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My Male Cat Doesn’t Know How to Mate (Why? + What Now?)

If you have an unneutered male cat that is having difficulty mating, you may be wondering why this is happening.

Why doesn’t my male cat know how to mate?

Your male cat does not know how to mate because he needs more experience. With time and experience, he will get better and truly learn how to mate. This is similar to us humans who improve with time and practice.

So, now you know cats are like us humans, they need time to get better and improve their mating to breed successfully. But, what happens if your cat is not mating at all?

Why is my male cat not mating?

A Scared Cat Hiding

A Scared Cat Hiding

You may have noticed that your male cat is not mating at all. And, you may be wondering what could be causing this.

Your male cat is not mating because of anxiety or not feeling comfortable in his environment. The anxiety could be linked to a recent bad experience trying to mate. With regards to not feeling comfortable, it could be a simple as the incorrect temperature or layout.

So, now you know your male cat may not be mating because of anxiety or his environment.

What can you do to get a male to mate?

If you have a male cat and are keen to get him to mate, you may be wondering what you can do to help this along.

To encourage a male cat to mate you can try and let him spend some time with the female-first, rather than just throwing them together. But, make sure the female has some space to keep herself away from the male when she needs space.

So, now you know getting the cats to bond before mating can make a big difference to your result. But, how young do male cats start to mate?

What age do male cats want to mate?

Scottish Fold Kitten.

Scottish Fold Kitten.

You may have a young kitten and wondering at what age he will start to mate. This is helpful so you can plan things, right?

Male cats can mate around the age of 4 months. This is when they reach sexual maturity. However, many cat owners do not want more cats to look after. So, they often neuter their male cate to stop him from mating and breeding.

So now you know male cats should get the desire to mate at 4 months of age. But, is it true that some male cats will try to mate with each other?

Do male cats try to mate with each other?

You may have heard rumors that some male cats will try and mount each other, but, is this true?

Yes, some male cats will try to mate with each other. This is linked to them showing dominance over a weak male cat. You may see them trying to hump them to make them feel inferior.

There are some occasions when a male cat desires other male cats, but this is more of a rarity. But, what about females that are not on heat, will they try and mate with them?

Will a male cat try to mate with a female who is not in heat?

You may have a female cat and noticed a male cat trying to hump her. Even though she doesn’t appear to be in heat. But, why could this be happening?

Yes, some male cats will try to mate with females who do not appear to be in heat. This is because some female cats can be in “silent heat”. This is where the female cat is fertile and ready to mate but does not show any obvious signs.

In this situation, the female allows the male to mate with her. But, how do you calm down a male cat once he’s getting aroused?

How do you calm a male cat in heat?

You may have a male cat who is getting aroused but it may not be convenient for you to manage at that time. So, what do you do about it?

Male cats do not get into heat. However female cats do. To calm a female cat in heat you can use some warm water or a heating pad to try and calm her down. Alternatively, you can try using a pheromone diffuser.

When using warm water you will need a towel to lay her on for it to work. Keep reading to learn why cats make so much noise when they are mating.

Why do cats cry when mating?

If you have ever witnessed two cats mating you may be confused and wondering why they are crying so much. Or, you may see two cats in a tussle wondering if they’re fighting or mating.

Cats cry when they are mating because it is painful for the female cat. The male cat has a barbed penis which is needed to scratch the inside of the female cat to initiate her ovulation. This causes the female to cry.

So now you know why cats cry when they are mating. But, what signs can you look out for to indicate that your cats are mating?

How do I know if my cats are mating?

If you are looking for some signs that your cats are mating because it’s quite confusing, keep reading.

To know your cats are mating you need to look out for some special sounds and their body language. If you hear some loud crying and screaming from the female and the male is positioned behind her in the mating stance, this is a good sign they are mating.

And now you know what signs to look out for to check if your cat is mating. But, is it possible for cats to mate with their siblings?

Will cats mate with their siblings?

You may have heard rumors that some cats will mate with their siblings. But is this just rumors or is this the truth?

Yes, cats will mate with their siblings. In the cat world, this is not a problem and it is socially acceptable. However, inbred kittens can have genetic defects. But, this does not stop breeders doing this in their pursuit of profits.

So now you know cats will breed with their siblings. But, what sounds does a tomcat make when they want to mate?

Do male cats meow when they want to mate?

You may be looking for signs when a male cat is mating, what should you look out for?

Male cats do meow when they want to mate this is often known as a mating call. However, it can be difficult to detect with an untrained ear. It can easily be confused as pain. The female will also send a mating call when she is in heat.

So now you know male cats will meow and send mating calls when they want to mate.

How do you know when your female cat is pregnant?

If you have been trying to breed cats for a while, and have had some success getting them to mate, you may be wondering how you know when she is pregnant, right?

You can tell your female cat is pregnant by looking out for some subtle physical and behavioral changes. This includes her nipples starting to swell, having an obvious change in appetite, gaining weight. Or behavioral changes such as sleeping more.

So, now you know some signs that you have succeeded and she is pregnant. But, regarding neutering, do tomcats still have their testicles after this?

Do male cats still have balls after being neutered?

You may be considering neutering your cat or maybe you are just interested in what happens when a cat is neutered, and whether hey still have their testicles after.

No, male cats do not have their balls after being neutered. This is because the neutering procedure involves castrating the male cat. Meaning the male cat’s testicles are surgically removed to stop him from breeding.

So, now you know, male cats do not have balls after being neutered and this is done to prevent them from breading.

Lindsey Browlingdon