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Are Cat Doors Safe? (Can They Be Put Through Drywall?)

If you are researching cat doors, or just interested, you may be wondering if these doors are safe or not…

Are cat doors safe?

Cat doors are safe, as long as they are fitted correctly. They can be fitted in a door, through a PVC door, or even through drywall. Once the door is fitted correctly your cat can benefit from the freedom the door has to offer.

Quick drywall cat door comparison

Description Image My Rating
01. PetSafe Cat Door (Best option)
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5 stars
02. Kitty Pass Cat Door
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03. Lynx Cat Door
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, will all cats use a cat door? Are they a good idea? Can you place a cat door through dry wall? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is a cat door?

A cat door is an purpose made opening in a door or wall. It allows a cat the freedom of letting itself in and outdoors at its own discretion. However, you can get cat doors that are used internally.

These cat doors are often fitted through an interior door, or through drywall. These cat doors allow a cat access to a kitchen, fro example, and restrict access to bigger pets, like a dog, for example.

Will cats use a cat door?

A cat will use a cat door. Howeevr, some cats may be nervous at first and may need to be trained to use it. But, after some time getting used to it, it should be fine.

However, it is important not to confuse the cat while it gets used to the cat door. Meaning, don’t have it locked sometimes and open another time. It may try it, find it closed, and not want to try it again.

If you have concerns about leaving it openall day its with getting a cat door (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) that will identify your cat with a chip detector.

Although you may need to train or entice her to use it, to begin with. Some take to it naturally just through sheer curiosity. so, it varies from cat to cat.

Are cat doors a good idea?

Cat doors are a good idea especially if you leed a busy life and find it hard opening doors for your cat all the time. And, if yu have concerns about leaving doors open all the time, if you have limited time to open them for them.

For cats, it appeals to their indendant nature. Meaning, they prefer to let themselves in and out withought having to run in from of you to get your attention.

Can you put a cat door through drywall?

You can place a cat door through drywall. However, you need to have the right skill, tools and most importantly the correct cat door. Once you have these elements you should have no problems with it.

Reagrding the correct cat door, later in this article I will explain which cat door you need to get this done, they are different to the normal cat flap.

What you need to know before you buy a cat door (for drywall)

Before you go out and buy a cat door, you need to understand the best features and benefits to look out for. For that reason, I will explain what they are in this section.

  • Extendable
  • Simple to set-up
  • Wide opening
  • Attractive design
  • Fits drywall


Depending on your set-up you may need a long cat door extension. If this is the case, it’s important that the cat door is extendable. The chances are this may cost a bit more, but it must have the ability to be extended.

Simple to set-up

If you need to hire a handyman or be a DIY genius it’s no good. The ideal cat door should be able to be set up within 30 minutes without the need to hire an expert, are you with me?

Wide opening

Looking good is one thing, but if it’s not wide enough to fit your kitty, forget it. Look out for one that has a nice wide opening to fit your cat comfortably.

Attractive design

Some may argue that is not really necessary, but if you are like me, it has to look good. You can get some cat doors that look great. But, more importantly, make sure it matches your house style.

Fits drywall

One of the big emphases of this article is drywall fitting cat doors. Therefore, look out for ones that have the capability to fit drywall.

My Best 3 cat doors through drywall

Which cat door through drywall is best? This is the best cat door (click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad), this is because it insulates well against weather conditions, extendable and you can restrict access with it if needed (see below for full details).

01. PetSafe Cat Door (Best option)

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  • Insulates against weather conditions (using double flaps)
  • Extendable (For long walls)
  • Can restrict access, if required
  • Ideal for homes with impractical side door entry
  • Manual to help you fit it yourself


  • Tunnel plastic is a bit flimsy

What I like about this cat door

The thing I love about this cat door is the fact that it’s ideal for those situations when you just can’t access the other doors in your house easily. It fixes this problem well.

You can follow the instructions and put this one together. Just understand that if your wall is a bit longer than the standard, you may need to extend it, which is possible, but you’ll need to purchase this separately.

This kit is amazing because you can burrow through most materials including brick and wood. And, all the while it is still energy efficient. Meaning, it will help to insulate the hole with its double flaps.

If you are concerned about access, or lack of control, don’t! Why? Well, it is designed with a controllable sliding door so you can decide and control access.

It also feels good that the manufacturer has been around in this space for nearly 30 years.

What I do not like about this cat door

My main gripe with this cat tunnel is the plastic used for it. Don’t get me wrong, it does the job. I just feel that the plastic could be a lot stronger. It is just a bit flimsy, in my opinion. Not a deal-breaker but an important observation in my opinion.

02. Kitty Pass Cat Door

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  • Beautiful looking cat design
  • Wide opening (your cat can go in easily)
  • Fits all standard walls (interior)
  • Simple to paint your own color
  • Fits big cats (up t 20 lbs)


  • No flap

What I love about this Kitty Pass cat door

Firstly, I have to address the elephant in the room, the beautiful cat design. Without a doubt, this is the most stand-out feature of this cat door. And, I am certain that you will appreciate this.

The great thing is if the color scheme does not match your palette, you can paint over it with ease. It has a nice wide opening so that it can cater to cats of all sizes, even bigger cats (up to 20lbs).

If you are worried if it will fit your drywall, don’t worry, it will fit most standard interior walls without concern.

I love the fact that it is easy to install, with great instructions that should allow most people to complete in up to 25 minutes. The great benefit of this cat door is, it allows you to have items, such as cat litter, stored in another room, whilst letting your cat have access.

What I find annoying about this Kitty Pass cat door

My only real issues with this cat door is the lack of a door cover and the difficulty connecting it. Firstly let me address the door cover. As you can see it has a cute opening, but understand there is no cover for it, So, if you have a drafty room it could let in some draft, are you with me?

Lastly, the way it connects at the tail end is a bit annoying, it might just be me, but I feel that this could be improved.

03. Lynx Cat Door

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  • Eye-catching design
  • Simple access
  • Fast installation
  • Fits a nice range of cats (up to 12 lbs)
  • Resists scratches


  • The door does not open completely

What I find adorable about this Lynx cat door

I love the design of this cat door. The unique cat-looking style looks divine. It allows you to create a gateway from a smelly litter box room to your living area, to reduce/eliminate the smell.

The great thing is, it is designed to be fitted without the need for an expensive handyman. Most DIY enthusiasts should be able to fit this within 30 minutes.

If you have a cat that is under 12 lbs, this is the ideal size for her. She will love the freedom of getting in and out of previously inaccessible areas.

The cat door is built to last with scratch-proof materials and the added confidence backed by a guarantee if you are not happy with it.

What drives me crazy about this Lynx cat door

My main gripe with this is the door that opens and closes. It’s a great addition, especially when others here do not have one, however, I do not like the fact that it doesn’t appear to open completely. This means it cuts down the available space and makes it harder for some cats to get through it.

Also, the fact that it’s not ideal for large cats (over 12 lbs). If you have a big old Maine Coon, for example, this may not be the one for you.

Related Questions

In this section, I am going to answer some questions related to cats, cat doors, and accessories. If you have any extra questions leave me a comment below.

Do you need a cat door for an outdoor cat?

Yes, a cat door for an outdoor cat can help. However, an internal cat door is designed for any type of cat, because even outdoor cats need to come in sometimes, and need access to parts of the house. The drywall cat door will help with that.

How do I get my cat to use a cat flap?

If you have a cat flap (Click here for my best flaps) you may struggle at the beginning with getting your cat to use it. Therefore it is important to think of some strategies, or “quick wins” to make this happen.

One quick way I have learned, which I am not advising you to do, just letting you know what I have learned, is to leave the cat flap open, purposely, for a while. This will make her get curious about the flap and hopefully start jumping through it.

After a while, I would close it back and use it for its intended purpose. Just understand that while it is open like this there is a chance that another cat or animal could get through, so I would monitor it at that time and reduce the duration of this time period. But, as I said, I am not advising you to do this, so, do so at your own risk.

How high can a cat flap be?

A cat flap should ideally be approx 15cm from the floor. This guideline is based on the average distance from the floor to a cat’s stomach. However, like most things, these sizes can vary depending on your cat size and the location of your door, etc.

And, as stated above, once it’s installed, you may need to spend some time training her to use it.