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3 Best Good2go Mesh Harness & Lead Set For Cats (Alternatives)

What is the best Good2go Mesh Harness & Lead Set alternative? This is the best harness (Click here for its availability on Amazon). Also, read on for more info.

Comparison of Good2go Mesh Harness & Lead Set Alternatives

Description Image My Rating
01. Supet cat harness (Best Option)
Click here for the price on Amazon
5 stars
02. Rabbitgoo cat harness & lead
Click here for the price on Amazon
03. Awoof harness (best for kittens)
Click here for the price on Amazon
4 stars


What you need to know about harness & lead sets (Guide)

Before you consider picking up one of these harnesses, spend a few moments to read and understand the best features and benefits they have to offer. This will make your selection process easier. Here are a few for you…

  • Fits well (Comes in various sizes)
  • Adjustable (make small adjustments for a snug fit)
  • Breathable material
  • Good sized lead/leash
  • Reflective material included (better visibility)

Fits well (Comes in various sizes)

To make it easier to get a good fit it is advantageous to have a range of sizes. Therefore, as long as you measure up well enough you stand a better chance of getting a good fit, are you with me?

Adjustable (make small adjustments for a snug fit)

As well as having various sizes, its a good idea to have a harness that offers the ability to make small adjustments. This will make it feel as snug as possible to reduce the chances of her escaping.

Breathable material

It is all well and good being secure, but if she can’t ventilate her body well, she will over-heat, are you with me? So, its good to have breathable material, such as mesh or an equivalent.

Good sized lead/leash

When you are out and about on your walks, etc. It is good to have a long read so that your kitty is right up against you, are you with me? This will make a big difference.

Reflective material included (better visibility)

When it’s dark it can be difficult to see your kitty. Therefore it is a good idea to have a lead and harness that has a reflective stripe or woven into the lead. This will help a lot in low light or winter evening walks, ae you with me?

My best 3 Good2go Mesh Harness & Lead Set Alternatives (Review)

In this section, I will share with you three of my best harnesses. In particular, Good2go Mesh Harness & Lead Set alternatives. For each option, I will clearly explain what I like and do not like to help your selection.

01. Supet cat harness & lead (Best Option)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Secure (Claims to be escape-proof)
  • Reflective stripe (extra visibility in low light)
  • Breathable mesh material (stops over-heating)
  • Lightweight (helps her maneuver easily)
  • Ideal for averaged sized cats
  • Various sizes (to meet your cat’s needs)


  • There is little room for adjustment, so correct sizing is crucial
  • A bit tricky to put on initially
  • If you select the wrong size, she could escape

What I like about this Supet cat harness

This cat harness from Supet is a lovely secure offering. In fact, they claim that it is escape-proof (more on this later). It comes with a reflective stripe. As basic as this is, it is really helpful.

This comes into play when you are exposed to areas with low lighting. It comes with some breathable mesh material that helps to stop over-heating.

It comes with a lightweight profile making it easy for your kitty to still move around freely without a large weight on her, are you with me?

With regards to sizing, this is ideal for average-sized cats. So, if you have a really large cat, for example, a Maine Coon, this may not be the one for you. Regardless, the good thing is, there is various sizes available that will deal with most other cats.

In summary, if you are looking for a harness that is lightweight, breathable and ideal for average-sized cats, this sounds great for you.

What I dislike about this Supet cat harness

This harness is meant to be tight-fitting, this reduces the chance of her escaping. Therefore, there is little room for adjustment. Which may not appeal to everyone.

Also, I mentioned there is various sizes earlier, remember? Weel, this is good. But understand, if you select the wrong size you stand a good chance of her escaping from it.

Be warned, until you get used to this, it may be a bit tricky to put on and take off. After a while, like most things, you should get used to it.

02. Rabbitgoo cat harness

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Stays on securely (uses nylon webbed material)
  • The leash is a good length
  • Washable
  • The size is adjustable
  • The buckles have quick-release (Quick to put on & off)
  • Lightweight & breathable (also uses soft mesh material)


  • If the incorrect size is selected, she could escape
  • The hole, for her head, is quite small
  • The buckles, that secure it, are located under front legs (Bit of an awkward position)

What I love about this Rabbitgoo cat harness

This harness from Rabbitgoo uses nylon webbed material. This helps to keep it secure and strong, which in turn will help to keep your kitty safe. Also, it still maintains a lightweight and breathable profile. This is achieved with the soft mesh material that it uses.

The actual length of the lead is a good size, in my opinion. This will help greatly when you are on a long walk with your loving fur baby.

I love the fact that this is washable. It makes it easy to stop it from getting stinky and unusable, are you with me?

It comes with adjustable sizing. This is great because it allows you to get the best fit possible to keep her securely in the harness.

When it comes to the speed of taking it on and off it is greatly improved with the quick-release buckles that it comes with. Just un-click these bad boys to release her when you are safely back at home.

In summary, if you are looking for a washable harness that is breathable and secure then you will appreciate this offering from Rabbitgoo.

What I do not love about this Rabbitgoo cat harness

Earlier I mentioned that it is adjustable, remember? Well, this is great, but if you select the wrong size these adjustments won’t help you, are you with me?

Meaning, if the wrong size is selected, you stand a chance of her slipping out of the harness and escaping.

I felt the head hole was on the small side, but that may vary from cat to cat, but worth mentioning.

Also, earlier I mentioned how great the quick-release buckles are. Yes, they do help. But, they are located right under her back legs. Which is not ideal and your kitty may find it awkward when she is walking.

03. Awoof harness (best for kittens)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Quality Soft material (Keeps her comfortable)
  • Air-mesh fabric (for added ventilation & comfort)
  • Reflective leash (Extra visibility in low light)
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Can be used as a car seat belt


  • Incorrect sizing could make this slide off
  • Some kittens may need some training to get used to it
  • A bit tricky to put on

What I appreciate about this Awoof harness

When it comes to securing your kitten, Awoof makes life easier with this harness. It uses some quality soft material that helps to not only keep her secure but also comfortable.

This harness also comes with air-mesh fabric. This helps to keep her ventilated and comfortable while you take her out and about.

The reflective lead is helpful to keep her visible when you are particularly low light areas. It’s a simple feature, but amazing how helpful it is in practice, are you with me?

When it comes to fitting this on. It makes it easier to do this with the adjustable sizing that it has. Also, one of the biggest extra features is the fact that you can use this as a car seat belt as well as a harness for walking around. It comes with the attachments to make this effortless.

In summary, if you are looking for an adjustable harness, has good visibility in low light and can be doubled up as a car seat belt for your kitten, then this is the one for you.

What I do not appreciate about this Awoof harness

Like any of these harnesses, getting the sizing right is really important. The danger is, get this wrong, and she could make a run for it, are you with me?

Remember, we are talking about kittens here, meaning she may need a bit of training to get used to using this. It isn’t a natural process like using a litter tray, are you with me?

Also, this may take a few attempts to get used to putting it on, it is a bit tricky for some people at first.