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How Big Should a Cat Tunnel Be? (Are Connectables Best?)

If you are researching cat tunnels one of the things you may be wondering is how big they should be…

How big should a cat tunnel be?

Many cat tunnels are approximately 13-14 inches in diameter. But, the size depends on the size of your cat. As long as your cat can comfortably fit through, then this should be fine. If it’s too tight, your cat may not want to use it or could get stuck inside.

Quick connectable cat tunnel comparison

Description Image My Rating
01. Kitty City Cat Tunnel (Best option)
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5 stars
02. Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel
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03. Pet n’ Smile Cat Tunnel
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, how can you stop your cat tunnel from collapsing? Are these tunnels good for cats? What is the best connectable cat tunnel? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How do I stop my cat’s tunnel from collapsing?

To stop your cat tunnel from collapsing you need to choose the correct design, to begin with. Specifically, you should avoid the cat tunnels that have separate metal rings. This design is known to collapse and leave you and your cat frustrated.

Instead, you need to look out for other designs, such as the spiral-based tunnels that hold the structure together. If you imagine a big spring, this is how it looks inside on this type of design.

Are cat tunnels good for cats?

Cat tunnels are good for cats. They are a form of entertainment and keep them active. They can also be used indoors if you have an indoor cat. You will see many cats loving the experience as they burrow through these tunnels.

These tunnels help a cat reenact their natural behaviors such as running around, hiding, and crawling.

Do all cats like cat tunnels?

Not all cats like tunnels. This may happen if a cat is new to the tunnel or may have had a bad experience in a tunnel before in their life. When this happens they may appear to be hesitant or refuse to use it completely.

If this happens you can try some things to try and get them to use it such as placing a catnip toy (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) in the tunnel.

What is a 3-way cat tunnel?

A 3-way tunnel is a cat tunnel with a junction that has 3 directions. If you have connectable cat tunnels (more on this later) then you can add long tunnels leading to this junction to make it more fun.

Cat Tunnels: What you need to know before you buy

Before you buy one of these or any other connectable cat tunnel, you need to be clued up with the right knowledge, right? For that reason, I am going to share some important features and benefits to look out for…

  • Connectable
  • Comes with toys
  • Easy to store away (when not in use)
  • Strong & durable


One of the reasons you are here is for connectable cat tunnels, right? Well, for that reason it’s important to check it has this. This feature is great for extending the tunnel length or mixing it up with other compatible tunnels.

Comes with toys

Ideally, you want to have cat toys provided with the tunnel. This will help to entice your kitty to go through the tunnel if she is a bit hesitant to do so.

Easy to store away (when not in use)

It’s important to have easy storage, especially when the cat tunnel is not needed or being transported to a new location (e.g. moving house or visiting relatives). Look out for tunnels that can collapse down well to support this.

Strong & durable

If you want this cat tunnel to last the test of time, it must be strong and durable. In particular, it should be able to deal with your cat’s claws or other surfaces, such as wooden flooring.

My Best 3 connectable cat tunnels

What is the best connectable cat tunnel? This is the best connectable cat tunnel (Click here for the availability on Amazon #Ad), in my opinion. I like it because it has a quirky circular design, comfortable, connectable, and easier to store (See the full breakdown below).

01. Kitty City Cat Tunnel (Best option)

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  • Connectable (zips together)
  • comfortable
  • The circular shape will keep them happy
  • Fun hanging toys
  • Easy to store away
  • Bonus cat bed in the center


  • The zipper is a bit flimsy
  • Zippers don’t align well

What I like about this cat tunnel

The most stand-out thing about this cat tunnel is the circular design, in my opinion. I love this style, but why? Well, it allows your cat (or cats) to chase around in a continuous loop. Even if you are low on ground space in your accommodation.

It also has a nice little napping spot in the center. This is an ideal position. Because once your kitty gets tired from running in circles, she can move to the center and rest for a while. perfect! The good thing is, this little center cat bed is quite cozy for your cat.

As well as the design itself is the toys that come with it. They are not sophisticated, but I believe that simple is best. They are hanging toys that will entice your cat to enter the circular tunnel of fun.

From a practical perspective, I appreciate the fact that it can be stored away quite easily. It collapses down quite easy making it simple to store away.

What I do not like about this cat tunnel

My only real criticism is the zippers that it comes with, that you use to connect it. They are a bit flimsy and don’t seem to align perfectly. It’s not a deal-breaker but still an annoyance in my opinion.

02. Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel

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  • Quirky 4-way design
  • Fun ball toys
  • Crackling sound that your cats will love
  • Easy to store away
  • Strong & durable


  • The rustling sound is quite noisy
  • Size

What I love about this Purrfect cat tunnel

This cat tunnel has a lovely 4-way design. It’s great, especially if you have more than one cat. But still good for one cat. As well as this quirky design it makes a crackling sound when your kitty walks through it.  Most cats will be intrigued by this sound, which makes this quite an interesting option.

It comes with a toy to keep your cat stimulated and tempting her to traverse the cat tunnel. One of the things I love is the fact that can be stored quite easily. It collapses down without any hassle.

It is designed with strong durable material. With the addition of a steel frame to hold its shape when your cat is playing. It’s also good to see that it is tear-resistant, which helps to maintain the tunnel and make it last longer from the various cat claws that will hit it throughout its lifetime.

It also has a nice wide opening so if you have a bigger cat it makes life easier.

What I feel that could be improved with this Purrfect cat tunnel

There are two things that I am not loving about this Purrfect cat tunnel (sounds contradictory, right?). Firstly it’s the noise and the second is the size.

Let’s start with the noise. The weird thing is, my complaint is also a feature. It makes a crispy sound when your cat runs through the tunnel. Don’t get me wrong, chances are, your kitty will love it. But for you, the owner, well that could be different.

The sound is ok, to begin with, but in time it gets annoying, are you with me? Also, it has a toy with a bell in it, which just adds to the annoyance. Don’t get me wrong, this is my personal grump, it may be happy days for you.

Lastly, it’s the size. It is adequate, but I feel that it could have been a little bit longer to give your kitty more play space.

03. Pet n’ Smile Cat Tunnel

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  • Fun 3-way design
  • Wide sized tunnels (more fun)
  • Easy to store (collapsable)
  • Hair-resistance (Avoids fur sticking)
  • Can be used on many surfaces (grass, carpet, etc)


  • The top hole reveals the secret treat
  • Could be longer

What I appreciate about this Pet n’ smile cat tunnel

This lovely 3-way connectable cat tunnel is ideal for your kitty. She will love to explore each of the 3 tunnels it has. The beauty is, it is extendable. Meaning you can use it as is or you can connect it to other tunnels as well.

It comes with toys, the interesting one is the catnip toy, which your cat is likely to go crazy for, literally, ha!

The great thing is, although it’s a fair size while it is set up it still can be stored away without any issues. It can be collapsed down and simply stored away. The strong metal frame ensures that it can be sprung back into shape once you need it again.

While we are on the topic of strength, let me comment on its durability. It has been cleverly designed to go on many surfaces such as cement and grass. And, it deals with your kitty’s sharp claws with ease. So, no worries about it getting clawed up while they play with it.

Finally, it has great size with wide tunnels for your kitty to roam without concern. It also repels cat fur, so there is no issues with it collecting unwanted fur, are you with me?

What I am not loving about Pet n’ Smile this cat tunnel

Whilst I like the wideness of the tunnel, I have to say the length could be improved. I guess you can extend it, but understand that is at your own cost.

Finally, maybe this might be deemed as a nitpick, but I will mention it. The hole in the middle. I get it, it’s a centerpiece, but this entices lazy kitties to cut corners and just jump straight into the middle for the treats, right? I would prefer it if it was either smaller or removed altogether. But, it’s not a big issue though.

Related Questions

In this section, I am going to answer some questions related to cats, toys, tunnels, etc. If you have any more related questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

Do cats dig tunnels?

Yes, cats dig tunnels. This is usually for hunting or sharpening their claws. In the wild, they may see rabbit or snake holes. This will entice them to dig deep. Also, other times you may see them digging for no reason. But, the chances are it’s to sharpen their nails.

Should you leave cat toys out?

Yes, you should leave cat toys out. But, it’s important to not leave loads of cat toys out at once. This will overwhelm them. Instead get one or two, such as a cat tunnel, to focus their attention. This will be more productive for them.

Are cats happier in pairs?

Yes, cats are generally happier in pairs. This is because they are naturally sociable animals. Especially when they are born with their fellow kittens. But, it is still likely, regardless of a companion, they will still want love and affection from you. This is because you are their trusted owner and look upon you as a version of their mother.