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Is It Weird To Use a Cat Stroller? (& Are They Safe?)

If you are researching, or just interested in a cat stroller, you may be wondering what people think about them…

Is it weird to use a cat stroller?

It is not weird to use a cat stroller. But, it is not common. Meaning, you may get some people curious about it in passing. They are a practical choice for some cat owners that wish to take their cat out for a walk but are unable to use a cat harness & lead.

Quick escape proof cat stroller comparison (Pet Gear vs HPZ vs Ibiyaya)

Description Image My Rating
01. Ibiyaya Cat Stroller (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Pet Gear Cat Stroller
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03. HPZ Cat Stroller
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, what are the benefits of these strollers? Could you use a harness instead of it? What is the best escape-proof cat stroller? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is a cat stroller?

A cat stroller is a way to transport a cat while you walk along with it. They are often used by mothers to carry their babies, but can also be used for pets, such as cats and dogs.

They are sometimes chosen as an alternative transport method to a cat carrier, or a cat harness and leash.

What are the benefits of a cat stroller?

In this section I will explain some of the benefits of a cat stroller to help you understand the motivation for a cat owner to purchase and use one:

01. Take your cat out

Some cat owners have indoor cats that want to go outside. If they have concerns about letting them out, they may decide to use a cat stroller. This will allow them to experience outside with the added security of the stroller, so they can’t escape.

Later on, I will share with you some escape-proof cat carriers that some cat owners for their cats.

02. Keep it safe while you are out

Following on from above, the beauty of these strollers is the ability to keep your cat safe while you are out. This is a similar reason why a mother would use a stroller for their baby.

03. Comfort while traveling

Another added benefit of these carriers is the comfort that they offer. Your cat can snuggle up in the soft interior as they are carted around the park looking at the sights.

Can you use a leash instead of a stroller?

You can use a leash instead of a stroller. However, some cat owners do the complete opposite. This is because they may have trouble getting their cat using the leash and harness. When this happens, they may either give up on taking the cat out or try a stroller.

Why do people consider cat strollers?

People consider cat strollers for two main reasons they want their indoor cat access to the outdoors, and they want their cat protected while they experience the outdoors.

For those cat owners that do not like the idea of the stroller, they either let their cat out and hope it will be fine or try a cat harness and leash. Both of these are valid choices.

It just comes down to the cat owner to decide what level of risk they are happy with.

Cat Strollers: What you should know before you buy

Before you rush out and consider picking up a stroller there are some features I’d like to share with you. These features are important things to look out for in my opinion. And, I feel that it will help you decide what is best for you.

  • Security.
  • Multi-functions.
  • Strong.
  • Simple to maneuver.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Mesh covers (for ventilation).

Security & Strength

One of the reasons you are here is to find a stroller that is escape-proof, right? Therefore, it must be strong and secure, to reduce the chances of your kitty running away from the stroller.

Therefore, I suggest looking out for one that has a clear indication that it supports this. Such as the ones below.


This means that the stroller can be used for other things, such as a backpack or carrier (Click here to see one now on Amazon #Ad). While this is not necessary, it’s an amazing bonus. And, indeed, something that I personally like to look for.

Simple to maneuver

The reality is, we plan to use this stroller for a long time, right? So, it must be easy to control and maneuver. Why? Because if it’s not, then chances are you will not use it that much. Meaning, a waste of an investment, right?

Therefore, that’s why I suggest looking for a stroller that can be easily controlled.

Easy to setup

If you are like me, you will appreciate simplicity. The best strollers should be simple to set up and come with a great manual. Not just this, but if it has multiple functions, it should be really easy to switch from one function to another with ease.

Mesh covers (for ventilation)

Ventilation is very important, especially when your kitty is on a long journey. Some of the best ones will have mesh covers to improve the airflow to help this ventilation.

My Best Escape Proof Cat Stroller

If you are looking for the best escape-proof stroller, then this is my best (click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad) I love it because it has great multi-function usability, meaning it can be used as a stroller, carrier, car seat, etc. Also, it’s secure to reduce the chances of your cat escaping.

But, keep reading to look at some other options and why I chose this one…

01. Ibiyaya Cat Stroller (Best Option)

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  • Secure
  • Carrier has 5 functions (stroller, carrier, backpack, car seat & rolling carrier)
  • Stress tested for quality and strength
  • Simple to control
  • Easy to put together
  • Fast function switching (e.g. can switch from a stroller to backpack easy)


  • Better if it had a handle (as well as the shoulder strap)
  • Mesh seems a bit flimsy

What I find delightful about this stroller

Firstly, when you are looking for an escape-proof carrier, it must be strong and secure. And, this bad boy ticks that box (tick). One of the best features, that I am sure you will agree on, is its multi-functions.

You can use this thing as a stroller (obviously), carrier, backpack, car seat & rolling carrier. That is amazing value, in my opinion. It is ideal for day-to-day trips, such as shopping, visiting the vest, etc. Are you with me?

I also love the fact that the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to ensure the quality of this device. Meaning they have invested in Environmental Stress-Cracking Resistance tests. This means that it is more resilient and less prone to damage.

It makes me feel good to see that they claim it follows the baby strolling standards. Because, if it’s good for a baby, it’s good for my cat baby, are you with me?

With its well-designed EVA wheels, it makes it a doddle to steer and maneuver. Feels smooth like butter. It is also simple to fold up and store, with its one-hand folding mechanism.

It feels that it is built to last, just by looking at the material on the wheels. They are the type that does not wear out easily. As well as its sturdy metal and plastic frame.

The manual that it comes with is ideal, to make it simple to put together. And I like the fact that you can switch between each of its many functions simply.

If you are a person that wants to travel a lot or may have minimal room in your apartment/house, then this is ideal. Because it breaks down easily for simple storage.

Another great bonus is the material that it ships with. It is great to see that it can easily be washed in the washing machine. This is a big bonus for me.

What I am not loving about this stroller

As good as this is it is not perfect. So, for your benefit,  I need to point out a few observations. Firstly the shoulder strap is great. But, I just feel that it could have been much better if it had a handle as well.

Also, may not be a big issue for some. But, I feel that the mesh seems a bit flimsy. Hard to say without testing it for a few months, but something to watch.

02. Pet Gear Cat Stroller

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  • Secure (Simple-locking, no-zip entry)
  • The material is water-resistant
  • Great ventilation
  • Tires don’t go flat
  • Simple to fold up


  • The drink holder should be deeper
  • The handle could be lowered (or adjustable)

What I like about this Pet Gear stroller

Firstly this is another secure stroller, ideal for cats. I love the fact that it is water-resistant to keep your kitty nice and dry in poor weather conditions. Also, in these journeys, it still maintains good airflow and ventilation with its mesh windows on the front and top.

On the topic of journeys, I have to take this opportunity to comment on how easy it is to maneuver this device. Its quick-release tires really do a great job of making each trip a breeze to control.

I also love the fact that, even if you are going over uneven, or bumpy ground, the tires are designed to not get a flat. It’s very reassuring.

It comes with a well-designed ergonomic handle that fits in your hand like it was supposed to be there, are you with me? It also makes folding this up a doddle. It breaks down easily and stores away well, if you are a storage freak, like me! 🙂

What I think can be improved with this Pet Gear stroller

Now onto the things, I do not love so much. Firstly a small thing, in fact, some would argue that it shouldn’t even be mentioned, but it annoys me, so I will. The drink holder, is a bit too shallow for me, to be honest. Could easily be improved by making it a little bit deeper.

The handle, that it comes with, is a bit high in my opinion. It May not affect others. But, either way, it could be improved by making it fold down.

03. HPZ Cat Carrier

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  • Secure
  • Simple to unfold it
  • Nice and compact (when folded) – Simple storage
  • Wheels make journeys feel smooth
  • Lightweight (but still strong)
  • Breathable mesh cover
  • Large under storage area (for shopping, handbag, etc)


  • User manual (directions) not easy to follow
  • The push bar should be adjustable
  • The zips seem a bit flimsy

What I appreciate about this HPZ stroller

I love the way this stroller breaks down. You can unfold it and fold it back really quickly. They must have spent some time making this feature as good as it is. I also appreciate the fact that when it is folded away, it does not use up much space at all. Meaning, you can store it really well.

When you take this on a journey the wheels are comfortable, it has a great smooth feeling suspension and really effective braking mechanism.

I also like the feel of it, meaning it is a strong unit, are you with me? It must be the aluminum and steel used to strengthen this well-designed stroller.

Also, when you are on your journeys you will be happy to know that it has ample storage room for your handbag, phone, snacks, etc. And, it even has a bottle holdall so you won’t get dehydrated on your trip.

What I am not fully happy about this HPZ stroller

I have to say, while it is strong, it is a bit heavy, to be honest. Not a deal-breaker in my opinion, but worth mentioning. I also feel the maneuverability could be improved if they made the push bar adjustable.

Finally, the user manual could be better as well. Some people may not even use these things these days, but if you are like me, you will appreciate an improvement on this, because I do use it.

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In this section, I will answer some questions related to cat strollers and travel. If you have more questions that you need answering feel free to drop me a comment below.

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