of cats to make their system as instinctual as possible. Which makes sense why their training is also quite so helpful.

What annoys me about this kitty toilet trainer

As great as this is I have to comment on one thing. It’s the size of the center ring. The ring is just a bit too wide, in my opinion. I feel they could have reduced it a bit to make it more appealing to all cats.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will attempt to answer common questions related to cat toilet training systems. If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop a comment below.

What is a cat training system?

It is a method to teach your cat how to use your conventional toilet. The benefit of this is it eliminates the litter tray once and for all. And, in turn, frees up some unnecessary litter costs.

The packages typically include the device as well as training materials to help transition your cat into using the device.

How long does it take to train a cat to use the toilet?

Most cats can be trained within 8 weeks. To achieve this it is recommended that the cat is at least a few months old and has a basic litter tray using skills.

This is because, before 3 months most kittens will learn some valuable basic training from their natural mother (more on this later), which will make your life easier.

Do you have to train a cat to use a litter box?

No, cats have an instinct to hide their mess. This comes from a combination of training from their mother and natural instincts from their natural habitat.

This instinct stems from hiding the evidence of their presence from potential predators in the wild. The belief is that if they left the odor of their feces predators could easily find them, are you with me?

Why do cats watch you poop?

This is because your cat loves you and will try and find any opportunity to spend time with you. This is more common with cats that may have a busy owner, who may spend most of their days at work.

This can make your cat feel more desperate to get some quality time with you, even if that is in the toilet. It may seem a bit weird to you, but cats do not have the same issues or social perceptions with toilets as us.