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Can You Put Wet Food In A Slow Feeder Bowl?

If you have a cat that is eating too fast you may be researching slow feeders. But, you may also be wondering if they any good for wet food…

Can you put wet food in a slow feeder bowl?

You can put wet food in a slow feeder. However, to get the best results it’s better to go for a simple feeder and the choice of material is important. For wet food, it best to have steel, ceramic, or a surface that can wash off easily. This is because wet food is messier and this will make it easier to keep it clean.

Quick Comparison of Slow Feeders

Name Image My Rating
01. Lorde Slow Feeder Cat Bowl
(Best All Rounder)
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5 stars
02. Simply Pets Online Slow Feed Cat Bowl
(Best For Larger Cats)
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03. Mogoko Cat Slow Feeding Bowl
Click for price on Amazon #Ad
4 stars

So, now you know. But, why are these slow feeders so helpful? Why do some cats eat so fast in the first place? What is the best slow-feeder for wet food? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Why are slow-feed bowls helpful?

Slow-feed bowls are good for cats because it stops them from eating too fast. This is commonly caused by greed or fear of another cat stealing their food. Another thing that these bowls help with is avoiding vomiting accidents. This is typically caused by eating too fast and their bellies brushing against the floor.

This is why it’s important to control the flow of food they take in and the slow feeder is a great way to handle this.

Why do some cats eat too fast?

Some cats feel like they should eat fast to avoid other cats stealing their food, greed, or survival. Regarding the latter, this stems from their wild ancestors that feared being attached by their predators while they put their heads down to eat. Therefore, the quicker they ate the better.

You may think, well, this is not relevant for domestic cats now, right? Yes, while this is true it is hard for some animals to shake off ingrained instinctual behavior.

How long can you leave wet cat food out for?

Wet cat food can be left out for up to 4 hours. Anything more than this is a risk. Once this time passes it’s best to replace it with a fresh offering to avoid your cat getting sick. It may be tempting to leave it out and save money but long term it will be more hassle looking after a sick cat.

This is different from the expiry date on cat food, this is fresh food that has been left out for too long and will eventually be exposed to bacteria at room temperature.

Do some cats fear slow feeders?

Some cats are generally scared of slow feeders. And while this may sound bizarre, cats tend not to like changes and may reject this new feeder. To them, it looks too different and presents a risk or at the least, friction in their mind.

It may take some time for your cat to get used to it but that is ok. It’s best to be patient with them rather than pushing them too much. Hopefully, in time they will accept it.

What is the best slow-feed cat bowl for wet food?

This is the best (click here for the price on Amazon #Ad), I like this one because it’s toxic & odor-free. It also has a really solid base that stops it from moving around during meals. Most importantly great for wet food.

Now that you know my best choice, let me also share another two (three in total). The reason for this, each one has its strengths and weaknesses and could be better for your unique situation. Keep reading…

What is the point of a Slow Feed Cat Bowl?

Some cats eat faster than others. Unfortunately, some eat too fast. You may be thinking, so what? The problem is, if they do this, they can make themselves sick, choke, or gag. Neither of which is wanted. Because you will the one to clean it up.

The slow-feed cat bowl is a solution to this problem. It is a product designed to slow down the eating speed of your cat. Obviously, there are many options out there. So, for this reason, I have selected my best three to review.

What Are the benefits of these bowls?

Apart from stopping them vomit, they also have other benefits, let me explain…

  • Aids Weight loss.
  • Prevents obesity.
  • Extra exercise for indoor cats.
  • As explained, prevents vomiting, gaging, or even choking.

Let me just elaborate on some of these benefits…

Aids Weight Loss

Although it is not a weight loss product, it does “aid” weight loss. But what am I talking about exactly? Well, they help with portion control and slowing down the consumption of food.

When you slow down the conception of food, it gives the brain time to acknowledge the food. This will make your cat feel full up sooner. Which, in turn, makes her eat less. This feature will aid weight, get it?

Prevents Obesity

Following on from above, one of the knock-on benefits is obesity prevention. If your cat starts to eat less, she will start to reduce her weight and combat obesity in time.

Extra exercise for indoor cats

If you have an indoor cat, you will benefit from these feeders. These interactive feeders keep them entertained and provide another exercise outlet.

My Best 3 Slow Feed Cat Bowls for wet food:

In this section, I will share with you my best 3 cat bowls. These have been specifically selected for their usage with wet food (click here if your cat is obsessed with it). They also have many other features that will benefit you.

01. Lorde Slow Feeder Cat Bowl (Best All-rounder)

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  • Toxic & Odor-Free.
  • Fun Shape (Your cat will love the maze & Fish shape).
  • Reduces the chances of indigestion.
  • Stable Base (Avoids unnecessary food mess).


  • Breakable (Made from ceramic).
  • Can’t repair (If broken).

Things I like about the Lorde slow feeder

Its always reassuring when the material is toxic and odor-free, to protect her as much as possible. The playful maze shapes will be appreciated by your cat as well. A small thing, but never the less, it’s a bonus.

The design reduces indigestion to give you peace of mind. The thing I like most, weirdly enough, is the stable base. It saves you some hassle by avoiding unwanted spillages, are you with me? (high five!)

Things I don’t like about the Lorde Slow feeder

In a way, my favorite feature, is a small negative, in my opinion. Basically, it’s a breakable item. While it has a nice strong heavy base, if you accidentally drop this bad boy, you are stuffed! It will surely break.

This is not a deal-breaker for me, to be honest. Because I feel this is not a high risk of this happening. But, I feel I need to let you know.

02. Simply Pets Online Slow Feed Cat Bowl (Best For Large Cats)

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  • Simple to use.
  • Works for wet food.
  • Ideal for larger cats.
  • Two cats can chomp away in this!


  • Not ideal for small cats.
  • Grooves are quite deep.

Things I like about the Simply Pets Feeder

This thing is big, in a good way 😉 You can have two cats chomping away in this mo’fo. Or, if you have a bigger cat, say a Maine Coon (Click here to see why Maine Coon cats are so big) then this is bang-on.

It’s great for wet food (Click here to see what you should do if your cat won’t eat leftover wet food), that’s why you are here, right? And, finally, it is really simple to use. You will love this big cutey!

Things I don’t like about the Simply Pets Feeder

Ok, the bad bits…

Although it’s ideal for the big’uns, it’s not ideal for the smaller cats. If you have one of these, maybe look at the other options I have provided in this article. Basically, the grooves are a bit too deep for a small cat. And, the general size is just too big for them.

03. Mogoko Cat Slow Feeding Bowl

Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad


  • Eco-friendy material (Made using hard plastic).
  • Reduces the chances of her puking (A known symptom with Fast feeding cats).
  • Soft spikes (So it won’t irritate her).


  • Not good on hard floors (gets dragged around).
  • Some cats may struggle to get food from the inner section.

Things I like about the Mogoko Cat Feeder

First, let’s address the environment. This one is classed as “Eco-Friendly” by the manufacturer. I always like to hear this. This is mainly because it is made from hard plastic.

As you may have already seen, if your cat is a fast feeder, she is likely to eat so fast she pukes, right? This feeder is built to reduce the chances of this happening. It is also designed with nice soft spikes to make it comfortable when eating.

Things I don’t like about the Mogoko Cat Feeder

I have to be honest, it does not have a strong solid base. Basically, while your cat is attempting to eat, you may notice that she will drag around the feeder, not ideal.

Finally, due to the design, you may notice that some cats may not be able to get to the food in the inner section of the feeder. This is because of the length of the inner spikes.

Is there any alternatives to these Bowls?

Yes, there are, however, in general, they are more time-consuming and not as effective. But, let me explain for your benefit.

Many small meals

One tactic is to substitute the bigger meals with multiple smaller meals. This means you will provide more meals but they will much smaller.

The idea is to manually control their portions. This effectively forces them not to overeat on each meal. This is effective and will work. However, it will take more of your time to organize because of the extra mealtimes.

Separate Meal Times (If you have more than one cat)

If you have more than one cat this is a technique you can try. This entails separating their food at mealtimes, rather than putting all their bowls together.

The idea behind this is to stop one cat from overeating by stealing food from its cat mate. Again, this is a good idea and effective. The only issue is, you need to set up multiple feeding areas and will take more of your time.

This gets even worse if you have more than two cats, imagine that?

Related Questions:

In this section, I am going to cover some related questions to slow feeders. If you feel there is a question in your mind, that is not covered, please leave a comment below and let me know.

How long can you leave wet food out for? This depends on the temperature. If you are in the height of summer, without air con, I personally wouldn’t leave it out for more than 15 minutes.

If it’s in the winter, and the heating is on, again, I wouldn’t consider leaving it out for more than 15 minutes. You could try longer, but this is just what I would do. As a general rule, I personally wouldn’t leave it out for more than 25 minutes under any conditions.

Lindsey Browlingdon