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My Cat Bit My Charger! (What Now?)

If your cat bit your charger the chances are you are not happy and looking for reasons why, and what can be done about it…

Why has my cat bitten my charger?

Cats get bored and curious and young cats, especially, love to chew on things that have interesting textures. Your Charger cord falls into this category and while it’s a little heavier, it still behaves like a big old piece of yarn.

So, now you know. But should I be concerned if it’s playing with it plugged in? Can these chargers be dangerous? Could a cat damage a charger? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Should I be worried if my cat plays with my charger when it’s plugged in?

Two cellphones being charged.

Two cellphones being charged.

As such, don’t be surprised if your cat plays with it, but if it’s plugged in then that’s another matter! You can put a little double-sided tape in the area around the charger to keep your kitty away or you might try some citrus cat-repellent – it smells good to humans, but cats really don’t seem to like it.

Can phone chargers be dangerous to cats?

It could hurt a kitten, but for a grown cat the voltage passed through if they compromise the wire should not be sufficient to kill them – but they could get a nasty jot. As such, you need to move something in front of the adaptor or take some other measures to keep your kitty away from it.

Investing in other things for them to play in, such as a kitty tower with strings and spring-mounted toys can help, and you can also try solutions such as cat-repellent sprays that are citrus based or you could get a power strip and move the adaptor to a less accessible area.

Can laptop chargers be dangerous for cats?

Yes, a laptop charger carries sufficient ‘juice’ to really give your cat a serious shock. As such, it is best that you camouflage the cord as much as possible by moving it out of easy access and consider spraying it with a citrus-scent, by means of all-natural air refreshener or citrus cat repellent.

You can also use strong tape to attach the cord to the wall, so that there is less loose cord for your kitty to access, and this should help reduce the chances of the cord being chewed and your kitty getting a nasty zap for their troubles!

If my cat chewed my MacBook charger is it still covered by the warranty?

No, if your kitty chews your MacBook charger, this is definitely not going to be covered under the warranty. Warranty service, such as Apple and most other manufacturers provide, is meant to provide ‘normal use’ coverage, at most, and is intended to protect your investment against manufacturer defects.

Damage from your cat is beyond the scope of this, and it makes sense – after all, it wouldn’t be warrantied if your little brother cut the cable, and it’s not covered either if your little furball does it!

Could a cat damage a charger?

A cat won’t be able to damage the adaptor, most likely, but they can certainly chew through the cable if they work at it. As such, it’s going to be up to you to distract them with lots of play, new toys, and if needed you can make a ‘kitty security perimeter’.

Citrus spray repellent works for some cats and double-sided tape keeping them away from the charger cord will definitely work – cats hate the feel of sticky tape on the pads of their feet, and after a couple of days they will generally leave that area alone.

You can also try adding a power strip, which has a thicker, less appealing cord, and simply plug the adapter safely into the strip where it will be less accessible to cable-happy kittens or cats.

How can I prevent my cat from biting my charger?

There are a few different tactics that you can use to keep your kitty from biting the charger. First off, they don’t like citrus scents, so you can leave some orange peels near the cable for a couple of days or spray the area with citrus oils – many cats hate the smell and will decide to play somewhere else.

Double-sided tape, placed in a perimeter around the cable, can also keep cats out. They don’t like their paws feeling sticky and after stepping their once, they will definitely give the area a wide berth — once they manage to calm down and get the unwanted tape off of their feet!

Finally, consider simply ‘camouflaging’ or relocating the charger. Bundling up your cords with a zip tie makes them thicker and more organized, and your cat might leave it alone if it is less like a ‘rubber-string’.

Moving the charger behind the desk also works, just make sure that there is not enough space for a persistent kitty to squeeze into.

Should I keep my phone charger plugged in all the time?

A person holding a smartphone as it charges.

A person holding a smartphone as it charges.

While the jolt from chewing a charger cable won’t kill the cat, it could give an adult a nasty jolt and kittens aren’t guaranteed to come out of it safely.

As such, you might consider unplugging that charger when it’s not in use or putting it on a power strip, where you can push a button to stop the current flow as-needed.

If there’s no electricity, your cat cannot get shocked, so consider unplugging or isolating the charger from current until your cat grows out of their charger-chewing phase.

Can I get a replacement MacBook charger if my cat bit it?

You can certainly get a replacement MacBook charger, but it won’t be free. The warranty that comes from Apple is only intended to protect your investment in the case of a manufacturer defect or some sort of ‘standard use’ failure that occurs within the limited warranty time period.

Unless you have purchased some expensive additional warranty that covers accidental damage, you won’t be getting a free replacement charger, and even if your extended warranty covers this kind of damage then the replacement is not going to come from Apple.

They don’t cover chew-happy kitties, unfortunately, so it’s best to protect that cable if your cat has taken an interest in it – otherwise your cat might get a nasty jolt while this will prevent any future chewing, you’ll still be on the hook for replacing your charger.

Is it expensive to get a replacement phone charger if my cat bit it?

Unless your phone has some sort of proprietary interface, then no, it’s not very expensive to replace a phone charger and you can likely find a new one for less than $10.

Mind you, it might not charge your phone as fast as the charger that came with it, so if you want the ‘brand name’ charger then that may certainly set you back a modest amount.

Even so, it’s likely just going to be $20 to $30 at the most for a ‘fancy’ replacement, while a generic charger will be more in the neighborhood of 5 to 10 bucks.

Can I get my charger repaired if my cat bit it?

Yes, you can get it repaired, but keep in mind that chargers are typically inexpensive enough that replacement is usually the best option.

With a charger wire repair, it’s basically just a matter of stripping the wires of the rubber, attached them properly by color code, and then re-sheathing them with a protective rubber seal.

This might be worth it for a laptop charger, as they are more expensive, but for a phone charger it’s a bit of overkill and you might have trouble finding someone who will bother with it. They’re cheap enough, so rather than risk a fire hazard, replacing the charge cord is really the sensible option.

Lindsey Browlingdon