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3 Best Cat Beds for Arthritis (Guide/Review)

What is the best cat bed for arthritis? This is the best bed (Click here for its availability on Amazon). Also, keep reading for the price on Amazon.

Quick comparison of cat bed for arthritis

Description Image My Rating
01. Pet Craft foam bed (Best Option)
Click here for the price on Amazon
5 stars
02. Aspen Self warming cat bed
Click here for the price on Amazon
03. Thermo-Kitty heated cat bed
Click here for the price on Amazon
4 stars


What you need to know about cat bed for arthritis (Guide)

Before you decide which cat bed is best for you, take a few moments to read some of the best benefits and features. This will help you to understand what’s on offer. Here are a few…

  • Caters for arthritic cats
  • Soft & cozy
  • Easy to clean (Machine washable)
  • Good size
  • Grips the floor well

Caters for arthritic cats

One of the key features of these beds is their ability to deal with arthritic cats. This means that they either can provide a warm or heated surface or provide soft orthopedic memory foam to support her well.

Regarding the warm surface, this can be either “self-warming” (more on this later), or heated with the aid of an electrical supply.

Soft & cozy

If it’s not soft and cozy then it’s not worth having, in my opinion. Therefore this baby needs to not just soft, but also squishy (Click here for some the squishiest cat beds I’ve found), are you with me?

Easy to clean (Machine washable)

The reality is, like anything, this bed will get grubby and dirty from time to time. Therefore it is ideal to not only having removable covers but the ability to throw it in the washing machine. This saves so much time, which I am sure you will agree.

Good size

Yes, the size does matter, ha! The reality is if it’s too small your kitty will not feel fulfilled. Therefore make sure you get one that gives her room not just to fit but, also the ability to stretch out, are you with me?

Grips the floor well

As basic as this sounds, gripping the floor is important, Granted, not as important as having the ability to cater to arthritic cats, but still, it’s important. Why? Well, without some form of grip, on smooth surfaces, like animated, she will be sliding all over the place.

My best 3 cat bed for arthritis (Review)

In this section, I will share with you three of my best cat beds for arthritis. For each one, I will explain why I liked it and what else I feel could be done to improve it. This will help you to decide what works best for you.

01. Pet Craft Supply foam bed (Best Option)

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Orthopedic memory foam (claims this is good for arthritic cats)
  • Soft and fluffy (Cozy)
  • Easy to clean (machine washable)
  • Non-toxic material used
  • High walls (make it comfortable)


  • The tag is located in the middle (hard to remove the protective plastic)
  • Better if it was a bit larger
  • The middle should be leveled out more (A bit like a mound)

What I like about this Pet Craft foam bed

This cat bed from Pet craft supply uses memory foam, they claim that this will be helpful with cats with arthritis, hence the reason it is a good choice for this article.

Apart from that, just look at the thing, it is soft and cozy and ideal for your kitty to feel comfortable. And, just maybe, she will think twice about trying to sneak into your bed again.

I love the fact that this is easy to clean. This is made easier with the fact that it is machine washable. So, you can just throw this in the washer and go about your day, yay!

It has non-toxic material which makes it safer for your kitty to use according to Pet Craft. Also, it has some high walls. These walls make it easy for her to snuggle up into a warm and tight ball to keep herself comfortable.

In summary, if you are looking for a cat bed that is simple to clean, extremely cozy and with high walls, look no further, this one is for you.

What I dislike about this Pet Craft foam bed

When you first get this you may notice that the tag is located right in the middle. This is quite a minor, but it makes it a bit tricky to get the plastic covering off, but worse things have happened I guess.

As comfortable as it is, I feel that it could be improved if it was a bit larger. Not massively, but just a bit more, are you with me?

Also, the meddle can resemble a bit of a mound, so it would be good if it was a bit more leveled out. I must say, it’s not that big of a deal to be fair.

02. Aspen Self warming cat bed

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Nice big size (fits most cats)
  • Machine washable
  • Self-warming (Better for her joints)
  • Rubber grips (Stops it sliding)
  • No electricity required


  • Takes quite a while to dry after cleaning
  • The rubber floor grips may come off in a dryer
  • It may tip to one side occasionally

What I love about this Aspen cat bed

This Aspen cat bed form Petmate is a nice big size. I think most cat owners will be satisfied with this.

It is self-warming to help to keep your kitties arthritic joints warm. The concept of self-warming may sound a bit weird to some. Effectively, no electricity is required for this, it will literally warm itself, don’t ask me how though, ha!

It comes with some simple rubber grippers on the base of the bed to help it stay in place (more on this later). This will avoid the annoying sliding that sometimes happens on hard flooring such as laminate. Are you with me?

In summary, if you are looking for a large cat bed for your arthritic cat that grips the floor well and is self-warming, then this sounds like the one for you.

What I do not love about this Aspen cat bed

Whilst this bed is simple to clean and machine washable, the drying process can be quite a lengthy process. It’s not a deal-breaker, in my opinion, but an annoyance though, right?

I mentioned earlier that it has rubber grippers underneath, remember? Well, this is good for sure. But, once you throw it in the dryer, you may notice them come loose, just keep an eye on that.

Also, on some occasions, you may notice that it tends to tip to one side a bit. Not ridiculous, but noticeable, if that makes sense?

03. Thermo-Kitty heated cat bed

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Saves energy (Will heat to full temp only when your cat is on it)
  • Easy to clean (Removable cover & heater)
  • Heated bed (keeps her joints warmer)
  • Soft & cozy
  • One year limited warranty


  • The power cord is quite short
  • Better if there was more padding
  • The heating element is quite thin (hard to warm the entire surface)

What I appreciate about this Thermo-Kitty cat bed

This heated cat bed will use your electric supply to keep her arthritic joints warm, which is great. It is quite clever in operation mainly because it triggers the heat with her touch, rather than staying warm all day long and wasting energy, are you with me?

It has a removable cover and heater that make it easy to keep it nice and clean. I would say that the bed is more similar to a mat, but it still does a great job of keeping her cozy. Also, as an added reassurance it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

In summary, if you are looking for a heated cat bed that keeps her warm and simple to clean, then you have found a good match for you.

What I do not appreciate about this Thermo-Kitty cat bed

As I mentioned earlier, this bed requires an electrical supply. Which means it has a power chord. However, this chord is a bit short, in my opinion. It would be better if it was a bit longer.

Also, the padding of the bed is quite thin. I just feel if there was a bit more it would improve the experience.

Regarding the heating element, it is quite thin. Therefore, the coverage of the mat is a bit limited. If it was a bit thicker I feel the bed would feel a bit warmer at times, are you with me?

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Q: Can you put a cat bed in any room?

No, the room needs to be comfortable for your kitty or she will probably ignore it and end up sleeping in or under your bed, are you with me?