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Why Is My Cat Licking The Couch? (& Scratching?)

If your cat is licking (or scratching) your couch you may be wondering why it’s happening and looking for a way to stop it  (Click here for my best solution on Amazon #Ad)… 

Why is my cat licking the couch?

If your cat is constantly licking your coach it is likely showing a form of Pica. This is when a cat will randomly eat, chew, or lick on non-food items. This is a common condition but can be dangerous if an object is swallowed. For a couch it’s not so serious but still a concern.

Use these to protect your couch

Description Image My Rating
01. Panther Armor Protector (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. In Hand Couch Protector
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03. Stelucca Amazing Shields Protector
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4 stars
So, now you know. But, 


How can you prevent your cat from licking your couch?

Why is my cat licking the couch?

A cat hiding on the couch.

If your cat is licking (what about glass? click here) the couch there are some simple things that you can do to protect it, here are some suggestions:

01. Cover the couch

One of the easiest methods is to cover your couch. This is not always the preferred method because it hides the coach and affects you touching and enjoying it. But, it definitely works. However, your cat still may have these cravings. So, it’s more of a short-term and immediate fix.

02. Offer an alternative

If it’s licking the couch try offering it another chew toy to see if it will accept it as an alternative. This may or may not work. Some cats will insist on the couch regardless of what you offer them.

03. Banish your cat from the room

Another option is to banish your cat from the room where your couch is. This may seem drastic for some but it will work. Similar to covering, it’s more of a short-term option. Also, not all homes can accommodate this. For example, small studio flats will not be applicable.

04. Identify any nutritional imbalances

One of the issues that cause this licking is a nutritional imbalance. Therefore, you could try to identify the root cause of the problem and address it.

What non-food items do cats with pica eat?

Cats that lick couches, who have been confirmed to have pica, can potentially eat many other non-food items. For example, they may try out some of your clothes, electrical wire, etc.

Therefore, it’s important to monitor what they are doing to make sure they are not eating anything dangerous.

Can this licking damage your couch?

This licking can damage your couch in the long-term. Initially, maybe not. But, it depends on the color. If it is a light color with absorbent material it will damage it almost immediately. This is why it’s important to  find a solution that works well with you to 

Do cats also scratch couches?

Cats do also scratch coaches as well as licking (Click here if its licking dust too). So it’s important to monitor its behavior. You may think the licking problem is solved only to find a scratched coach.

Why do cats scratch your furniture?

Cats have a habit of scratching around your home because they are territorial. This is a natural instinctive behavior to fend off other cats that may invade their territory.

This behavior is deep-rooted in their DNA and quite hard to change.

What Can you do to prevent cats from scratching your couch?

A cat on a couch.

A cat on a couch.

Ultimately there are few ways to handle this:

  • Remove the affected furniture (not ideal)
  • Use pheromones to attempt to affect her mood.
  • Protect the furniture to prevent it from getting scratched.

Remove the affected furniture (not ideal)

As the title suggests, removing the furniture is not ideal. Because, the chances are she will just do the same thing to another piece of furniture, or even worse, the new furniture, are you with me?

Use pheromones to attempt to affect her mood

One technique some cat owners have is using pheromones (Click here to see why I rate this one). These are ideal for cats with aggressive behavior but may help in this situation also.

Protect the furniture to prevent it from getting scratched

The final technique is using scratching protection products (see below) to save your couch and furniture. I like this option the best because you can keep your furniture in place and stop your cat from messing it up.

Also, some of them are transparent, so they blend into the existing decor well.

My best 3 solutions to prevent cats from scratching

In this section, I will share with you 3 different solutions for preventing your cat from scratching your couch to shreds. I will explain what I like and do not like for each option to help you understand what works best for your needs.

01. Panther Armor Couch Protector (Best Option)

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  • Protects your couch from cat scratches
  • Large sheets (that can be cut to size)
  • Simple to use & customize
  • The vinyl material is non-toxic
  • Can be used on wood or leather furniture
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Requires twist pins to secure it
  • Needs some padding to fit securely
  • The twist pins supplied are a bit flimsy

What I like about this couch scratcher

I understand why they call this product panther armor because it could handle the scratches of a crazed panther, and this is what I like about this.

It comes with some nice big sheets that can cover all parts of your couch. With the option to cut it to size, to meet your specific requirements.

The fact that it can be used on wood or leather is also great because it means it will serve most people’s requirements. Also, I like the fact that it is non-toxic, which is reassuring.

In summary, this is a great couch protector that can help to guard your couch against unwanted scratches, whilst having the flexibility to fit most couches.

What I do not like about this couch scratcher

Its worth understanding that to make this fit securely, you will need some twist pins. They are supplied, but they will need to be pushed into your furniture, which some people may not like.

To make them fit securely you will really need a part of the sofa (Click here to see how to stop your cat hiding under your recliner) that has some good padding if that makes sense. Basically, if it’s hollow there, it won’t fit right.

Also, no sure if it’s just me, but the twist pins are a bit flimsy, to be honest. Not a deal-breaker, but a bit frustrating.

02. In Hand Couch Protector

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  • Protects your couch from unwanted damage
  • Non-toxic material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can easily be taken down & re-used
  • It can be used for couches, chairs, carpets, etc.
  • One year warranty


  • Not ideal for hollow couches
  • Comes in several small sheets (rather than one big sheet)
  • It is tricky to keep them flat & in place

What I like about this couch scratcher

This is another cat scratcher that will protect your couch from unwanted scratches. It comes with non-toxic, eco-friendly material.

I also love the fact that it can easily be taken down when required and re-used. This will help with unwanted waste. Apart from couches, it can be used on chairs (Click here if your cat is destroying your desk chairs) or even carpets, etc.

Another sign of quality is when a product comes with a warranty like this one does (one year). This gives you the reassurance that the manufacturer has some faith in their product, rather than selling items and running for the hills, are you with me.

In summary, this is a great couch scratcher to protect your couch from unwanted damage and with the reassurance of an eco-friendly product with re-useability.

What I do not like about this couch scratcher

If you have a couch that has hollow areas, meaning no wood behind the material, you may struggle to get this to grip. Ideally, it needs this to grip onto for a secure fit.

Also, understand that this comes in several small pieces, rather than one big piece, are you with me? Meaning, you will need to group them together if you require a large area covered if that makes sense?

Not sure if it’s just me, but I found it hard to keep it flat in some areas. But, hopefully,`z this won’t affect you.

03. Stelucca Amazing Shields Protector

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  • Avoid your couch getting ripped to shreds
  • Big large protective sheets
  • Simple to cut to shape
  • Can be bent around curved surfaces
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • It’s quite tricky to stick it in place
  • The adhesive may stick to some materials (after removal)

What I appreciate about this couch scratcher

Firstly, this scratcher does its job, it stops your couch from getting damaged and ripped to shreds, which is our priority here, right?

It comes with large protective sheets that are simple to cut up to fit your specific needs. The great thing I like about this is the fact that it can bend around curved edges.

One of the key things I like about this is the 100% money-back guarantee. This gives me the vibe that they are confident with their product.

In summary, if you are after a simple cat scratcher, that does the job and comes with a guarantee of quality, then look no further.

What I do not appreciate about this couch scratcher

One of the annoyances with this couch protector is setting it up. It is a bit tricky, in my opinion. In addition to this, the adhesive that you use seems like it may leave sticky residue on your couch after removal, but only time will tell on this.

Related Questions:

In this section, I am going to answer some questions related to cats, scratching, and general behavior. If you have any extra questions on this topic feel free to contact me.

Do cats scratch other areas of the house?

Yes, cats are known to scratch walls, couches, and even doors.  You may have been lucky and only experienced one or none of these, but it can happen. Apart from couches (Click here if your cat has peed on it), there are other solutions available to deal with these other issues.

Is cat scratching always done to mark territory?

No, not all cat scratching is due to marking territory, for example, some cats might scratch the area around their food, but this is not related to territory. In fact, this behavior is more related to her natural instincts, rather than territory marking.

Why do cats scratch?

Cats scratch (Click here to see what happens if they catch your eye) for several different reasons. Sometimes it’s to do with marking territory, other times it’s for claw sharpening or even just to stretch.

For example, sometimes you may see your kitty stretch out fully, dig her nails in the carpet (or flooring) to get leverage for the stretch, right?

Other times, you may see her sharpening her claws, they effectively strip away the dead outer layer of their claws to keep them sharp, in this instance.

same cat owners opt to use cat clippers or grinders (Click here to see why I rate this one so much) as another solution to control the damage their claws cause.

Why do cats like scratching sisal fabric or rope?

Cats like sisal fabric/rope because they enjoy the texture. It allows them to get an excellent grip while dragging their claws down it. This is why you will see most good cat trees using sisal rope (Click here to see why I rated these ones).

Does a scratching post dull cat’s nails?

No, a scratching post (Click here to see why these are the best) does not dull a cat’s nails. However, cats tend to develop husks that grow around the nail, which are quite painful. When they use these scratching posts (Click here to see why these scratch posts are ideal for Ragdoll cats), it allows them to remove them. As well as this they can exercise their muscles at the same time.

Do some cats scratch or target certain people?

Yes, sometimes cats do target or scratch certain people, for example, your kitty might hiss or attempt to scratch your dad or other friends. This may be because she feels threatened or uncomfortable.

Lindsey Browlingdon