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Neighbour Dumping Cat Poo On My Doorstep (What Now?)

If your neighbor has dumped poo on your doorstep you may be either angry or confused wondering why.

Why is my neighbor dumping cat poo on my doorstep?

Your neighbor is likely dumping poo on your doorstep because they suspect your cat is pooping in their garden. If this is the case, they have done this out of frustration and to get your attention. These acts often build up over time and force your neighbor to take drastic action.

So, now you know why. But, is poop on your doorstep dangerous? How can you be sure it’s your neighbor doing it? What can you do if you are sure it’s your cat messing up your neighbors garden? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.


How can you prove it’s your neighbor and not another cat?

If you have discovered the poop on your doorstep there is a chance that it may not be your neighbor, it could be another cat. The problem is it is quite hard to prove unless you have witnessed it yourself. Here are some ways to gain proof:

01. Speak to your other neighbors

If your neighbor is unhappy with your cat there is a strong chance they will discuss these feelings with your other neighbors. Therefore, you can use this to your advantage.

Simply speak with your closest neighbors to your home, for example opposite or to the left, or right-hand side. And, see if they have any information on it.

02. Record your doorstep

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Another technique is to record your doorstep to gain rock-solid evidence. This can be done with a ring doorbell and camera kit (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). This may seem extreme but if you are really worried and just need to know this may be an easy way to be sure.

How can you prove it’s not your cat pooping in their garden?

If your cat is suspected of pooping on your neighbor’s lawn you may be wondering how you can, categorically, prove that it is not happening. Here are a couple of tips:

01. Keep your cat in for a few weeks

One way to know for sure, without any doubt, is to simply keep your cat in for a few weeks and see if the pooping continues. If the neighbor complains again in this period of time you need to explain that you have had your cat indoors for weeks.

02. Record their lawn

Another, more extreme measure, is to record their lawn and see what happens. I admit this is totally impractical for some people due to the cost and hassle alone. But, if it’s possible you may consider it.

What can you do if it is your cat?

If you discover that your cat is responsible for messing up your neighbors garden you need to do something about it. You can’t just acknowledge it and keep quiet. Here are some suggestions:

01. Keep your cat indoors

If your cat is just causing too much hassle you could consider keeping it indoors. This will keep it safe and avoid the danger of it messing up anyone else’s garden.

The big problem with just letting your cat mess up your neighbor’s gardens is today it could be poop on your doorstep tomorrow it could be worse, such as hurting your cat out of spite.

02. Offer to clean up any poop

At the very least you should be offering to clean up the mess to save them having to do this. I get it, nobody wants t clean up this mess, right? But, it’s your cat, so best to get it done.

I remember when I was young and I had a dog, called buster. I was too young to understand the consequences of not cleaning up after it. So, you know what did? I just let my mum do it, day after day?

Know what happened?

My mother got sick and tired of this puppy fouling up the house and decided, out of the blue, to get rid of it. I and my brother were gutted. We finally learned how much we loved that dog, but we couldn’t change our mother’s mind, the do was gone.

How can your neighbor stop your cat pooping in their garden?

Neighbour dumping cat poo on my doorstep

Men shoveling up the mess.

If your neighbor has dumped the poo on your doorstep there are a few things they could have tried first, in hindsight to stop this. Here are a few options that you could suggest or keep in mind if a cat poops on your property:

01. Speak to you

The first thing to do is to open some dialogue and discuss the issue. Admittedly this is only applicable if you are approachable and have no long feud between you. But, this is often the quickest and easiest way to address the issue.

02. Layout citrus fruit peels

Cats are known to dislike citrus so this could have been used as a way to repel cats away from their garden. This could be as simple as peeling some oranges, lemons, etc. Then, laying them out in their garden around their prized plants or crops.

03. Install a sprinkler system

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Another option would be to use a sprinkler system. This would be motion detected so if your cat would appear it would activate and scare off your cat.

04. Shoo your cat away

A simple solution is for them to use their mouth and hand gestures to shoo your cat away. The only issue with this is it needs them to be there witnessing your cat pooping each time.

Is cat poop dangerous on your doorstep?

Cat poop can be dangerous. In particular to pregnant women or people with a low immune system. The problem is the parasites that reside in it. The most notable one is the one that causes toxoplasmosis. This is the main reason pregnant women are advised not to handle cat litter.

The reality is, for most people it won’t be a problem. Apart from the obvious disgusting smell, it will cause and the inconvenience of having to clean up the mess. And, who knows if this is one-off?

Maybe your neighbor will return another day with more poop, right?

Could the poop on your doorstep be from another cat?

There is a chance that your neighbor didn’t leave the poop on your doorstep. Let’s face it, it could be from another cat, right? Some cats have been known to mark their territory with poop as well as urine. There could be a local cat trying to claim your house as theirs.

This is quite unlikely, but it is a possibility that needs to be explored before you jump to the conclusion that your neighbor has done the deed.

What does it mean when a cat poops in your yard?

If you find cat poop in your yard you may just assume that your cat has been naughty or a local cat is using your yard as a litter tray. But, there is a chance that your cat could be marking its territory.

Similar to my point earlier, regarding the poop on your doorstop potentially being another cat. In the same way, it could be applicable for poop found in your yard.

Should you be letting your cat outside?

Letting your cat outside is not always the best option. It depends on your situation. It is a subjective debate with arguments both ways. My point is, it’s not an obvious decision like you may assume.

There are various dangers with your cat roaming outside on its own like being attacked by another cat. But, at the same time, there are valid benefits of them getting out too, such as getting more excercise.

Lindsey Browlingdon