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3 Best GPS Cat Collars with No Monthly Fee (Guide/Review)

What is the best GPS cat collar with no monthly fee? This is the best cat tracker (Click here for the availability on Amazon). Read on for more info.

Quick comparison of cat GPS collars without a monthly fee

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. Petfon Cat GPS Tracker (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. RF Cat Tracker (Alternative to GPS)
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03. Findster Cat GPS Tracker
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4 stars

What you need to know about GPS cat collars (Guide)

Before you rush out and choose a GPS tracker for your kitty, it’s important to understand what the best features and benefits are. This will help you to choose the best one for you. So, here are a few of dome to look out for…

  • No monthly fee
  • Can be used in any country
  • Geofenced
  • Good range
  • Return home signal

No monthly fee

As you may already know by now, most GPS devices charge a “small fee” to use their services. And, that’s why you are here, to avoid this, right?

The reality is, even though it is sold as “small”, it adds up. Therefore you should lookout for a device that doe snot charge this, or uses alternative tracking technology, such as RF (see below), that does the same job, if not better, without the monthly cost.

Can be used in any country

The best cat trackers can be used in any country. This is mainly because they are not restricted by mobile-cellular networks. Therefore, take advantage of this, no matter where you are from.


This feature allows you to set a safe range for your cat to roam in. When (or if) she steps out fo this zone you will be alerted. It’s great because you can feel reassured that she is within a safe area for you.

Good range

What is the point of a cat tracker unless it has a good range, right? Therefore lookout for the devices with good range. You may see some with a range as big as a few miles. But, understand that this is based on a very open area with nothing blocking the signal.

Return home signal

Some of these cat trackers have a signal that can be initiated by you that will help to indicate to your cat to return home. But, you will need to train her to respond to this though. Regardless, it is good to have this.

My Best 3 GPS cat collars without a monthly fee

In this section, I will share with you three of my best cat GPS collars. In particular, the ones that do not charge a monthly fee. I have also included a GPS alternative that uses RF technology that also does not charge a monthly fee.

For each one, I will explain what I like and what I do not like. This will help you to decide what works best for you.

01. Petfon Cat GPS Tracker (Best Option)

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  • No monthly fee
  • Can be used in any country
  • Rain & dustproof
  • Tracks long distances (up to 3.5 miles, in open locations)
  • Geofence (Alarm if you kitty steps out of your “safe zone”)
  • Colorful lights (for finding your kitty in dim-lit areas)


  • The distance displayed is a bit off sometimes
  • Not water-resistant (but rainproof)
  • May struggle to connect in rural areas

What I like about this Petfon cat tracker

If you are looking for a GPS that has no monthly fees then this is a great selection.  I love the fact that it can be used in any country, which is great for all of us cat owners.

The device is rainproof (more on this later) and also dustproof. So, if your kitty is out and about, as you would expect, no need to worry about bad weather affecting the device.

It can track her for long distances, in particular, up to 3.5 miles, according to the manufacturer. But, understand that this is only in open areas without interference from other objects.

It has a geofence feature, meaning you can set a “safe area”, and if your kitty steps out of it, you will be notified. Which will give you that extra peace of mind.

Also, if she is in a dark or dim-lit location, and you are finding it hard to see her, it has some colorful lights to help you locate her easily.

In summary, this Petfon tracker is ideal for owners that like the concept of GPS but do not want the ongoing monthly subscription commitment and the ability to be notified when she strays too far from home.

What I do not like about this Petfon cat tracker

Like most things, nothing is perfect, and this Petfon tracker is no exception. The first issue is the distance display, it doesn’t always seem that accurate. Not a deal-breaker amount of difference though, in my opinion.

Earlier I mentioned that this device is rainproof, just understand that this does not mean waterproof. Meaning, if your kitty jumped into a swimming pool with it on, I don’t fancy your chances, are you with me?

Lastly, if you live in some remote, dense rural area, you may struggle with connectivity. It may be ok, but just worth mentioning.

02. RF Cat Tracker (Alternative to GPS)

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  • No monthly fee
  • Locate your kitty easily (within 1 inch)
  • Claims to be more accurate than GPS
  • Award-winning technology
  • Easy to attach to any collar
  • Can use the return home signal to train her to return


  • Need to be careful with collar and water bowls (could affect the battery)
  • The battery casing is quite difficult to put back after changing it
  • The silicone cover, for the collar tracker, is a bit flimsy (may slip out)

What I love about this cat tracker

This RF cat tracker is ideal for cat owners that like the concept of GPS, but do not want to pay the monthly fees that are usually associated with most models out there.

It is quite accurate and claims it can locate your kitty within 1 inch of her current location, which sounds impressive. In fact, they say its more accurate than GPS.

It has won a few awards for its device, which is reassuring and helps to confirm its value.

From more practical stand-point, it is quite simple to attach to any existing cat collar you may have. It also has a return home signal, that is activated with a button press.

This signal can actually be used to train your kitty to return home safely when required.

In summary, if you are looking for a good GPS alternative, without monthly fees, that has good accuracy, then this is the device for you.

What I do not love about this cat tracker

Although this may be a rare occurrence, its worth being careful with your kitty and water bowls, because you may notice some battery issues if she submerges the device accidentally in the water bowl as she drinks.

In general, the battery lasts long, but if you do need to replace it, the battery casing is a bit off a faff, to be honest. Not a big issue for now, but one thing to keep in mind.

Also, the silicone cover, for the tracker is a bit flimsy. The thing is you need this to keep it in place, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this.

03. Findster Cat GPS Tracker

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • No monthly fee
  • Real-time tracking of your kitty
  • Alerts if your kitty leaves your safe area
  • Tracks up to 3 miles (in an open area)
  • Works in all countries (doesn’t rely on cellular coverage)
  • Can also work “off-grid”


  • The collar battery seems to have a limited battery life
  • The connection tends to drop quite a bit
  • The radar page is not always that accurate (location of your kitty)

What I like about this cat tracker

Firstly, no monthly fees, oh, did I say no fees? ha! Well, apart from this it has some great real-time tracking for your kitty.

Similar to the previous review, it has the geofence type functionality, meaning that you can set a safe area for your kitty and if she strays out of that area you can get an alert.

This is great because it can track up to a 3 miles radius, assuming this is an open area without anything blocking its connection, so the geofence will benefit from this.

Another good thing about this device s the fact that it will work in any country. This is mainly because it is not at the mercy of the countries cellular network.

Also, you will be happy to know that, technically, it can even work “off-grid” (more on this later).

What I do not like about this cat tracker

One of the nuances is with the battery, in particular, the life span of the battery on the collar mounted receiver. It tends to gobble up battery power,

Also, earlier I was saying how great it is in any country, and off-grid, remember? Well, I have to say it does have the tendency to lose connection at times, which can be annoying.

Lastly, regarding the radar page, which gives you the location of your kitty. It is not always perfectly accurate. Not enough to be a major issue mind you, but enough for me to let you know.