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Best Clumping Cat Litter for Declawed Cats (Guide/Review)

Which is the best clumping cat litter for declawed cats? This is the best clumping litter (Click here for the reviews on Amazon), in my opinion. I like it because it’s ideal for declawed cats, dust-free, easy to scoop and locks in the unwanted odors well (see my full breakdown below).

Quick clumping litter comparison for declawed cats

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. Arm & Hammer Clumping Litter (Best Option)
Click here for the price on Amazon
5 stars
02. Purina Clumping Litter
Click here for the price on Amazon
03. SmartCat Clumping Litter
Click here for the price on Amazon
4 stars

What you need to know about clumping litter for declawed cats

Before you consider picking up some clumping litter, you should understand some of the key features, things to look out for and benefits. So, in this section, I will share a few for you.

  • Dust-free
  • Odor control
  • Simple to scoop
  • Lightweight
  • Clumps (that are manageable for declawed cats)


Some cat litter leaves a dusty mess behind after you use them. This is quite annoying because guess who will have to clean up this mess? Exactly.

So, to avoid this problem, look out for litter that offers dust-free features (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon), such as some the ones detailed below.

Odor control

As you probably know, litter is notorious for being smelly. But, if you look out for products with odor-control this can help to reduce or even completely cover up this foul smell.

Each liter has slightly different formulations for dealing with this. However, it mainly comes down to two approaches. The first being scented and last is un-scented or “fragrance-free”. It comes down to you choosing the best option for you.

Simple to scoop & Manageable clumps

If the litter does its job properly it should generate easy to scoop clumps. It usually does this by locking in the moisture and making manageable clumps that can be disposed of easily.

However, for declawed cats, there is a fine line. You want them to not be too hard and cause issues with their claws, are you with me? Also, the general texture of the litter should be compatible with their claws.


It is always advantageous to have lightweight cat litter. Even if it’s just to avoid physical issues by handling heavy litter (more on this later). Also, it’s better for declawed cats.

My Best 3 Clumping Litters for Declawed Cats

In this section, I will compare three of my best clumping litters for declawed cats. It takes into account the needs of these cats and highlights other great features they have to help you make a choice.

Also, if you have read the previous section, you should now have some knowledge of the features you should be looking out for. Without further ado, let me share them with you now…

01. Arm & Hammer Clumping Litter (Best Option)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Ideal for declawed cats
  • Dust-free technology
  • Locks in the odor (made to keep your house fragrant)
  • Easy scooping
  • Odor-free guarantee


  • The box is quite heavy
  • The scent is quite powerful

What I like about this clumping litter

This clumping litter is ideal for declawed cats. Which is my main focus for this article and probably the reason why you are here, right?

It has some helpful dust-free technology. This helps to keep your house tidy. Not sure if you have experienced dusty cat litters before? Well, if not, trust me it’s not nice to clean up. Especially if its an ongoing burdon.

If you are concerned about the smell of cat litter taking over your house/apartment, don’t worry. This clever cat litter has a way of dealing with this.

In fact, they are so confident that you won’t have these odor problems they have added a odor-free guarantee. This means if you are not happy with the smell you can take advantage of their guarantee.

The manufacturer even claims it’s powerful enough to deal with multi-cat homes as well, which is reassuring with this easy-scoop litter.

What I do not like about this clumping litter

Like most items, the more you buy, the more economical it is, are you with me? So, a bigger box is typically more cost-effective. However, I have to comment on the size of the big box. It is quite heavy. Its great value actually, but just a bit heavy for me (I’m a weakling).

The last thing is the scent, yes, I am sure it will get rid of the odor. But, this is because it has quite a strong scent. Some people may find it a bit too strong. But, hey, better than cat litter odor, right?

02. Purina Clumping Litter

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  • Great for declawed cats
  • Low dust
  • Lightweight litter
  • Easy to pour
  • Controls odor
  • Simple scooping


  • Would be better if it was less dusty
  • Tends to stick to cats paws (tracking)

What I like about this clumping litter

This is another great litter for declawed cats. It claims to have low dust (but, more on this later). It is a nice lightweight litter. This is cool because it makes it much easier to pour it out. Unlike some litters that almost feel like a two-man job, are you with me?

The great thing about this litter is essentially what you are paying for, its clumping ability. it creates easy to scoop, tight manageable clumps. This makes life much easier, are you with me?

I believe one of the reasons for this effective clumping is the way that it locks in the moisture. This makes it a sinch to clean up.

And, if you have more than one cat in your house, this won’t be an issue. It is formulated to deal with these types of households.

What I do not like about this clumping litter

One of the issues with its lightweight capabilities is the ease that it sticks to your cat’s paws. You may find bits of the litter around the house. For those of you in the know, this is commonly known as “tracking”.

As well as this, its a bit dusty, to be honest. It’s not a deal-breaker, in my opinion, but it is worth taking note of this before you buy.

03. SmartCat Clumping Litter

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Great for declawed cats
  • Contains odor control
  • Plant-based (made from grass)
  • Chemical-free
  • Biodegradable


  • Gets a bit “gluey” if urinated on
  • Tends to stick to cats paws (tracking)

What I love about this SmartCat clumping litter

One of the things I like about this clumping litter is the fact that it is so eco-friendly, not only is it 100% made from grass, they claim it is chemical-free and biodegradable. In my opinion, this ticks a lot of boxes.

As well as this it controls the odor to save from the typical foul smell that most cat litters offer. The interesting thing about this is the fact it is fragrance-free.

Most odor controlled products have strong fragrances to overpower the litter smell. So, it’s refreshing to see that it does not need to do this, are you with me?

One of the other features is the fact that they state its 99% dust-free. The idea is the litter will clump up the mess fast and lock in the moisture. Leaving virtually no dust and odor.

Another thing I love about this one is the fact that it is designed to be lightweight. Earlier I commented on one the litter products being too heavy. Well, this has been designed to avoid this.

What I do not love about this SmartCat clumping litter

One of the things I do not love about this litter is the gluey consistency left at the bottom of the litter tray if it is mixed with urine. It’s not the worst, but that could be improved, for sure.

Also, yes, it is lightweight. But, as I mentioned earlier, sometimes this is a gift and a curse. And, in this instance, it’s not a gift. It has a tendency to stick to your kitty’s paws.

Related Questions

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cats, clumping litter and declawed cats. If you have any extra questions in your mind that need answering feel free to drop me a comment below.

Do you have to train cats to use litter trays?

No, you usually do not have to train a cat to use the litter tray. Many people wonder how cats know to use a litter box. But, you will find that it is really an instinctive behavior that they typically get from their mothers.

In fact, it stems from their ancestors. Who used to cover their feces to avoid detection from their predators and avoid alerting their prey. This behavior has been passed down through generations.

How many litter trays do you need?

Ideally more than one per cat. This is because it reduces the chance of them not using it. Also, cats can be finicky at times and if you provide more than one it will give them a chance to choose their preferred one.

Is clumping litter better at holding in the odor?

Yes, clumping litter is typically better at holding in odor than conventional litter because of the way it holds in moisture. And one of the reasons people use it to avoid stinky cat litter smells in their apartments.