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Are Soft Cat Carriers Safe? (Soft or Hard Better?)

If you are interested in or researching, soft cat carriers you may be wondering how safe they are. And, how they compare to a hard carrier…

Are soft cat carriers safe?

Most soft cat carriers are safe, but they are not supportive or as sturdy as a hard carrier. Also, it’s important to check the condition of the soft carrier before using it. for example, check for any torn material, or damage to the wireframe, if it has this.

Quick Soft vs Hard Cat Carrier Comparison

Description Image My Rating
01. Petsfit Soft Cat Carrier (Best option)
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5 stars
02. Pet Magasin Hard Cover
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03. Sherpa Soft Cat Carrier
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, are hard carriers more secure? What are the benefits of soft carriers? What is the best, soft or hard carriers? keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Are Hard cat carriers more secure?

Hard carriers do offer more strength and protection than soft carriers. Meaning, if a large and heavy object fell on it, it can take the impact better. And, if you get a top-quality one they may have a steel mesh door to offer more security.

However, what they offer in security, they trade for comfort. Meaning, in general, they do not offer the same soft comfort that a soft carrier offers.

What are the benefits of a soft cat carrier?

In this section, I will explain some of the benefits of a soft carrier. This will make it clear why some cat owners opt for them, over a hard carrier:

01. Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of a soft carrier is the comfort it offers. They are very flexible, meaning if your cat moves around a lot they are not restricted to the set borders of the carrier.

Also, the interior is naturally soft. Whereas, with a hard cat carrier, you may have to spend extra on blankets or small pillows to make your cat comfortable.

02. Lighter

Soft carriers are generally lighter than hard carriers. This is helpful when you are travelling and want to travel as light as possible to reduce your load.

03. Flexible (Easier to fit)

if you want to take your cat onto a plane a soft carrier can be easier because of its flexibility. They are easier to slot into a tight space because they have flexible, rather than rigid material.

If you have traveled on a plane before you will know how tight some of the seats can be. When this happens, this flexibility can be appreciated.

Are soft carriers good for cats?

Soft cat carriers can be good for cats. It depends on your needs. if you only care about comfort and flexibility, then these carriers are ideal.

However, if you are more focused on strength and protection, then the hard carrier may be a better option for you to consider.

Cat Carriers: What you need to know

Before you choose one of these carriers or any others for that matter, you need to be sure what features and benefits to look out for, right? For that reason, I will share with you some of the things that you need to consider before you make that choice…

  • The size.
  • Ventilation.
  • Storage options.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Usage on airlines (if this is required)

The size

It goes without saying that you want your kitty to have as much comfort as possible. Therefore lookout for a spacious carrier. And, some of them have different size options to make it easier (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon #Ad).


This is a necessity, especially when traveling for long journeys. Most of the good carriers will have adequate ventilation. The hard ones tend to have cut-out ventilation holes. Whereas the soft ones tend to have mesh ventilation.

Storage options

While you are traveling you need to have pockets to tire things such as snacks, toys, etc. Therefore make sure that the carrier has good storage options. Ideally with multiple pockets.

Easy to carry

The best carriers will make transportation easy. This can be as simple as adequate shoulder straps or other carrying systems. Just look out for these features to ensure your travels will be made easier.

Usage on airlines (if this is required)

If you plan to travel on airlines (Click here for my best airline-approved carriers), the carrier must have been designed for this (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon #Ad). However, understand that even if it’s designed for this, all airlines are different. Therefore, you need to check before travel, to make sure your airline is fine with it.

My Best Cat Carrier (Soft vs Hard)

What is the best soft or hard carrier? This is the best carrier (Click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad), in my opinion. This is because it’s spacious, has easy access on top and in front, strong and comfortable.

01. Petsfit Soft Cat Carrier

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  • Spacious
  • Easy access
  • Helpful storage options
  • Easy to carry
  • Strong structure
  • Comfortable


  • Would benefit from a closable pocket
  • Fur padding gets in the way at times

What I like about this cat carrier

This cat carrier is great on the eye, its expandable design is both clever and beautiful. It allows your kitty to get some space while she is on a long journey, such as a flight. But then, when it’s not needed, it can be conveniently folded back up for easy transport.

If you are like me and think she should have a good view of her surroundings while she travels, you will like this carrier. Why? Because it comes with some strong black mesh that keeps it secure but also allows your kitty to see the world outside, as she moves, are you with me?

If you have ever been on an airplane with your kitty, you will probably agree that it can be annoying and awkward getting her in and out for the obligatory checks. This is where this carrier excels.

It has easy access as well as the front. This is great because you simply open the top and take out your kitty if the front door is obstructed by other luggage, etc.

If you love to treat your kitty while you travel, especially on long flights, you will appreciate the cute pockets this has. It allows you to store treats and other practical items like harnesses, extra collars, etc.

It makes carrying really easy with the wide straps that it comes with. Because the straps are wide it means that they do not cut into you, as other carriers may do.

When it comes to the comfort factor, this nails it! Why? Well, it has some comfortable fur inside, that coincidently be removed when needed, which makes transportation comfortable for your kitty. And, another bonus is, you can wash these items quite easily.

What I do not like about this cat carrier

Although this carrier has some cute pockets, which I mentioned earlier. I have to comment on the lack of closable pockets. This would be a great addition to important documents, etc.

I mentioned earlier that the fur can be removed when needed. This is good, especially when you expand the carrier the fur looks good and keeps her comfortable. But, when the carrier is retracted the fur folds up. This is where I feel that it blocks some of the space a bit and could be improved.

02. Pet Magasin Hard Cover

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  • Great size.
  • Hardy and good protection.
  • Simple to store away.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Comfortable interior.


  • The cushion, located at the bottom, tends to move a bit.
  • A bit tricky to re-assemble, once it’s broken down.

What I love about this Pet Magasin cat carrier

The thing I love about this carrier is the fact that it is a hard and soft carrier all in one. You get the benefit of using it as a hard protective case. But, also maintain the right to use it as a soft carrier on the interior.

Another benefit of this hard and soft combination is storage. You can easily fold it down and store it away because it folds up so neatly.

While your kitty is in the carrier she will enjoy the soft mat on the floor as well as the soft interior. As well as this it has a practical and strong mesh window, so your kitty can see what’s happening while she is in transit.

This in itself also helps with ventilation for your cat, meaning you do not need to worry about here on your journey with that aspect.

What I do not like about this cat carrier

My observations are minor in fairness, but they are little nuances that you need to know before you commit to one, are you with me?

Firstly, the storage procedure. It’s good when it’s stored away, and yes, it saves space. But, I have to say. It is quite hard to zip together in the first instance. I understand that I may be a weakling. But, surely it shouldn’t be that hard, right?

And finally, the cushion, located on the floor of the carrier. It tends to move about a bit. I know this is not major, but it can be annoying for you and your cat, are you with me?

03. Sherpa Soft Cat Carrier

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  • Good sized soft carrier.
  • Approved for travel on most airlines.
  • Great ventilation.
  • Good selection of pockets.
  • Simple to pick up and carry.


  • The holding strap could be a bit longer.
  • Removable holding rods can be chewed on.

What I appreciate about this Sherpa cat carrier

The thing that grabbed my attention with this carrier is the fact that it is approved for most airlines. Obviously, you need to check with your specific airline before traveling to make sure.

It is large enough to keep your kitty happy while she is traveling, especially on an airline. And, while we are on that topic of air travel, I have to comment on the fact that it is designed to be flexible. In particular, the wireframe flexes to help meet most airlines under seat travel recommendations.

If you are ever worried about your kitty’s ventilation during travel, don’t worry about this one. Why? Because it has mesh ventilation cleverly located around the carrier to deal with this.

Also, while traveling on planes, you have the advantage of choosing different holdall sizes. This can help you to match the size to your kitty’s requirements and also fulfill the airline’s weight requirements.

What I am not loving about this Sherpa cat carrier

Whilst this carrier is good, I wish it had slightly longer straps on it. In particular the shoulder strap. This would make it a bit easier to cart her around, are you with me?

Also, it has a couple of metal struts at the top. They serve their purpose ok, but they are removable. So what? Well, the point is, if you have a naughty or aggressive kitty (Click here for my best pheromone collars to help with your cat’s aggression), she may remove it and chew it up. Just a thought really.

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Can a cat travel in an RV?

Yes, cats can travel in an RV (Click here for 9 tips for traveling with your Cat in an RV). However, you must research and plan ahead of time because even simple things like finding pet-friendly stops can be quite challenging if you try and do it on the fly