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Furbo vs WoPet: Best Pet Camera? (Review/Guide)

What is the best Pet camera, Furbo or WoPet? This is the best pet camera (Click here for the availability on Amazon). Also, read on for more info.

Quick comparison of pet cameras (Furbo, WoPet & Alternative)

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. WoPet pet camera (Best option)
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5 stars
02. Furbo pet camera
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03. Tooge pet camera
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4 stars

What you need to know about pet cameras (Guide)

Before making a choice on your prefered pet camera, I feel that it is important to understand some of the best features and benefits. So, in this section, I will share a few with you…

  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio (talk with your kitty)
  • Motion detection

Night vision

If you are away overnight, or work shifts, you may wish that you could monitor your cat in late hours or the middle of the night. With night vision this feature makes it possible. Each device has its unique way of handling it, but it’s a great feature.

Two-way audio (talk with your kitty)

This feature gives you the ability to speak with your kitty. It can help you reassure her, verbally, so she can feel less anxious (Click here for the best cat beds for anxious cats) while you are away.

Motion detection

Rather than checking on your kitty every minute, motion detection helps you to get alerted when something significant happens. Maybe she is trashing your couch (Click here for the best way to protect your couch while you are away) and, in this case, you would get an alert.

My best 3 pet cameras: Furbo, WoPet & Alternative (Review)

In this section, I will share with you three of my best pet cameras. In particular, comparing Furbo, WoPet and an alternative option. For each device, I will explain what I like and do not like to help you understand what may work best for you.

01. WoPet pet camera (Best option)

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  • Good quality (Streams in HD)
  • Communicate remotely (Two-way communication)
  • Remote treats (Send a treat with the click of a button – 3 pieces)
  • Can work with Alexa unit
  • Social sharing (take a pic & put on socials, e.g. Facebook)
  • Nightvision (See your pet in low light)


  • The night vision feature could be improved (Can’t see much without normal light on)
  • Limited to one pet profile
  • The volume range is quite limited (Unit needs to be close to your pet)

What I like about this WoPet pet camera

If you are away regularly, or at work wondering how your kitty is feeding while you are away, then you will love this pet camera. with its HD resolution streaming you will get a great view of her while you are away.

As we all know, visuals are not everything, verbal communication is just as important, right? And, it may seem weird to some, but communication with your kitty is important. So, using the two-way audio feature on this device makes a big difference.

Not only can you see she is fine, but you can also hear her purr and tell you herself, are you with me?

After you have spoken to her, and see she is behaving, another handy feature that you want to use is “treating”. Meaning you can send a treat to your cat using the device. It is handy and keeps her appreciating the camera, rather than fearing it.

If you have an Alexa device you can link it up with this camera to add some great voice control and smart interaction, which many tech-savvy cat owners will appreciate.

Maybe once you have treated her, you may want to snap a pic and throw it up on your socials. Meaning, you can share these pics seamlessly with Facebook, I mean, who doesn’t have an account, right?

Also, even in low light, you are not left high and dry. Why? Well, this device has a night vision feature so you can still see she is fine.

In summary, if you are looking for a way to monitor your kitty remotely, share her progress on social media and check on her even in low light, then this may be the one for you.

What I do not like about this WoPet pet camera

Earlier I mentioned the Nightvision feature, remember? Well, it works, but it’s not that clear, to be honest. It could be improved, in my opinion.

I would love it if there was a way to have multiple pet profiles, forgive me if you can see this, but I can’t, can you? If you have multiple cats, this would really help.

Finally, the microphone, that picks up the sound of your cat, could be improved. It seems to be hard to hear unless she is quite close to the device.

02. Furbo pet camera

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  • Get alerts if she is jumping on your furniture, intruder detected, etc
  • Records if it detects an alert
  • Get cute highlights of her day (60-second clip)
  • Send hands-free treats to her
  • Simple setup (3-step)
  • Talk to her remotely (two-way audio)


  • Picture quality is not amazing
  • The speaker could be better (Hard for some pets to hear you)
  • The camera is fixed (doesn’t rotate)

What I love about this Furbo pet camera

Before we start, yes this can be used for cats, even though the focus is for dogs. I love the fact that this device sends alerts based on her movement. So, if she is messing about on your sofa, you will get an alert telling you this, cool, right?

As well as getting these alerts, it will trigger a recording so you can look back at this activity. Think about it, imagine you are in a busy meeting, get an alert, but missed it. What do you do? Simple, go back through the recording to see exactly went down, right?

As well as activity recordings, you can get a 60-second highlight reel of her day. This is great for a quick snapshot if you cannot be constantly checking in all the time, are you with me?

If you analyze the feed and see she was well behaved, why not treat her using the treating feature. You can throw her a delicious treat with the click of a button.

The setup of this device is quite straight forward, in fact, it is a simple 3-step process. Also, like the previous camera, you can use the two-way audio feature to listen and talk to her.

In summary, if you are a busy professional that wants to keep an eye on your kitty, get a quick 60 second summary of her day and throw her a treat remotely, then this one is for you.

What I do not love about this Furbo pet camera

As much as I love this camera, the picture quality is not amazing, in my opinion. It’s fine for the job, but it’s not mind-blowing, are you with me?

When it comes to the audio, I feel that the microphone or speaker setup could be improved. You may notice that your kitty may find it hard to hear you at times.

This camera is fixed, meaning it doesn’t rotate. It does the job, but it won’t cover all the angles that you may wish for.

03. Tooge pet camera

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  • Night vision (See your kitty in low light)
  • Security focus (Peer-to-peer communication, instead of server storage)
  • Multi-user access (View your kitty simultaneously remotely)
  • Detects motion (sends notifications when detected)
  • Chat remotely (Use two-way audio to speak to her)
  • The camera pans 350 degrees and can be tilted 80 degrees


  • The setup is quite tricky
  • Limited camera range (e.g. below the camera)
  • The instructions are not easy to follow (translation could be improved)

What I appreciate about this Tooge pet camera

Just looking at this camera from Tooge, you can see it sticks out from the rest, right? Why? Well, just look at that camera eye for one, looks a droid from a sci-fi movie, right? Ha! But, I love it.

Not sure if its this cute design or what, but the night vision on this is a great addition and will be ideal if you work nights and want to monitor in the night.

When it comes to security, I like their use of peer-to-peer, instead of central server storage. This basically means it reduces the chances of your photos, videos getting nabbed by undesirables, are you with me?

If you have a family, and you all want to keep tabs on your kitty, you will love the fact that multiple users can access and view her activity simultaneously.

Like the other devices mentioned in this article, it monitors her activity and sens notifications when required. Also, you have the option to use the two-way audio to speak with her remotely as well.

I love the fact that this camera can pan around a 350-degree angle and can be tilted 80 degrees. It makes it easy to see her, even if she is hiding away in some weird location in your home, are you with me?

In summary, if you want a pet camera that looks interesting, has the ability to pan around, tilt and send useful notifications based on her activity, then this one is for you.

What I do not appreciate about this Tooge pet camera

Yes, this offering from Tooge has some great features, but I wish it was a bit easier to set-up. Maybe Its just me, but that’s my opinion.

Also, earlier I mentioned it pans around, meaning it is way better than a fixed camera. But, there are still some angles it struggles with, e.g. below the camera.

Lastly, regarding the instructions. I feel that they could be improved. Mainly the translation could be improved upon.