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3 Best Cat Scratchers for Door Frames (ClawGuaurd vs Petfect)

What is the best cat scratcher for door frames (ClawGuaurd or Petfect)? This is the best door frame scratcher (Click here for the reviews on Amazon). Keep reading to see why.

Quick comparison of door frame scratchers

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. ClawGuard Frame Scratcher (Best Option)
Click here for the price on Amazon
5 stars
02. Petfect Door Frame Scratcher
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03. Claw Shield Door Frame Scratcher
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4 stars

What you need to know about door frame scratchers (Guide)

Before you make a decision on one of these items, or any other competing product, it’s important to get a feel for the top benefits/features. For that reason, I will share a few with you now…

  • Simple to setup
  • No tacks, pins or nails required
  • Fits in with your decor

Simple to setup

One of the biggest hurdles for most people is the setup. Especially if you are like me. Therefore, it is important to find a solution that makes this as easy as possible to install. Are you with me?

No tacks, pins or nails required

Me personally, I don’t like to puncture holes into my furniture or door frames. So, I feel that the best solution will not require this to get up and running.

Fits in with your decor

The worse thing is to have a solution for your cat that sticks out and creates an eye-sore, are you with me? Therefore, it is a good idea to get a scratcher that is see-through. Some of them are clear vinyl that will fit in well with any of your decor.

Therefore, you will not need to worry about trying to hide it from guests when they come round to visit you, are you with me?

My best 3 cat scratchers for door frames (Review)

In this section, I will share three of my best door frame scratchers with you. To cover all bases, I will explain what I liked and didn’t like. This will help you to make a choice on what best fits your criteria.

01. ClawGuard Door Frame Scratcher (Best Option)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Discourages your kitty from scratching the door frame.
  • Ideal if you are training your kitty (or pro trainer)
  • Simple to set-up (No hardware required)
  • Easy to store away (When not in use)
  • Alerts you if it’s being scratched (Has ridges on one side)


  • May need to get more velcro, if it isn’t enough for you.
  • If it’s not secured your kitty could scratch underneath
  • Doesn’t cover a large part of the door/frame

What I like about this door frame scratcher

If you are sick and tired of your kitty scratching your door frame to sheds then keep reading, because you may have just found the solution you have been looking for.

This ClawGuard scratcher discourages your cat from attacking your doors by creating a physical barrier that protects the door as well as the door frame itself.

And, if you are a cat trainer, even better, this will help you to train your cats to be better behaved and avoid destroying your client’s doors or furniture.

One of the things I love about this is the fact that it can easily be set up, with no complicated DIY procedure or hardware required for this.

When (or if) you need to put it away for a period of time, maybe if some guests are coming, for example, you can easily store this away neatly, without any hassle.

It has ridges on one side, and smooth on the other side. The idea is the ridged side will make an alarming sound when your kitty attempts to scratch it. This will help you to be alarmed and train her to not do this going forward, are you with me?

In summary, this is an ideal solution to protect your door frame and doors with minimal effort to get set up and get going.

What I do not like about this door frame scratcher

As much as I love this it is not perfect, like anything in life. So, I will explain some of my observations to help you understand if this can work for you.

Firstly, if this is not securely attached to your door, for example, placed under the door handle, it is quite easy for your kitty to reach underneath and give it a good scratch.

And, understand that if you run out of the velcro, you will need to supply more yourself.

The last thing is regarding the size of the item. It does its job, but it does not cover the entire door, and in fact its more of a fraction of the door/frame. This will cover the most common areas that your kitty is likely to scratch though.

02. Petfect Door Frame Scratcher

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Protects your doorframe from unwanted scratches
  • Simple to set up (comes with a cutting tool)
  • Blends in with your decor (Clear material)
  • Removes their urge to sharpen their claws
  • No tack or nails required (No need to puncture your door)
  • Can be used on table legs, etc as well
  • Can fit curved surfaces
  • Avoid expensive repairs (wall or door)


  • May need more than one layer
  • Tricky to apply straight, without getting air bubbles
  • May strip off door/wall surfaces when removed

What I love about this Petfect door frame scratcher

One of the things that grabbed my attention about this Petfect scratcher is how neat and tidy it looks, which you can see from the pictures. It is a clear material that sticks to your door/frame to protect it from those unwanted cat scratches.

It is simple to get up and running (more on this later), which is made easier with the cutting tool. Another good thing is the fact that it will not require any tacks, pins or screws to attach it to the door, which other rival products tend to require.

One of the benefits of this flexible material is the fact that it is not just limited to doors or frames. It could also be used for furniture like table legs, etc. It is even possible to wrap around curved surfaces if that is required.

In summary, this is a great solution if you are looking for more of a permanent fitted material to prevent scratches, without the need to use nails, screws or pins on your door frame.

What I do love about this Petfect door frame scratcher

One of the challenges about this is getting it set up straight and without air bubbles. Once its set up it is effective. You need to be patient and make sure that you lay it straight and avoid air getting trapped in it. Because this will ruin the finish.

Also, in some cases, you may even need more than one layer which will obviously require more material and cost.

The last thing to mention is the fact that if you decide that you no longer want this up on your door, you have to be careful pulling it off. Why? Well, depending on your door/wall, it may pull some of the surfaces off with it. Ideally, this is more of a long-term solution though.

03. Claw Shield Door Frame Scratcher

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Stays on well (Hard to remove once installed)
  • Simple to customize (cut into size)
  • Fits in with your existing decor (clear vinyl)
  • Can be used for furniture, car door panels, etc
  • No pin screws required
  • Comes with an installation tool


  • Sticks on very strong (may remove wall/door surface once removed)
  • A bit tricky to install
  • Quite hard to apply to curved surfaces

What I appreciate about this ClawShield door frame scratcher

This offering by Clawshield is excellent if you want a long term solution that stays in place well. Why? Well, once this is attached and in place, it will hold on very well (more on this later).

Like the previous review, this does not require any screws or pins to hold it in place, which is ideal if you want to avoid puncturing your furniture or door frames, are you with me?

It is simple to make it fit in your home, especially with the fact that it can be cut t size. This clear vinyl material is also great for fitting in with your decor, as it is see-through.

I like the fact that this is not limited to door frames, it can be used on other items such as home furniture, or even car door panels.

In summary, if you are looking for a door frame scratching guard that will stay in place for a long time, and protect your door as well as your furniture, then look no further.

What I do not appreciate about this ClawShield door frame scratcher

Earlier I mentioned how great it is that this protector stays in place well, well, unfortunately, this has pros and cons. The reality is, it works well, but if you need to remove it for some reason there is a chance that it might lift the surface of your door/wall, etc with it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I also feel that it can be tricky to install. Especially if you have a lot of curved surfaces.