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3 Best Incognito Cat Litter Boxes & Covers (Guide/Review)

What is the best incognito cat litter box/cover? This is the best selection (Click here for the reviews on Amazon) if you are in a hurry. Otherwise, look at the detail below.

Quick comparison of incognito cat litter box/covers

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. Unipaws incognito Cover (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. ecoFlex incognito litter box cover
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03. Plant incognito litter box
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4 stars

What you need to know about incognito litter boxes/covers

Before you rush out to pick up one of these incognito boxes, you need to understand the best features/benefits to look out for. For that reason, in this section, I will list them below…

  • Covers/Hides the litter well
  • Looks good
  • Easy to maintain
  • Repels moisture
  • Simple/fast to setup

Covers/Hides the litter well

One of the main priorities with these boxes is their ability to cover the messy litter. Therefore it’s important that it does this job correctly. The best offerings will disguise the litter box so well it will look like normal furniture.

Looks good

If you plan to put this box in the line of sight, it needs to look good, right? The whole idea is it fits the decor of your house and seamlessly falls into the background. But, it has to look quality as well.

Easy to maintain

It’s not worth having one of these if you cannot maintain it easily. The best ones should allow access easily to replace the litter, without being awkward.

Repels moisture

Repelling moisture is often overlooked. But, why is this so important? Well, if you have a cat box with a porous material, it will soak up the moisture (e.g. urine) and hold it into the box. Meaning odor will build up and become a problem. This is why it’s important.

Simple/fast to setup

Ideally, the incognito cat box/cover will be simple and easy to setup. The worse thing is pulling your hair out trying to put it together. And, if you are a novice like me, it needs to be really simple.

My 3 best incognito cat litter boxes/covers

In this section, I will share three of my best cat litter boxes/covers. Each one will have the positives and negatives, in my opinion. This will help you to see what matches your needs best.

01. Unipaws incognito litter box Cover (Best Option)

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  • Covers up the litter tray
  • Looks great (Flows with your home decor)
  • Multifunctional (Hide litter box or bed)
  • Simple to clean
  • Solid build
  • Easy to setup (Approx 1 hour)


  • Limited space
  • Unlikely to fit a litter box with a top

What I like about this Unipaws litter box cover

Firstly, this litter box cover looks amazing, in my opinion. It fits well into the background by blending in with your other furniture items. Its also quite reassuring to know that it can be used for other purposes, not just for covering litter, such as covering a cat bed, if required.

I love the fact that it easy to clean and maintain. You simply have to pull it out, from under your home counter, clean it, then slide it back. Are you with me?

It is built to last with a combination of solid wood and MDF as well as full metal hinges to swing open the doors. You may be wondering how complicated it is to put this together, considering it has solid panes of wood, right?

Well, its actually a doddle to put together. You can expect to have this up and running an hour or less, assuming you follow the instructions correctly.

What I do not like about this Unipaws litter box cover

This cat litter cover is great, but it does have some flaws. Firstly is space inside, it is a tad bit cramped. It does the job, but your kitty will not have oodles of room, are you with me?

If you are a fan of litter boxes with a top, then this may not be the best option for you. Why? Because you will struggle to fit one of these into the refined space.

Also, you probably can put this together in 1 hour, but there are a few annoying bits that may hold you up if you are a novice like me.

02. ecoFlex incognito litter box cover

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  • Completely hides the litter tray
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Simple to set up (no tools needed)
  • Repels moisture (Avoid odor build-up)
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks gorgeous (Fits in with your decor)


  • The magnets that hold the door shut are quite flimsy
  • The setup should be easier

What I love about this ecoFlex litter box cover

I love the way that this covers the litter well. But, not just that, it also fits into the background effortlessly with its cool varnished wood finish.

While I’m on the topic of how well it fits in. I have to mention that it also comes in a selection of different colors. This will make sure it fits your other furniture well.

The manufacturer claims that no tools are required, which on paper should be easy to set up (more on this later).

When it comes to maintenance this a doddle to keep clean. You can just simply wipe it down and you’re done. It is also a good size, in fact, you should not struggle to fit most cat litter trays in here. That includes those automated litter trays as well.

What I do not love about this ecoFlex litter box cover

One thing that I find annoying about this is the door magnets. They do the job, but they are just a bit flimsy, in my opinion. Also, I feel that the whole setup process could be simpler. One annoyance I have is the fact that the parts are not labeled and it can be a bit confusing for a novice like me.

03. Plant incognito litter box

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  • Hides the litter mess well
  • Regulates odors & dust (vented system)
  • Caters for large cats/multi-cat household
  • Decorative plant & moss
  • Can be painted


  • Quite heavy to lift, when cleaning
  • Plastic is quite floppy & flimsy

What excites me about this plant litter box

This litter box is a true incognito offering, why? Well, just look at it, does it look conventional to you? No, it’s well designed to disguise your kitties litter.

One of the tricks they use to make it fit in is the cute plant and decorative moss that it comes with. Also, the box itself, that resembles a plant pot, can actually be painted, if you feel that is required.

It also has some clever vents that help to deal with the normal dust and odor that comes from litter boxes. Which is a relief, I mean, who loves stinky litter, right?

The size of this box has been well thought through. Why? Well, it can accommodate large cats as well as those of us that have multiple cats in our household.

What annoys me about this plant litter box

There are a couple of issues with this litter box that I need to explain. I mean, they are not major issues, in the scheme of things. But, they are annoyances that need to be discussed.

Firstly, ts the weight, it’s quite heavy. You may say, well that’s not an issue, because you have no plans to move it, right? Well, that’s a fair comment, my only issue is when you need to move it and clean it. Also, the plastic it comes with its quite flimsy, in my opinion.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cats, litter, and behavior. If you have any more related questions in your mind drop me a comment below.

What causes cat litter to smell?

Cat litter smells are usually caused by a lack of maintenance. This starts with simply skipping a few emptying sessions here and there and then it starts t build up and make owners wonder how to get rid of unwanted cat Smell in their house.

If you are a person that finds it hard to keep up with cleaning out your litter tray, you should consider getting an automatic cat litter box. This will schedule the cleaning and remove the possibility of you missing sessions.

Do outdoor cats get lonely?

Yes, outdoor cats can get lonely, like any other cat. The reality is cats are naturally sociable animals. Meaning they need company. That means from us humans as well as other cats.

Even though they are outdoor cats they still need the same as indoor cats such as litter boxes, food provided and general care.

How do you keep the litter box from smelling?

To make a litter boxes smell better in an apartment or house most owners try a selection of tactics such as scented cat litter, cleaning them out regularly, changing them on a regular basis and cleaning them with household products such as baking soda.

The best cause of action is to clean it out regularly to stop it from traveling around the house and casing the smell in the first place.