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Cat Tree Faux Fur vs Carpet Review: 3 Best Choices?

If you are wondering if a cat tree with faux fur or carpet is best don’t worry, I have got you. Keep reading so I can reveal the best choice for you.

What is the best Cat Tree Faux Fur or Carpet based?

In my opinion, this is the best cat tree (Click to see reviews on Amazon #Ad) This is because it has a detachable cat bowl, quality top perch, multiple napping spots, and sisal-covered scratching posts. Most cats will love this.

Now that you know what I feel is best. Keep reading while I share a few of my best choices of faux fur and carpeted options as well as answering some of the related questions many people ask about these items.

Quick Cat Tree Comparison (Faux Fur vs Carpet)

Description Image My Rating
01. Large Faux Fur Cat Tree (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Large Carpet Cat Tower
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03. Medium Faux Fur Cat Tree
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4 stars

What should you know before you buy a cat tree?

Before you decide on the best choice you should look out for some key features to make sure you have the best option for you. But, what are these key features?

  • Reinforcements for stability
  • Multiple perches
  • Sisal covered posts
  • Simple to assemble
  • Washable material
  • Quality wood

Reinforcements for stability

If you are allowing your fur babies to crawl and climb on one of these items stability is crucial. I understand that cats are quite nimble, and allegedly they have nine lives, right? But, even with that said, stability cannot be overlooked, are you with me?

It is a good idea to look out for manufacturers that have emphasized strengthening the cat tree for stability. This means that they are more likely to sustain your cat’s weight. Especially if you have multiple cats.

Multiple perches

If you have an active cat or multiple cats, multiple perches will benefit you greatly. So, if this sounds like you, look out for cat trees that provide multiple perches to get the full benefit.

Sisal covered posts

When you have scratch posts they are not worth having unless they are covered in Sisal rope in my opinion. This cool rope absorbs the scratches that your kitty makes on the post. Another great benefit is, this reduces the chance of them tearing up the furniture around your house, are you with me?

Simple to assemble

If you are a DIY dunce like me, then simplicity is king. I personally like to make sure anything I buy, that requires assembly is simple to put together. So, I urge you to look out for a cat tree that does just that.

Washable material

If you have cats that are a handful, or just love to mess stuff up! Then a cat tree with washable material (Click here to check availability on Amazon #Ad) is an absolute must. This will not only make life easier for you but also increase the lifespan of your tree, are you with me?

Quality wood

cat tree with quality wood (Click here for reviews on Amazon #Ad) is much appreciated. This may be seen as nice to have. But for me, personally, I feel that it is a key part of my selection process.

Best cat trees (faux fur vs carpet)

01. Large Faux Fur Cat Tree (Best Option)

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  • Built for Stability
  • Cat Bowl (Detachable)
  • Quality Top perch
  • Multiple Napping areas
  • Sisal scratching Posts


  • Large cats may cause movement
  • Hanging basket material

What I like about this large cat tree

This cat tree is ideal for lovers of faux fur, especially if you have multiple cats because of its size. The manufacturer claims it is built for stability. This is achieved by strengthening the battens at the base of the structure. They have also fitted some anti-toppling features to improve this.

It also comes with a detachable cat bowl. This is designed to allow your cat to enjoy a feast even if she is way up in the top perch. Speaking of perches, it has a well-designed perch at the top with a raised edge. This allows your kitty to relax and look over her territory.

If you have a picky or finicky cat that will only fall asleep in certain areas, this is because it has multiple areas to choose from to catch a well-deserved nap, are you with me?

As for scratching posts, this is ideal. It allows your cat to sharpen her claws with the sisal rope covering on each post. This will also reduce the chances of her scratching your furniture to shreds.

What I find annoying about this tree

If you have rather large aggressive cats, you may notice that the cat tree will move a bit. Not saying it will topple over, but I am saying you will need to keep an eye on them, are you with me?

There is a hanging basket provided. While it is great, the material is a bit flimsy. Meaning it could potentially be chewed through, in my opinion, if you have a naughty cat.

02. Large Carpet Cat Tower

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  • Easy to put together
  • Good solid wood
  • Strong carpet covering
  • Sisal rope (unsoiled)
  • Ideal for multiple cat households
  • Multiple perches


  • Has some loose threads
  • Difficult for some cats to get down

What I love about this Carpeted Cat Tree

If you are a fan of carpeted cat trees, this one is for you. Great thing is, it comes in a few different color options. I like the fact that it is quite easy to put together. This is great for people who usually struggle to put anything together, like me 😉

It is built with some great quality solid wood. Think more like furniture-grade wood, are you with me? This gives you the feeling that this tree will last for a good while.

The scratched posts are covered in sisal rope. While this may be considered quite normal now, it also has unoiled sisal ropes. Which, for some reason, other cat tree providers tend to offer. Also, the rope itself is thicker than most, which I am sure your cat will appreciate.

With its 4 well-sized perches it is ideal for owners of multiple cats or a larger cat.

What I think could be improved with this tree

Maybe it’s just me, but you may find a few loose threads hanging. It’s not a big deal, but it just looks untidy and can lead to more carpet teasing out. On that note, it has been noted that the odd bald patch may be seen. Again, this may just be a one-off, but worth mentioning.

03. Medium Faux Fur Cat Tree

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  • Quality dark wood
  • Faux Fur (Washable)
  • Roomy perches
  • Well sized cat cave
  • Sisal covered posts
  • Cute scratch mat
  • Built for stability


  • Takes time to put together

What I appreciate about this faux fur cat tree

This tree comes with some quality dark wood, the type you can be proud of displaying in your front room, are you with me? And, if you are a faux fur fan, then this washable variant will keep you happy with your purchase in months to come.

The perches that are provided are nice and roomy, meaning you will appreciate their size. And, while we are on the topic of good sizes, I have to comment on the cat caves t come with. They also get a thumbs up.

You will be happy to know that the posts are sisal covered so your kitty can sharpen her nails and stay right away from your furniture, right?

In addition to this, it comes with a cute little scratch mat to help keep her nails off your stuff. In addition to this, the manufacturer has but this bad boy for stability, which gives you that extra reassurance.

What I dislike about this cat tree

The only thing I really need to mention here is the time it takes to put this together. I am not sure if it’s just me, but it is a pain to put together.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cat trees, faux fur, carpeted trees, etc. If you have any additional questions on this topic please feel free to contact me.

What are the benefits of Carpeted cat trees?

The benefit of a carpeted cat tree is the strength of the material. As well as the fact that your cat can claw at it to help groom its nails. This is attractive to owners because it moves them away from clawing up their furniture.

What is Faux Fur?

Faux fur is a posh word for saying artificial fur. It is a material that gives the benefit of the beautiful fur effect without having the cruelty of using real animal fur. Many cat owners like this because it allows them to have the aesthetic benefits of fur without the guilt of using real animal fur.

Which cats benefit most from Cat trees?

In general indoor cats (Click here to see if they can become outdoor cats) benefit from cat trees the most. This is because they are not exposed to natural trees outdoors and are often deprived of exercise. Therefore, these trees tick both boxes.

Do cats really need a cat tree?

How long do cat trees last?

A white & black cat in a cat tree.

Cats do not need a cat tree to survive. But, they really do help them pass their time well. This is even more helpful when you have an indoor cat that is struggling to keep itself entertained. The cat tree will not only save it from boredom, but it will also keep it active.

Regarding the latter, active, this is important for two reasons: it’s healthy and avoids them becoming obese. An indoor cat with no means of exercise can easily overeat and become overweight.

Do cats like faux fur?

Cats seem to enjoy faux fur. This is believed to be because of the soft and cozy feel of it. In the winter months, cats are often seen snuggled up in the cat tree condos that are layered with faux fur.

Some would say faux fur is good because it stops the need for real animal fur being used. Which can stop animals from being used solely for cosmetic uses in this manner.

Do cat trees need carpet?

Cat trees do not need carpet. It can be substituted with other materials if the objective is to save money or for other practical reasons. However, whatever you use should be able to keep your cat comfortable and not just hardwood.

This is important because if you just have wood it will not be as comfortable for your cat. And, more importantly, the impact from your cat will be absorbed better.

Where should you place a cat tree?

A cat tree should be placed in a room that has a lot of space. This can allow your cat to climb around in it, jump down, and roam comfortably. Some homes have limited space, which is understandable. And, in those situations you need to place it in the biggest space you have available.

How often should I replace my cat tree?

A cat tree could last a couple of years depending on the quality of the tree. Also, other factors play a bigger part in that such as the way your cats use it and how often they use it.

For example, if you have a cat tree for one cat that hardly uses it, it could last a lot longer. But, if you have two cats using it daily and really putting it through its passes. Then, it could last a lot less.