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3 Best Cat Trees for Ragdolls? (Vesper vs Feandrea)

Quick comparison of my best cat trees for ragdolls

DescriptionImageMy Rating
01. Vesper Cat Tree (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Feandrea Cat Tree
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03. Beau Jardin Cat Tree
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4 stars

What is the best cat tree for a ragdoll? This is the best one (Click here for the reviews on Amazon). I like this because it is large enough for a Ragdoll cat, looks beautiful, has soft memory foam cushions and has sisal rope wrapped scratching posts (more details below). 

What you should know about cat trees for ragdolls

Before you pick up one of these cat trees its important to get an understanding of the best features and benefits that are on offer in this space, even if its from a high level.

For that reason, I am going to share some with you here to help you make a more informed decision…

  • Size (Large enough to fit a ragdoll)
  • Comfort (Can she fit inside & feel comfortable?)
  • Entertainment (Any toys?)
  • Multi-functional
  • Sisal rope (For scratching)

Size (Large enough to fit a ragdoll)

One of my main focuses of this article was large cat trees that can incorporate large cats, such as ragdolls. Therefore it’s important to look out for one that gives her maximum space for her to feel comfy.

Comfort (Can she fit inside & feel comfortable?)

Most of these cat trees, well the good ones anyway, come with in-built cat condos. Fitting inside is an important factor. But, apart from this. It is also important that your kitty feels comfortable in there. This can be achieved with nice, soft decor. Look out for fluffy material or memory foam to achieve this.

Entertainment (Any toys?)

The best cat trees tend to come with some form of entertainment. When I say entertainment I mean simple. In my opinion, simple is best, right?

In particular, I am talking about a simple fury ball that can stimulate some activity from your kitty and make her want to return to it.


Look out for a cat tree that is more than just a cat tree. Meaning, it should have a condo (or more than one). As well as a scratching tree at least. This will keep her happy and comfortable.

Sisal rope (For scratching)

Another great feature is the sisal rope. This is ideal for your kitty to scratch away without damaging the cat tree. In fact, you should encourage this because it has some great benefits. In particular, I will help to prevent her from clawing up your beautiful furniture pieces, are you with me?

My 3 best cat trees for ragdolls

In this section, I am going to share with you three of my best cat trees, specifically for ragdolls. Not only will I reveal the positive reasons why I have selected them, but I will also explain some of the annoyances that you should know of before you consider purchasing, are you with me?

01. Vesper Cat Tree (Best Option)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Large enough for a Ragdoll cat
  • Looks gorgeous (quality)
  • Two platforms
  • Activities as well as resting areas
  • Soft cushions (with memory foam)


  • The included rope is a bit flimsy
  • Could do with more scratching and gripping surfaces

What I like about this cat tree

First and foremost, this cat tree is ideal for your ragdoll. It has an elegant furniture finish that is aesthetically pleasing. In fact, it looks so good that you will be proud to leave it out on display along with your typical furniture.

It has two platforms to give her some options. You know how it goes, the reality is some like to chill on the lower levels, while others like to stay up high and watch their surroundings, right?

It has a lovely condo in the middle section for her to relax after she has played with the activities on the cat tree. Such as the rope and balls or even taking advantage of the sisal covered scratching posts provided.

If your kitty is a true lounger, she will appreciate either relaxing in the condo or on one of the supplied perches. Especially with the memory foam cushions that have been provided.

What I do not like about this cat tree

As much as I love this cat tree, there are some annoyances that I need to share with you. Firstly the scratching posts. They come covered with sisal rope, which is ideal for cat scratching, on paper. However, I have to say that these ropes could be a bit thicker in my opinion.

And, while we are on this topic, I have to say that I feel that there could actually be a few more of these scratching areas to improve it. They are not major issues, in my opinion. But, I feel they are still worth mentioning.

02. Feandrea Cat Tree

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Ideal for Ragdoll cats
  • Multi-functional (Tree, condo, hammock, scratch posts)
  • Strong (stable – anti-tipping)
  • Sisal rope (for scratching)
  • Comfortable perches


  • Weird gluey smell (just for a while)
  • Difficult to setup

What I like about this Fendrea cat tree

This is another cat tree that is ideal for ragdolls. Why? Because it is large and also multifunctional. When I say multi-functional, I mean it has a condo, hammock and scratch posts. All of these features will help your cat to enjoy her time for rest and play.

With regard to stability, this is great for that. Feandrea has taken this into consideration. They have put a lot of thought into its anti-tipping technology, to help to keep your kitty safe.

The scratching posts are covered in sisal rope to ensure that your kitty can scratch and keep her nails in good shape. But, more important than this, keep her away from your expensive furniture, right?

It also comes with some comfortable perches. This is helped by the fluffy fabric used to cover these comfortable perches.

And when your kitty is ready to get active you can entertain her using the furballs that have been provided.

What I do not like about this Fendrea cat tree

This cat tree is great, but I do have a couple of observations I would like to share with you. The first thing is the smell. Before you get alarmed, I do not mean an offensive smell (like feces). No, I mean a weird gluey smell. I can only guess it is some of the glue they use on the item. Fortunately, after a short while, it is likely to go away.

Also, it is quite difficult to set up, in my opinion. Maybe this is because I am a DIY novice. But, not sure, because these products should cater to us novices, right? In particular, it is the part with a hole in it, this really felt like it should have been a two-man job. Also, the instructions could be improved to help matters.

03. Beau Jardin Cat Tree

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Ideal for Ragdoll cats (spacious)
  • Thick scratch post
  • Stable & strong
  • Cozy cat condos (plush coverings)
  • Thick boarding (to keep it solid)


  • Condo/houses would be better if they had hard sides
  • The middle part could be bigger

What I love about this Beau Jardin cat tree

Firstly I have to compliment this Beau Jardin cat tree for its strength, in my opinion, it’s well made. It’s built for stability, to help relieve any anxiety you may have about it tipping over.

It has two large cat condos, one on the ground level and the other on the ground floor, giving your kitty some options for her best sleeping location.

While your kitty is climbing up and down the cat tree you may wonder how stable it is, right? Well, this largely hinges on the quality of the material used to build it. Fortunately, the Beau Jardin cat tree has invested in premium strong boards that help to keep the cat tree safe and stable.

Personally I like the large base level cat condo the best about this tree. It just allows your kitty to relax and enjoy their time.

What I do not love so much about this Beau Jardin cat tree

One of the areas of improvement with this cat tree is the middle part (basically, the top condo). It’s cool, but it could be a bit larger, to be honest. Especially when you are dealing with large cats, such as the ragdoll (or even a Ragamuffin cat) beauties, right?

Also, the condos are cozy, but I feel that they could be improved if they had harder sides. You will know what I mean when you feel it. Don’t get me wrong its not a “biggy”, it’s more of an observation, are you with me?

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