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Hooded Cat Litter Box vs Non hooded (Review/Guide)

What is the best cat litter box, hooded or non-hooded? This is the best one (Click here for the reviews on Amazon). Read on for more detail on why its the best.

Quick comparison of hooded & non-hooded litter boxes

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Hooded Cat Litter Box
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03. Nature’s Miracle Litter Box
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4 stars

What you need to know about litter boxes before you buy (Guide)

Before you make a decision on what suits you the best, its important to get an understanding of the key features and benefits of these cat litter boxes. So, for that reason, I will share with you some that you should look out for…

  • Spacious sizing
  • Easy to open
  • Stain-proof plastic
  • Simple to scoop
  • Odor prevention

Spacious sizing

The size of the litter box is important. This is because it will allow your kitty to feel comfortable when she is using it. As well as that, it will make it easy to clean it out.

Easy to open

Some cat litter boxes are quite a challenge to open. To get around this, some of the best ones will have a top that will open to make it easier to access. This helps when you need to clean it out or maintain it.

Stain-proof plastic

As you can imagine, the litter box is a messy item. So, to help to prevent long-term stains developing it is a good idea to have stain-proof material. This is where stain-proof plastic comes in, which some of the better boxes offer.

Simple to scoop

It’s not worth having one of these unless it is simple to scoop out of, in my opinion. This is achieved by the size and design of the box.

Odor prevention

To prevent odors the design of the litter box will help a lot. This is more suited to hooded cat litter boxes that have the ability to hold in the odor more than the non-hooded offerings. 

My Best Litter boxes (Hooded vs Non-hooded – Review)

In this section, I will share three of my best litter boxes. This will be a selection of hooded and non-hooded. For each one, I will explain what I like and dislike.

01. Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box (Best Option)

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  • Hooded (Keeps mess & odor inside)
  • Spacious (perfect sizing)
  • Ideal for multi-cat households
  • Simple to open & maintain (Door on top)
  • Anti-spray design


  • Door swing is a bit annoying
  • Not water-proof

What I like about this litter box

This litter box is a traditional hooded type. I love this style because it not only looks good but, from a practical perspective, it keeps out the smell & odor that a traditional cat litter tray leaves behind.

Another factor that keeps me loving this is the sheer size, it’s massive. So, if you have a house with multiple cats, don’t you worry, you are covered with this beast!

The designers were obviously clever, why? Well, they placed a door on top so that you can easily get access. This comes in handy when you wish to clean and maintain it.

It also has a handy anti-spray design, which, in lamens terms, means that if your cat sprays she will not get it all over your walls and furniture, are you with me?

In summary, this is an ideal cat litter box for cat owners that are sick of stinky cat smells in their home and want a large spacious box to accommodate their loved one or household of cats.

What I do not like about this litter box

As much as I appreciate this offering, I have to comment on a couple of small issues. Not big ones mind you. Firstly, regarding the door, not sure if it’s just me, but it doesn’t appear to swing freely. Which is quite annoying.

Also, it’s not water-proof, so if you had plans to use it outside, forget it. The water will come in through the joints or filter around the box. To be honest, one could argue that this is not really an issue, to be fair

02. Hooded Cat Litter Box

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  • Hooded (to hold in unwanted smells)
  • Large size
  • Simple to clean (Just wipe it clean)
  • Prevents odor
  • Stain-proof plastic


  • Latches are a bit flimsy (So, using the handle is a challenge)

What I love about this hooded litter box

This cat litter box is another hooded variation. As I stated earlier, these boxes are ideal for concealing the foul litter smell you are probably used to.

This is another large litter box. And, will be ideal for cat owners that have multiple cats. But, still applicable if you have one. In fact, even with one kitty, you will appreciate the fact that she can turn around freely without any hassle.

The material that has been used for this makes keeping clean simple. Why? Well, you simply just wipe this thing down and you are done. In addition to this, it has stain-proof plastic so that to avoid unwanted stains of cat mess, without getting too graphic, if you are with me?

Another factor, which makes it easy to clean, is the removable top. It makes it easy to access, clean or any other activity you need to do internally. Unlike others which are a “faff” to get inside.

In summary, this is a great sized litter box for large cats (or multiple cats), and ideal for people that are sick and tired of the unwanted foul litter smell that you may have become used too.

What I do not love about this hooded litter box

So, on to some of the things, I feel that could have been improved. Firstly, regarding the handle on top. In theory, it’s ideal, but in practice, it’s hard to rely on it.


Well, the latch that connects the top half onto the base is quite flimsy, in my opinion, so it is hard to trust that it won’t drop when you use the handle, are you with me?

And, not sure about you, but I do not want a ton of litter crashing to my floor. Which, I will be responsible for cleaning up, make sense?

03. Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Simple to get in and out
  • Easy to clean (simply wipe it down)
  • Good size (larger than most)
  • Simple to scoop (Smooth molding)
  • Prevents urine spilling onto the floor
  • Non-stick surfaces


  • Front-side can let litter/spray escape (Short side)
  • Does not hold in odor

What I appreciate about this Nature’s Miracle litter box

This litter box is the conventional style, non-hooded type of litter tray. But, just because it doesn’t haven’t have a hood it doesn’t mean that it can’t defend your home against mess leaking out.

It tackles this problem by having high sides (more on this later). So, in theory, it will stop (or at least reduce) the litter or spray escaping the tray, are you with me?

It is simple to clean this thing up, you simply empty it and wipe it down, then you are done. No big challenge in that department. This is also improved by its non-stick surfaces.

If you are like me, then the chances are, you will also appreciate the large size. It is well designed to allow your kitty some maneuverability.

And, with its smoothly molded corners and design, it makes scooping out a doddle.

In summary, this is a great litter box for those that fear their cat will feel a tad bit claustrophobic in a hooded cat box, but still want some protection from litter spraying everywhere.

What I find annoying about this Nature’s Miracle litter box

As much as I appreciate this litter tray, one of the annoyances is the fact that all sides are not the same length. Now, before I continue, I get it, you need an entrance, so not sure what the solution is.

But, the smaller side (the entry-point), is susceptible to litter or even cat spray, escaping. Which is a tad bit annoying.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cats, litter boxes and behavior. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me.

Are hooded litter boxes bad for cats?

No, hooded litter boxes are not bad for cats. Most cats are fine with them. But, in reality, they are more beneficial for their owners, because they are easier to manage and keep the smell locked in more than a conventional litter tray.

Do you need to train cats to use a hooded litter box?

No, you do not necessarily need to train your cat to use a hooded litter box. Like conventional litter boxes cats instinctively use them, many people wonder how cats know how to use their litter boxes, but remember they are different to us humans.

Some cats will need slightly more time to adjust, but that could be the same for any cat litter style to be fair. Therefore you can treat them like any other. On the odd occasion, you may have a nervous or claustrophobic cat, and in this instance, it may be advisable to try another option.