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KitNipBox vs Meowbox: Best cat subscription box

If you are short on time, and just want to see the best cat subscription boxes, have a quick look here…

Quick Comparison of Cat Subscription Boxes

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. KitNipBox Subscription (Best Option)
Click here for the price on Amazon
5 stars
02. Meowbox Subscription
Click here for the price on Amazon
03. Cat Gift Box Basket (Alternative)
(Not a subscription)
Click here for the price on Amazon
4 stars

What is the best cat subscription box, KitNipBox or Meowbox? This is the best option (Click here for the reviews on Amazon). I like this one the best because it contains exclusive items (not found elsewhere), has a good selection of monthly themes and caters to cats that have allergies.

What you need to know about cat subscription boxes

Before you rush out and pick up one of these subscription boxes I feel that it is important to have a good feel for some of the best features and benefits to help aid you with your decision. So, for that reason, I will list some of them below…

  • Option to remove treats (For cats with allergies)
  • A selection of themes
  • Exclusive items
  • Handmade items
  • Personal touches (e.g. written notes to your kitty)

Option to remove treats (For cats with allergies)

If you are worried about what your cat eats then it’s important to check that the subscription box has options to remove treats. This will help to avoid any problems or flaring up any allergies, are you with me?

A selection of themes

Getting the same “copy n paste” box every month is boring, right? Therefore it’s important to get value for your money. One of the ways to do this is to look out for boxes that have monthly themes. These will mix up the selection each month with a great theme.

Exclusive items

To help improve the value of your subscription its good to have items that are only available to one provider. This is great to get hold of some toys, treats or goodies that nobody else can get.

Handmade items

The ultimate show of quality is something homemade, right? Forget all these mass-produced items all the time, anyone can fudge that. Look out for a subscription box that has this if this means something to you.

Personal touches (e.g. written notes to your kitty)

Some of the great subscription boxes have little subtle features, such as a handwritten note in the box (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon). These little features just make the box worth receiving, in my opinion.

My Best Cat subscription boxes

In this section, I will share 3 of my best cat boxes. My main objective is to compare KitNipBox and Meobox, but I have also included an extra alternative. This is a gift box, not a monthly subscription, but may be of interest to you never the less.

01. KitNipBox Subscription (Best Option)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Contains exclusive items
  • Each month has new themes (for variety)
  • Supports animal welfare organizations
  • Quality toys & treats in each selection
  • Cator for cats with allergies


  • The selection can be unbalanced sometimes
  • Not able to customize the selection

What I like about this KitNipBox

One of the things I like about this subscription box is the exclusive items that come with it. These are things that separate it from other options because they are exclusive to this selection.

Each month has a new theme to keep you and kitty happy and engaged. The worse thing is to get the same selection month after month, right?

You have the option of cat toys and treats or a dietary option that excludes the treats. This is ideal for cats that have allergies or sensitive stomachs. In this case, the treats are substituted for toys or other goodies.

If you are a true cat lover, you will love the fact that a portion of your monthly subscription helps to support animal welfare organizations such as rescues or shelters.

What I do not like about this cat box

One of the benefits of these cat selection boxes is the surprise each month, wondering what you might get. However, sometimes this can be annoying if it doesn’t meet your expectations. So, my point is, this subscription box may have months when it feels a tad bit unbalanced, for example, more toys than you would expect, are you with me?

With this being said, understand that you are not able to select exactly what you will get. But, I guess that is part of the deal of selection box, right?

02. Meowbox Subscription

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Select with or without treats
  • The treats are guaranteed to be made locally (the US or Canada)
  • Support animal shelters (donation made with every purchase)
  • Handmade item included in each box
  • Different themes each month
  • Box comes with a cute handwritten note to your kitty


  • Selection may not always meet your expectation

What I love about this Meobox subscription box

If you have a cat that is a bit picky, finicky or has a sensitive stomach this is ideal for them, why? Well, you can select if you want a subscription box that contains a mix of treats and toys. Or you can request that it does not include any.

While we are discussing treats, let me mention another bonus with their offering. They state that all of the treats are produced locally. When I say locally I mean they are produced in the United States or Canada.

In addition to this, they promise that with each box there will be a handmade item. If you are like me you will enjoy this little feature, it just makes the box feel like it delivers more value. Another feature that adds to that value is the cute handwritten note that is included in each box.

The thing about these features that get me every time is the fact that they are so simple. But, it’s these little things that can make all the difference, right?

When it comes to the box you receive each month, they do a great job of creating different themes each month to keep you guessing. And, that’s the fun of it, right?

What I do not love about this Meobox subscription

Generally speaking this a great subscription box. However, as you already know, nothing is perfect. One of the little annoyances I have with this is the selection that you get. It’s hard to please everyone, and inevitably you are likely to get a selection that does not meet your expectations.

03. Cat Gift Box Basket (Alternative – Not subscription)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Cute friendly cat sign
  • Coffee mug included
  • Gift wrapped in a quality gift box
  • Delicious treats
  • Great gift for a cat lover


  • Unable to customize the cat sign that comes with it
  • Can’t customize the selection

What I appreciate about this gift box

If you are like me and appreciate aesthetics, you will enjoy the box that this comes in. It is not one of those flimsy boxes that is covered up with some decoration. It actually a good quality box that has been decorated for your pleasure, are you with me?

While we are on the topic of decor, quality, and aesthetics, let me comment on the cute cat sign it comes with. This is quite a simple little message that is etched onto aboard. It looks good, in my opinion. And, complements the well-decorated box.

As well as this there is a cat mug included that your friend, spouse, relative (whoever you give this to) will appreciate if they are true cat fans. To top it off it comes with some tasty treats as well.

What I do not really care for with this gift box

Similar to most of these gift boxes, there is no way to control what is included within it. You basically get what you are given. In reality, you could see this as a bonus, as you do not have to worry about thinking of what to put into your gift.

But, personally I find it a little bit annoying that you can’t customize it. Also, the message that it comes with. It would be good if this could be customized as well.

Related Questions

In this section, I will answer some questions that are related to cats, subscription boxes, toys, and treats. If you have any other related questions drop me a comment below.

Do cats love catnip toys?

Yes, most cats love catnip toys. when a cat eats catnip it sedates them, but when they smell catnip it drives most cats to go crazy for it. It is quite a phenomenon amongst cat owners. This is why it’s important to understand how often cats can have catnip so you do not overdo it.

Do cats need playpens?

No, cats do not need playpens. The best cat playpens (Click here to see) are often chosen for preference rather than necessity. It’s more of an extra treat for a loved one if you know what I mean?

How can you tell if a cat is happy?

You can tell if your cat is happy but body language. Such as them easting well, purring when they are near you, appearing to be relaxed in your presence, sleeping comfortably, etc.